Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 2007 monthly roundup

We started the month with the news that Midlothian Council was trying to be kind to criminals by leaving the lights on in an abandoned building to make their lives easier. Local councils continued to get weirder when they banned a family from hoisting the Jolly Roger for a birthday party.

MPs thought it was a good idea to exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act. We don’t have to worry though. The House of Lords stopped them from doing it. There were a few reasons circulating on why MPs wanted to exempt themselves from the Act. One reason was that they were doing it because they were claiming for many things including Ipods. They might also be against it because they were taking holidays at our expense.

The government decided that it was time to suspect the law abiding public of doing something so they considered giving the police powers to stop and question anyone if they looked a bit suspicious. The government were also considering banning smacking. Maybe the government should be focusing on those 2 million extra crimes that have been committed.

Multiculturalism was again in the news. This time we found that Muslims were forcing Sikh girls to convert. How nice of them. The government were told that race riots are likely to erupt in rural towns and villages because of large numbers of Eastern Europeans. Not to worry councils have to draw up integration plans so there is nothing to worry about.

Immigration was found to be creating a whole new crime which involved 15 people and a distraction. Can you guess what happened? Multiculturalism was also giving us a new crime which happened on a large scale. These were honour killings. Another new crime that multiculturalism created in this country is suicide bombers. Labour decided that Muslim women should be taught how to stop their men becoming suicide bombers.

We don’t really need immigration especially when we find that almost 8 million people are economically inactive and that some people can’t get a job because they have to speak Polish to get it. The Poles are also sending £1 billion home which means it is going out of our economy and into theirs.

I don’t think we have had enough crime yet. We discovered that an asylum seeker fiddled tens of thousands of pounds from the taxpayer and only received 200 hours community service. I just wish they could be like these asylum seekers which actually decided to save us money.

47 Gurkhas were awaiting kidney transplants which they can’t afford and our government is unwilling to pay even though they served us for 15 years. Another Gurkha was also banned from coming here for medical treatment even though he had served in the Falklands. It wasn’t very surprising. The government treat our own troops with complete and utter contempt. So it wasn’t too surprising to learn that dogs and prisoners get better fed. They also don’t have the equipment they need to defeat the Taliban even though Blair had promised them it months ago. Infact they are so under equipped that a member of the royal family had to cancel a trip because the army didn’t have enough apaches available which may have also been the reason that it was taking 7 hours to evacuate troops on some occasions.

The Territorial Army had their budget cut by 5 million even though we are using them more than ever.

8000 sex offenders were given cautions over the past 5 years. Maybe this was a unique way of solving the prison overcrowding crisis? They are already planning to release tens of thousands early and even give them £200 compensation. These prisoners wouldn’t even have a risk assessment.

In another attempt to ease overcrowding the government is thinking of giving easier sentences to violent yobs who attack police officers. Maybe the bomb maker in London will get a low sentence? It wouldn’t surprise me even though he did try a second time. Even 11 year olds are finding out how useless the law is.

Atleast there was one story that made me happy about prisons and that was the story about Abu Hamza dumping his gay nurse.

Whites were again being discriminated against. This time it was Red Ken who decided that whites could not serve on the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. It’s ok though. He won’t be in his job for long.

Smoking is going to be banned next month and Cherie Blair might be fighting the ban. Atleast she’s finally doing something useful. It’s just a pity Tony is a useless tosser who signed up to the EU constitution then left to be a peace envoy in the Middle East. I would have sent him to be a peace envoy in Zimbabwe afterall their leader is now thinking of confiscating businesses that are owned by whites.

We were told we weren’t going to be getting a referendum on the new EU constitution. While we weren’t getting a referendum the French and Dutch were demanding one while the Irish government decided to give one to their people. I hope they vote no.

Brown became Prime Minister and announced his cabinet. He got rid of a load of useless tossers and replaced them with other useless tossers. He also tried to bring in people from outside the Labour party because the Labour party suffers from a chronic lack of talent.

Schools were told to replace the lessons and have discussions on global warming.

Britain was again found to be a soft touch when we discovered that 2000 immigrants are in Calais ready to come to Britain and get their free goody bag. If they are actually deported the immigration staff will be wearing soothing colours so it won’t scare them.

Third car bomb

A four-wheel-drive vehicle crashed into the main terminal at Glasgow airport on Saturday and exploded in flames, a day after police foiled a possible al Qaeda plot to detonate two car bombs in central London.

A Glasgow police spokeswoman said there were no immediate reports of any injuries and said the blaze was under control.

Witnesses told the BBC that the vehicle, a Land Rover or a Jeep Cherokee, had exploded shortly after crashing into the glass front doors of the terminal, and said there was a heavy stench of petrol.

"It raced across the central reservation and went straight into the building," said taxi driver Ian Crosby outside the terminal.

Crosby said a stocky Asian man had got out of the car and was quickly wrestled to the ground by bystanders.

"It would appear to me to have been a deliberate attack. I think this was a terrorist attack," Crosby said.

