Friday, May 30, 2008

Best news ever

Senior officials in the Labour party, including Gordon Brown, could become personally liable for millions of pounds in debt unless new donors can be found within weeks, the Guardian has learned.

The party has five weeks to find £7.45m to pay off loans to banks and wealthy donors recruited by Lord Levy, Tony Blair's former chief fundraiser, or become insolvent. A further £6.2m will have to be repaid by Christmas - making £13.65m in all. The sum amounts to two-thirds of the party's annual income from donations.

The figures are a conservative estimate as they do not include interest that will also have to be paid. A Labour source said that although the total debt was listed as £17.8m on the Electoral Commission website, the true level, with interest, was nearer to £24m.

The possibility that party officials and members of its national executive committee could become liable is being taken seriously by union leaders, and has been underlined by the decision of equity fund chairman David Pitt-Watson not to accept the post as Labour's general secretary.

I thought the news about Labour going bust was great but this is fantastic news. I hope every single one of those scheming treacherous crooks gets bled dry of all their money. That punishment would be suitable for what they have done to the country. It’s just a pity that Blair won’t be punished even a little bit.

I can just see it now. Gordon Brown having to beg on the streets of Scotland just to feed himself. Then again if Scotland gets their independence he’ll get off without having to pay if he stays in Scotland because it will be a foreign country. Maybe he was planning it all along…

Ecotowns needed to deal with immigration

needs more homes and the only reason more homes are needed is to deal with immigration. This is why the government is trying to rush through ecotowns. It’s not to be environmentally friendly, concreting over fields and building more homes has never been environmentally friendly.

The government are now trying to rush though new planning laws. Friends of the Earth has been looking at the new laws and has found out what they mean. Read this.

The Planning Bill means that people will have less say about homes that are being built in their area. They will have no right to be heard in person and ministers cannot be held accountable for decisions. This means that the government is trying to silence any opposition to their plans because they know that immigration will be responsible for most of the population growth in this country and it’s the only way to deal with it other than just stopping them coming to the country.

In Skegness the council is about to have a debate about the development of an ecotown. They know that they will have to make some tough decisions, decisions which the public don’t want which is why the local media have been banned from the debate. They don’t want locals to know what is going on.

The thing about more towns is that more towns mean that there is a greater demand for energy. More people also means there is a greater demand for energy. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain. A few days ago there was a blackout when half a million homes lost power. Think this is an isolated incident? For now it is but Britain is about to face more blackouts in the future because our power stations cannot cope with the present demand. More people will just mean that there will be even more power cuts.

People like me have been saying for years that we should have less people in this country and now people will begin to understand why when their lights go off and they can’t keep themselves warm during the winter. You have Labour to thank for it.

Hat tip: Home of The Green Arrow

Emergency fund being used for Olympics

The Olympics is becoming very expensive now with all the waste and useless projects that the government has spent it on. The project is haemorrhaging so much money that ministers have now had to raid a £2.2bn emergency fund that was set aside for last minute work.

It’s hardly an emergency when there is still 4 years to go until the start of the Olympics. What happens when that fund is used up? Well they’ll probably just find more money to waste on it afterall it’s not their money they are wasting.

What did they expect?

The flagship Scottish Government policy of cutting class sizes will require new classrooms and extra teachers, costing hundreds of millions of pounds.

The Association of Directors of Education in Scotland conducted a survey of Scotland's local authorities. It said councils were currently working out how to achieve class sizes of 18 pupils in primaries one to three.

The Scottish Government said its concordat with councils would deliver year-on-year reductions in class sizes.

The Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES) survey, which gathered information from 22 of Scotland's 32 councils, found that an additional 2,173 teaching staff would be required, costing an extra £62m every year.

There would also need to be 900 additional classrooms, costing £360m, it said.

I like criticising the SNP but you can’t criticise them for this. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that this policy would require more teachers, more classrooms and more money. How else would it be achieved?

Stop criticising the SNP over this. They do a lot of crap and idiotic things but they can’t be criticised for something that was obvious to everyone.

Boris caught lying

Boris Johnson promised a lot during the election campaign for London mayor and it not seems that he is already going to break atleast 2 of those promises.

During the campaign he said that he would work flat out if he was elected but two weeks into his term he has already went on holiday. He can’t have worked that hard.

Thanks to the BNP he has been exposed lying to pensioners. He promised all retired pensioners a 24 hour ‘travel freedom’ pass. When Richard Barnbrook asked about when he would actually give them the pass he put the date back to next year, probably hoping by then it would have been forgotten about so he wouldn’t actually have to give it out.

Conservatives miss the point

Immigrant workers and foreign-born citizens who struggle to speak English will be denied benefits unless they accept language lessons, under plans unveiled by the Conservatives.

In a hard-hitting speech, Chris Grayling, the shadow work and pensions secretary, plans to set out the party's detailed proposals for tackling unemployment.

He will argue that the employment rate for some ethnic minority groups is below the national average, saying that "serious steps" need to be taken to address the problem.

Speaking English will be an "essential" requirement, with job centres and voluntary groups offering language lessons to those whose prospects are hampered by an inability to communicate.

This is a good idea but it solves nothing. Immigrants should not be given benefits in the first place unless they are citizens of this country and they should fund their own English classes. Infact the only way to reduce unemployment is to stop immigration so that people can actually get a liveable wage for making rich people richer.

If businessmen are unwilling to pay a decent wage I couldn’t care less if they went out of business. Workers deserve a wage which they can live on.

An idea to deal with fascist councils

Every household could have to nominate an adult who will take legal responsibility for its bins as townhalls start to crack down on residents who are not recycling properly.

Under the plans, people who leave their wheelie bins on the pavement, overfill them, or put the wrong items into their recycling, face tougher penalties under the policy.

Plymouth City Council in Devon said yesterday it would step up pressure on