France and Holland demand referendums

Last time they tried to get the Eurocon passed it was rejected by French and Dutch voters. The Eurocrats then thought to themselves how they would get it passed the people. They then changed it slightly and called it a treaty and then passed it in all countries including France and Holland. This has slightly miffed the French and Dutch who are demanding a referendum and it looks as if the Dutch are close to getting one.

If the Dutch get a referendum it might make Brown give us one and even if he doesn’t the Dutch are still bound to vote no. We could be saved yet.

Smoking ban

There just one day to go until the smoking ban comes into effect. But did you know that Nazi Germany banned smoking in public places too? Battle For Britain has the story.

More terror attacks coming soon (part 2?)

MORE than 1,600 terrorist suspects are currently under surveillance by MI5, who believe there are 200 networks and 30 plots.

It looks like they are recycling news yet again. I blogged about this in November and it is the exact same news story. You would expect the numbers to go up or down a bit. Afterall the number of terror suspects stood at 1500 the month before.

I’m getting slightly suspicious.

Brown cut NHS budget

One of Blair’s last acts as Prime Minister was to sign this country up to a constitution the majority in this country did not want. With that he betrayed this country for the last time. He was not the only one to try and wreck this country though.

Gordon Brown’s last act as Chancellor was to quietly cut the budget of the English NHS from £6.2 billion to £4.2 billion even though the NHS is desperately short of cash and is struggling to cope the way it is. Atleast he is no longer Chancellor.

Blog of the month

The blog of the month this month is Norfolk Blogger with 23 votes. In second with 10 votes is Theo Spark. Joint third is Lionheart and Stumbling and Mumbling with 1 vote each.

Congratulations to Norfolk Blogger.

Brown brings in outsiders

Gordon Brown has added more non-Labour Party faces to his ministerial line-up.

Former Metropolitan Police chief Lord Stevens becomes his international security adviser.

Former Navy chief Sir Alan West joins the Home Office as a security minister and former CBI chief Sir Digby Jones will be trade promotion minister.

Dewsbury's Muslim MP Shahid Malik has joined Brown's new team as junior minister for international development.

Senior Lib Dems Baroness Neuberger and Lord Lester will also become advisers, and more appointments are expected later.

I hope you all know he isn’t doing this so that he can get help from all over. He is doing it because the Labour party suffers from a chronic lack of skills. Just look at the cabinet and see that. Why is Milliband the foreign secretary when he fucked up the Environment agency? Those farm payments weren’t exactly a success? Why do we have Jacqui Smith an ex whip as home secretary? She couldn’t exactly stop all those rebellions even if they weren’t successful. Why is Des Browne not just Minister of Defence but also Scottish Secretary? Doesn’t the military deserve a full time minister especially with all the cockups going on? Why do we have an ex postman as health secretary? Is he going to try and deliver success (bad pun)? Why is Tessa Jowell still in charge of the Olympics? Has she done enough for them?

The Labour party is basically a skill-less party. Gordon Brown is the only one to realise this which is why he is going outside the Labour party.

Second bomb found

A second car bomb was defused last night in the heart of London, raising fears that others could be primed and parked around the capital.

The petrol, gas and nail bomb was discovered in a Mercedes towed to a car pound after being found illegally parked in the West End.

The vehicle had been left just yards from the spot outside a nightclub where two bomb-disposal officers risked their lives to make the first rigged car safe.

Friday, June 29, 2007

11 year old "untouchable"

Punishments for crime in this country are basically a slap on the wrist. I know it, you know it and so does this 11 year old who has branded himself untouchable because he can’t be sent anywhere until he is 12 which will be next March. Even if he can be punished by then I doubt he will. With this government they will probably reward him with a packet of sweets.

Bomb found in London

The threat of terror returned to Londontoday after a large car bomb was found in the heart of the capital.

Bomb squad officers defused the 'massive' device after police investigated reports of a suspicious vehicle in the early hours.

A police source said: "The indications that we have got so far are that it was certainly a big device."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My cabinet

Under Blair there were more than 20 cabinet ministers. If I was in charge there would probably be only 14 and these would be:

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Deputy prime minister
  3. Exchequer
  4. Foreign affairs
  5. Work and pensions
  6. Public services
  7. Local government, democracy and culture
  8. Devolved affairs
  9. Defence
  10. Higher education
  11. Homeland security
  12. Justice
  13. Environment and energy
  14. Transport

As you can see there is no education or health secretary. These would be merged to create the Department of Public Services which wouldn’t exactly be responsible for Education and Health. They would be responsible for overseeing it though but the government would not control education or health. I will have to elaborate for you to understand but many of you have probably already read how I would deal with Health Education, and policing:


Health would be given control over to a Healthcare Assembly staffed by elected healthcare commissioners elected for each county. To stand for the Healthcare Assembly you will have worked as a healthcare professional for atleast 5 years previously so you have experience to deal with NHS challenges.

Like I said they would be elected for each county and would have responsibility for overseeing healthcare in that county. At national level the Commissioners would elect the First Healthcare Commissioner which would basically be their version of the Prime Minister but would only be leader of the Healthcare Assembly. The FHC would then choose a cabinet that would be responsible for different areas within the NHS such as training (no more MTAS disasters), drug licensing, the budget and maybe IT (I think it’s a good idea to have someone dedicated to the IT projects so they don’t fail). Those are only examples. There could be more.

The Healthcare Assembly would be able to raise taxes. The FHC or the relevant cabinet minister would allocate the money to each county and the relevant commissioner would spend it how they wanted to. Each commissioner would also be responsible for the employees and would decide how much they are paid. I think it would be better this way because those living in London obviously need more because it is a more expensive place to be. Obviously they could delegate this authority to bosses of individual hospitals.

As part of the Commission, NICE would be eradicated and responsibility for deciding on licensing policy would fall to the Healthcare Assembly. If they lowered the standards it might result in the pharmaceutical companies lowering prices of drugs which will allow the NHS to save money.

Just because the Assembly allows those drugs to be used doesn’t mean those individual commissioners have to provide them for free on the NHS unless they have been licensed and proven to work for 10 years.


We would have an education system like the type that they have in Sweden. Those staying in state education would have a different type of education system.

State Education would be given control over to an Education Assembly staffed by elected Education commissioners elected for each county. To stand for the Education Assembly you will have worked as a teacher for atleast 5 years previously so you have experience to deal with education challenges. They will not be responsible for higher education. This will be left for the government to deal with until the assembly is well established.

The rest would just be similar to the Healthcare Assembly except the assembly could decide if physical punishments could be used in schools. If the Assembly said yes individual commissioners could still ban it in their schools.

The commission would not be responsible for exam boards. This would be left up to the government. The employees of the exam boards would be paid more for harder exams. How would this be figured out? Well they would be paid £3 for every pupil that didn’t pass more than 7 exams and 50p for every pupil that didn’t get atleast 7 Cs or above. We are talking about thousands of pupils. This would be a motivator however the exams should be passable this means questions should be difficult but not impossible which would mean that 33% of pupils should be able to pass it. The department of public services would monitor this and decide if they should be paid.

This system would be used so we are constantly pushing them to get better results to make each generation a lot more intelligent than the next. If the commissioners don’t keep up they can be replaced. If the schools don’t keep up they will see their numbers going to the private schools. This will encourage competition and constant improvements.


This would be similar to Education and Health however they would only control local policing. They would not be responsible for terrorism, smuggling or police corruption. This would be left up to the government

The cabinet

I will now list the responsibilities of the cabinet that will change with me.

Foreign Affairs

In the name of efficiency the role of embassies would be given to the private sector. If a crisis happens the foreign secretary can then intervene. I am not sure we really need one. Maybe the Deputy Prime Minister could take up this role.

Work and Pensions

This would also take over the running of the DTI which I believe is now called Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

Public services

This would be responsible for overseeing healthcare and education. They would be responsible for exam boards (it’s kinda like a separation of powers but for education). Maybe also could be responsible for foreign aid or the lack of it

Local Government, democracy and culture

This would be responsible for citizens’ initiatives, referendums, overseeing all voting and improving access to information. Also be responsible for local government and rural affairs.

Devolved Affairs

This would be responsible for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This later could have the Department of Public Services merged with it.

Higher Education

This would be responsible for higher education and later maybe be responsible for getting people back into work through training. This could later be merged with Public services which might be merged with Devolved Affairs.

Homeland Security

This would be responsible national crime like terrorism, smuggling and police corruption. They would also be responsible for immigration.


Would be responsible for the courts (police can’t do it – think of it as a separation of powers for police) and deciding new laws.

Courts would be changed though. Judges would have a reduced role and there would be more of them for quicker justice. Judges would be basically turned into administrators. Juries would decide on a sentence tariff. They would have about 8 tariffs. These would be:

  1. Community service
  2. fine
  3. 0-3 years
  4. 3-8 years
  5. 8-15 years
  6. 15-25 years
  7. 25 years -life
  8. Death

Once a tariff has been decided by the majority the judge can then decide on what the sentence is as long as it is between the tariff specified. The death penalties can be vetoed by MPs as long as they represent that constituency so if they are against the death penalty they can show they are. If that person is an evil paedophile the public will be able to hold them to account at the next election.

I might also have got one of two attending without a department. These would be rising stars who could take over from someone if there was a cockup.

Brown announces cabinet

Brown has announced his cabinet. The good news is that he has got rid of a load of useless tossers. The bad news is that he also brought a load of useless tossers into the cabinet. Why is Milliband the Foreign Secretary? Was he promised it so he wouldn’t stand against Brown?

Anyway either today or tomorrow I will mention what I would do about the cabinet. So far I have lowered the number of cabinet ministers to 14.

Criminals could get easier sentences

VIOLENT yobs convicted of attempted murder will face shorter sentences under law chiefs’ latest soft ­justice proposals.

Thugs who attack police officers could also escape with as little as a fine under plans unveiled yesterday by the ­controversial Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC).

The SGC, chaired by Lord Phillips, the country’s most senior judge, issues sentencing guidelines for courts and judges.

It has already faced criticism for proposing soft penalties for sex attackers and muggers. Its latest consultation document proposes reducing the recommended jail term for attempted murder from half that served for murder to only 40 per cent.

The body also sparked outrage by suggesting a yob who carries out a “spontaneous” assault on a police officer but causes no injury should face no more than a community order or a fine.

Even a thug who carries out a “sustained assault” and injures an officer but leaves no lasting damage could get away with a community penalty.

What is this country coming to? There are millions of crimes every year. How will this encourage criminals to stop if they will probably be let off?

We need tougher sentences and not sentences that are basically a slap on the wrist. New Labour knew we were going to have a shortage of prison places years ago yet did nothing. They are to blame for the rising crime.

Polish immigrants send £1 billion home

Polish immigrants sent home almost £1billion in the first three months of this year, it has been revealed

The cash taken out of the UK economy would otherwise have been spent in shops, restaurants and other businesses here.

The figures, compiled by the National Bank of Poland, showed that £1.1 billion was sent back from Western Europe to family members living in the former Eastern Bloc country since January.

More than three-quarters of the total is thought to be from Britain, where the majority of Polish migrants moved following the expansion of the EU in 2004.

This means that the total siphoned out of the UK economy is somewhere between £825 million and £1 billion - a rise of around a quarter on the same period last year.

Well that busts the myth that they are good for the economy. All it shows is that they are good for big business and not good for the country at all. It also shows that Labour only wants them for the votes. They wouldn’t be in power now if it wasn’t for the immigrants.

The only thing good for our economy is having British workers employed in British factories spending British money in British shops.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wear nice colours to deportation

Immigration officers should carry out their duties wearing "softer colours" when deporting families, a review recommends.

The Border and Immigration Agency, in its Review of Family Removals, suggested that the dress code of the officers should be changed to look less like a uniform so the process of deportation was less intimidating to children.

Yeah. I am sure they should wear softer colours. Maybe pink with a matching handbag? Or maybe dressed like a clown which would be fitting.

These people have no right being here in the first place. We should make it intimidating so they don’t try and come back. If they don’t like it they can cry in their own country.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Central News: Breaking Records

This is my 302nd post this year and it is not even July yet. Last year I made 301 blog posts and I have already beaten that in less than 7 months. The year before last I made 136 posts. If I continue blogging the way I am I should be able to make more posts this year than I did in the first two years combined. My target will have to be 438 posts this year to beat it. I think I can do it.

Blogpower awards ceremony

The Blogpower awards ceremony is this Sunday at 2pm. Incase you don’t know where it is going to be held I will tell you. It’s going to be held online in a place called Second life. It promises to be a fun day where you can meet your favourite bloggers.

Unfortunately I tried to get on Second Life but found that my computer is too slow which meant it took ages for me to move so I can’t make it. I have deleted some stuff on my computer so I will try again in a few days to see if my situation has improved. Even if it has improved I'll probably be atleast 1 hour late.

For more information on the day click here.

Crime figures misleading

An extra two million violent crimes a year are committed in
Britain than previously thought because of a bizarre distortion in the Government's flagship crime figures, it has been claimed.

A former Home Office research expert said that across all types of crime, three million offences a year are excluded from the British Crime Survey (BCS).

The poll caps the number of times a victim can be targeted by an offender at five incidents a year.

If anyone interviewed for the survey says they have been targeted more than five times a year, the sixth incident and beyond are not included in the BCS. The authors of a report by think-tank Civitas said the five-crimes limit is "truly bizarre" and "misleading".

What possible reason could you have for capping the number of crimes committing against people? It seems to me that the government is deliberately lying to us to stop us from knowing the truth – that they are increasingly incompetent when dealing with crime.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Zimbabwe to confiscate businesses

After the stunning success of confiscating white owned farms and giving them to black people in Zimbabwe, Mr Mugabe is now thinking of doing the same to the nations businesses.

The goal is to ensure at least a 51% shareholding by indigenous black people in the majority of businesses.

The empowerment bill says that "indigenous Zimbabwean" is anyone disadvantaged by unfair discrimination on race grounds before independence in 1980.

Abu Hamza dumps gay nurse

Just when I have lost all confidence in the prison system a story comes along that almost gives me confidence in it. Our beloved terrorist Abu Hamza has just found out that his personal nurse is gay so will be having none of his care from now on. It only took him two years while it was already obvious for everyone else. Apparently the fact that he was a male nurse, nicknamed Queenie, had a camp voice and was willing to wipe Mr Hamza’s arse never tipped him off.

That’s what I call justice.

More recycled news

It seems as if yet again the newspapers are recycling stories which is helping the BNP cause. Only last month I blogged about a story in the Daily mail about Eastern European contributing to a rise in pickpocketing crime. Today the Daily Mail runs with the story that Eastern Europeans bring a surge in pickpocketing crime.

Irish to be given referendum on EU treaty

There is atleast one European leader who is not lying to his people and that is Ireland’s leader Bertie Ahern who admitted that the treaty is a copy of the rejected EU Constitution. He also promised a referendum to the Irish people. I hope we get one but I doubt we will.

If you believe we should have a referendum please sign this petition.

MPs trying to improve FoI

Atleast some MPs aren’t self serving twats. Some of them actually want to keep freedom of information and are fighting to improve it.

I agree that it should be improved and we should be able to know anything we want. They should only be able to refuse information if it’s to do with national security or if it will damage their operations to do so. Neither will happen often.

How to stop a suicide bomber

Muslim women are going to be taught how to stop their men from becoming suicide bombers at the expense of the taxpayer.

Does our government not know that those suicide bombers will be Islamic fundamentalists who don’t value the opinion of women? Does our government not know that those same fundamentalists don’t believe that women should be entitled to an education so they will ban their women from going?

Am I wrong about that?

Soft touch Britain

If you don’t believe that asylum seekers and immigrants are coming here because we are a soft touch then you should read this.

There were 2000 immigrants in Calais who are ready to come to Britain after they have been denied in France and Germany. Most will now claim they are asylum seekers because “you get a free house and food”.

I wouldn’t allow any of them in. Why should we? Not one of those people went to the nearest safe country to their own. If they were genuine why wouldn’t they want to be safer the fastest way possible?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Which blog should be blog of the month?

Which blog should be blog of the month? There are 4 blogs in the running. These are Norfolk Blogger, Lionheart, Theo Spark and Stumbling and Mumbling.

Who will you be voting for? The poll is on the sidebar and it ends at the end of the month.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Stumbling and mumbling.

As you can see from some of his posts we don’t agree on a lot.

EU Treaty/Constitution

What’s the difference between the rejected EU constitution and the new EU treaty? Nothing much if this is anything to go by. I have only read a few pages but from what I can see there are very few changes and where there are changes those changes are relatively minor. Go and check it out for yourself.

Hat tip: BNP and me

No risk assessment for released prisoners

Tens of thousands of prisoners will be released without any checks on whether they pose a threat to the public.

Up to 25,000 convicts, including burglars, thugs and drug dealers, will be freed early each year without undergoing "risk assessment" - a key plank of the public protection system set up to deal with dangerous criminals.

In addition, probation officials will not be obliged to check whether the addresses provided by the departing felons are genuine, allowing them simply to "disappear".

The revelations, contained in an email from Roger Hill, head of the Probation Directorate, contradict claims by Ministry of Justice officials last week that all convicts would be checked before release.

The email, sent to all 42 chief probation officers in England and Wales and seen by The Sunday Telegraph, reads: "The Probation Service is not required to conduct a risk assessment or an accommodation check for these prisoners prior to their release on ECL (End of Custody Licences)."

The government allowed prisoners out before and within a year more than 1000 crimes had been committed by these people. Those prisoners actually had a risk assessment though. Imagine how many crimes these people will commit when any of them are allowed out.

Lessons to be replaced

State secondary schools will be told to scrap traditional lessons and replace them with month-long interdisciplinary projects on topics such as global warming.

How exactly will this improve the education of our children? Is reading writing and arithmetic suddenly not important anymore? What about the history of our country?

Tony Blair commits treason

TONY Blair was today accused of caving in to
France over free trade as he reached a bungled deal on the EU treaty.

European leaders finally agreed on wording for the document at 5am this morning.

But as part of the reform package - which hands control of 51 more policy areas to Brussels - the outgoing Prime Minister cut a deal with the French to wipe the Common Market’s founding principle from the European Union’s aims.

His surprise climbdown came after all-night wrangling from European leaders over the wide-ranging treaty, which is expected to massively extend Euro meddling.

Wasn’t a common free trade market one of the reasons that Europhiles gave for staying in the EU? If that has gone what reasons do we have for staying in the EU?

Why has Blair decided that we must give more power to the EU without even consulting the British people? This is treason and I hope he is hung from the nearest lamppost by Brown. That would make me vote Labour in the next election.

The story claims Brown was furious. I think they are just playing for the cameras. If he was truly furious he would give us a referendum when he becomes Prime Minister.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Did you take your dog to work?

Did you take your dog to work today? You should have because it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Did you mark it on your calendar and most importantly did you take your dog to work?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Compensation for early release prisoners

After deciding to allow 25,000 prisoners to leave prisons early the government has decided to give each of them £200.

So first they get out of jail early and then they are congratulated that they are getting out of jail early with £200. The loonies have certainly taken over the asylum.

Maybe when they let the paedophiles out they will give then toddlers as a reward… oops, shouldn’t have said that. It might actually happen.

TA Budget cut

After destroying our normal army by overstretching it and completely destroying morale of troops, Labour have decided to leave them alone for a bit and focus on trying to destroy the Territorial Army by cutting their budget by £5 million even though we are using them more than ever. Nice work Labour.

White children discriminated against (part 3?)

On Wednesday I blogged that it seemed like the media were recycling stories. Today I have come across this story on the BBC about white boys being under achievers. I then thought to myself “I have already read this”. It turned out I had heard it before. Infact I had heard it twice before. I had read about it once in November 2006 on the BBC website. I had also blogged about it in January this year.

For some reason they keep on reporting it. Maybe it’s a good thing especially seeing as I know the reason why whites are such underachievers – it’s because ethnic minorities get more education funding.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cherie Blair to fight the smoking ban

Atleast Cherie Blair is good for something and that is undoing what her husband has done. She is going to try and help a nightclub boss overturn the smoking ban when it comes into force in July. They are even thinking of taking it all the way to the European Court.

I don’t smoke but I believe that it is no business of the government where people smoke. It should be up to the owners of the pubs and clubs. If they want people to stop smoking they can ban it on their property.

If there was a serious demand for none smoking bars then that demand would have been met already. It hasn’t which says something about the demand for it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Diversity sucks (part 2?)

Have the newspapers started recycling stories? It seems so. The Telegraph is reporting that people in mixed race areas feel isolated. Last October I blogged about the exact same thing and it was the exact same professor who did the research.

Why are we getting news we already know about?

Red Ken to lose his job

Having learned that whites were discriminated against by Ken Livingstone I am glad to hear that he won’t be allowed to serve another term.

As you can expect he is livid about it which just gives me further enjoyment. Apparently Parliamentarians shouldn’t be able to pass laws to limit him to two terms. I am happy they can.

I wonder what he will get up to after this. Is it worth even contemplating? Would it be better for everyone that he just stayed London mayor?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prisoners to be released early

The Government is expected to announce the early release of up to 2,000 criminals today in a bid to ease prison overcrowding.

Lord Falconer, the Justice Minister, will make a statement in the House of Lords later today, Downing Street said.

This government must have a very short memory or atleast they think we do. Rest assured I don’t. Can’t they remember that they did this in October 2005 and in October 2006 we found that more than 1000 violent crimes had been committed by offenders released early.

They released prisoners early in 2005 because of overcrowding and there is still overcrowding. Why can’t they learn that early release does not work? Why haven’t they built more prisons?

7 hours to evacuate wounded troops

Can you believe that at one stage it was taking 7 hours to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield in Afghanistan? It wouldn’t be the case if we had more than just 13 helicopters able to evacuate troops and if there wasn’t such a long chain of command. Why exactly can’t the army have a flatter organisational structure with fewer layers of command?

Did anyone believe Blair when he said that troops will get whatever they need to defeat the Taliban? I think they need more than 13 helicopters.

To reiterate, these are the changes that should be made:

  1. More helicopters
  2. Flatter organisational structure with fewer layers of command (or management)
  3. More decision making lower down the ranks

Maybe I’m wrong?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Everyone panic!

Everyone panic! No, Blair has not done something new to mess up the country… well he might have but that’s not the reason you should panic. You should panic because today is International Panic Day, a day for everyone to be worried and concerned.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Swiss voters approve welfare reform

Voters have approved a cost-cutting reform of the state disability insurance scheme which has notched up huge debts over the past decade.

The proposed changes won the support of nearly 60 per cent of the electorate, according to final results.

The reform foresees annual spending cuts of around SFr500 million ($402 million) in the long term and a 20 per cent reduction in the number of new beneficiaries every year.

Unfortunately the turnout was only 35.8% but people did seem in favour of it. I don’t know much about it but I think I would have voted against it. People can’t help being disabled and to put a limit on the number who can claim does not really help. Disagreeing with the Swiss seems to be something I do a lot. When they had their healthcare proposal I was for it but 76% of the voters rejected it. If I lived in Switzerland and knew about the issues I may have a differing opinion than I do now.

That is people power in action. When is this country going to get direct democracy?

Doing the jobs we won't do?

JOB-seekers in Cambridgeshire are being turned away because they do not speak Polish, an MP claims.

Malcolm Moss, MP for North East Cambridgeshire, revealed constituents had told him they had been refused work in the fens on the grounds they would not fit in with other factory workers, who were all migrant workers from Poland.

He slammed the practice as "obvious discrimination".

He said: "A woman came to my surgery and said: 'My daughter went to an agency to get a job and was told by the gang-master: 'If you don't speak Polish I can't put you on the assembly line, because they all speak Polish. They won't accept you, and you won't be able to communicate with them anyway.'

A few issues I have with this:

1. I thought they were doing the jobs Brits won’t do? That’s obviously bullshit because these people wanted to work but were refused.

2. If these people can’t speak English they shouldn’t be here in the first place. It’s about time all those who can’t speak English are banned from working in this country.

Hat tip: Battle for Britain.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Theo Spark.

Special team for honour killings

Dedicated teams of senior prosecutors are to be deployed in the
UK's honour killing hotspots in the wake of the failings exposed this week by the case of a young Kurdish woman murdered by her family.

The prosecutors, who have all had experience of complex organised crime cases, will start work this month as part of an overhaul of how cases are handled. The move is designed to boost conviction rates and improve protection for victims.

The fact that they need a special team for this type of crime means that it is happening a lot. Don’t ya just love multiculturalism? Just think if there was no such thing as multiculturalism we wouldn’t have this type of crime.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Gurkha banned from Britain

Falklands hero who suffered horrific injuries at Bluff Cove has been banned from Britain.

Foreign Office officials fear Gurkha Cpl Gyenendra Rai, 51, will try to stay here if he is granted a visitor's visa for NHS treatment.

So what if he does? What about the hundreds of thousands that come here every year who have contributed nothing to Britain? Why are they allowed to stay?

The ex-machine gunner is in constant pain after his back was ripped open by a shell.


Click here to find out more!

He wants to come to Britain because he cannot afford the necessary medication at home in Nepal.

Despite 14 years' service in the armed forces, officials have told Cpl Rai he has insufficient links to the UK to get a visa, preventing him joining events to mark the 25th anniversary of victory in the Falklands.

The father of five, who needed a skin and muscle graft from another soldier to plug his gaping wound, was awarded the South Atlantic Medal after being injured on June 11, 1982.

All he wants is medical treatment. If he wants to stay here after who cares? He has done a lot more for this country than any other foreigner. I don’t think he will want to stay though – with his family being in a totally different country.

He wants to come to Britain because he cannot afford the necessary medication at home in Nepal.

Despite 14 years' service in the armed forces, officials have told Cpl Rai he has insufficient links to the UK to get a visa, preventing him joining events to mark the 25th anniversary of victory in the Falklands.

The father of five, who needed a skin and muscle graft from another soldier to plug his gaping wound, was awarded the South Atlantic Medal after being injured on June 11, 1982.

All he wants is medical treatment. If he wants to stay here after who cares? He has done a lot more for this country than any other foreigner. I don’t think he will want to stay though – with his family being in a totally different country.


Click here to find out more!

He wants to come to Britain because he cannot afford the necessary medication at home in Nepal.

Despite 14 years' service in the armed forces, officials have told Cpl Rai he has insufficient links to the UK to get a visa, preventing him joining events to mark the 25th anniversary of victory in the Falklands.

The father of five, who needed a skin and muscle graft from another soldier to plug his gaping wound, was awarded the South Atlantic Medal after being injured on June 11, 1982.

All he wants is medical treatment. If he wants to stay here after who cares? He has done a lot more for this country than any other foreigner. I don’t think he will want to stay though – with his family being in a totally different country.

Smacking to be banned

MUMS and dads could be banned from smacking their children.

Last night campaign groups and MPs demanded the time had come for the Government to act, as Children's Minister Beverley Hughes ordered a review of the law which allows the "reasonable punishment" of youngsters.

Recent polls have found parents believe smacking is an acceptable way to discipline children.

The government should keep their noses out of parenting. Parents have every right to discipline their children. If MPs don’t like it then tough! They can stop smacking their own children but when it comes to children that are not theirs they should shut the hell up.

It’s time they did what the people want for a change and allow smacking of children.

Whites may not apply says Red Ken

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, today refused to approve the nominations of five London Assembly members and four councillors to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) because the candidates were white.

Read more here.

Hat tip: Battle For Britain

Troops still not getting what they need

In October Blair said that troops will get whatever they need to defeat the Taliban. It’s now June, 8 months later and they still don’t have whatever they need. Infact they are so under-equipped that a visit to Afghanistan by a member of the Royal family had to be cancelled because there were no apaches available. This is because only half of our apaches are in working order.

Hat tip: Theo Spark

Muslim demonstration

If you are wondering why there hasn’t been any news on the Muslim demonstration in London it was because there was such a pathetic turnout. Battle For Britain was at the counter demo and he has the story.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bloggers resistance flag contest

Islamanazi is hosting a Bloggers Resistance Flag contest. Please vote for the flag you think is best. There are 6 flags all of which are excellent.

Almost 8 million economically inactive

The number of people classed as "economically inactive" in
Britain has risen to just under eight million, the highest level since records began in 1971.

Official figures show the number of economically inactive increased by 77,000 over the past three months to reach 7.95 million.

Critics said the sharp rise raised serious questions about Labour's claims that it has got unemployment under control.

These doubts were fuelled by research which claimed that the true rate of unemployment is about 2.6 million, up to three times higher than the Government's figures.

An academic study of the figures estimates there could be as many as 1.7 million "hidden unemployed" in Britain, on top of the 900,000 people who officially receive Jobseekers' Allowance each week.

In another setback for ministers, the number of young people who are out of work for more than six months shot up to 180,000, only 3,000 less than Labour inherited when it came to power in 1997.

Why exactly do we need so many immigrants when we have so many people without jobs? If they are not prepared to work to feed themselves why should society be prepared to work to feed the people who are unwilling to work?

Some people will claim that they are unable to work because they are disabled or whatever. I think those not too seriously ill should be made to do jury duty if doctors say that they are well enough which most will be because even if you are in a wheel chair and you still have a working brain you can sit on a jury. Those faking it would be found out because they would be getting small amounts of money for doing it which they won’t enjoy which will encourage them to get back to work. Those not faking it would be content with being on a jury. No one loses except for the people who want money for doing nothing.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dogs receive better food than soldiers

The Army spends more feeding its dogs than its soldiers, it has been claimed.

Figures obtained by a Tory MP show that £1.51 a day goes on meals for troops, compared with £2.63 for military dogs.

Even prisoners – who cost £1.87 a day to feed – fare better than servicemen.

When are we going to start treating our soldiers like heroes instead of treating them worse than the scum of the earth? Is it any wonder we have a shortage of people willing to join the army when they are treated like crap?

Hat tip: Theo Spark

Muslims rise tomorrow

Watch for riots in London tomorrow as the Islamic march against British oppression. I have heard that patriots are going to demonstrate against the Islamic march. This is what will probably kick off a large riot in London and a few smaller ones around the country. It will be the patriots who are blamed for this.

Watch what happens on TV tomorrow between 2.30-5pm. Hopefully there will be no riots and the demonstration will be peaceful but there is a chance that there will be riots.

Immigration creates new crime

We can thank Eastern Europeans for one thing and that’s a new crime. Don’t ya love the diversity of our crime?

Gangs of Eastern European immigrants are costing Bradford shopkeepers tens of thousands of pounds in a sneak-in theft scam, police said today.

The raiders are thought to be travelling from as far as the Midlands to attack shops and small stores across the district where the owners live on the premises.

As many as 15 people go into the shops and distract staff while some of the gang sneak into the living quarters and ransack it, with cash and expensive jewellery the top targets.

Police are now urging shopkeepers to tighten security and be aware of the scam.

If we never had this large scale immigration we would have never had this sort of crime. We thank the Eastern Europeans for enriching us with it.

This is also my 700th blog post. Everyone celebrate! PARTY!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

House of Lords save the day

Once again it seems that the House of Lords are the only ones that are prepared to stand up for the British people. This time they have stopped the Freedom of Information Bill from exempting Parliament from the Freedom of Information Act. It seems to me that it is the unelected Lords who have our best interests at heart while the Commons treat the voters with contempt.

Well done House of Lords!

Blogpower vote closed

The Blogpower polls closed 1 hour ago after an intense week of campaigning. Sources inside Santas workshop say they wish to be left alone to grieve for Santa and some of the Reindeer. We have heard that they recently received a letter saying 4 of the reindeer have been made into dog food. Sant's body was found in a Weight Watchers meeting in Plymouth We have no idea if this is to encourage fatties to stop eating so much or whether the murderer just didn't know where else to put the body. Maybe he thought the fatties would 'dispose' of the body?

The polls were dogged by accusations of vote fixing by a blog linked to a party. We can reveal that the blog in question was linked to the Conservatives. BOO CONSERVATIVES! HISSSS!

Whatever happened we have no idea whether James Higham will take on the role of elections administrator next year as he was seen being dragged from his home by people in white coats. Witnesses say he was suffering from a mental breakdown caused by the voting and the amount of sissies that complained. We at Central News wish James a fast recovery and remind him that he has to take his pills but not too many.

It wasn’t all bad news. Central news came joint third in the Award for Services to Blogging. We thank everyone that voted for us.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blogpower vote ends tomorrow

At 7pm tomorrow the Blogpower polls close. The amount of times you can vote has been changed from once per day to any time your computer allows so you can vote once per second if your computer allows.

Let’s see how I am doing…

In the Award for services to blogging I have 47 votes, up from 35 two days ago. The leader has 142 votes.

In the Most Politically Incorrect Blog category I have 44 votes, up from 35 two days ago. The leader has 197 votes.

In the Most Under-rated Blog category I have 42 votes, up from 24 two days ago. The leader has 137 votes.

In the Best Little Blogger category I have 36 votes, up from 20 two days ago. The leader has 202 votes.

In the Best Blogpower Blog I have 54 votes, up from 38 two days ago. The leader has 112 votes.

As you can see I have no chance of winning any of them. Anyone concerned will be welcome to attend the funerals of Rudolph, Steve, Blitzen, Prancer and Santa and pay their respects on Father’s day are welcome to attend. I won’t tell you where the funeral is though.

Don’t worry. The elves are busily looking for a locum Santa so I have not spoiled Christmas. I have stolen Santa’s list so a new one will have to be made. You can all be naughty until a new Santa is employed. I hear that it could be tough for him. The Lapland Elves Union is considering taking industrial action over a pay dispute. Apparently they have not been given a raise in over 200 years.

Do you want to be Santa? Please read the following job advert that was found in the Lapland Times and see if you could be Santa:

Must be flexible, hardworking and able to work effectively with a busy team and have proven experience of working towards major deadlines and supervising difficult employees who may have alcohol abuse problems. Job also includes a lot of administration work including answering letters and keeping lists which must be checked twice.

Once a year you will be responsible for delivering presents around the world so experience in handling reindeers is desirable as well as experience in delivery. Experience is not essential as training will be given to the right candidate.

The ideal candidate will have ICT knowledge especially in Microsoft word and Excel as the organisation will be updating their lists which will be held on computers instead of paper. The ideal candidate will also have a joyful personality and be able to work towards deadlines

Interested parties are asked to email Father Christmas Human Resources on for an application form. For an informal discussion email Andyla, District Manager at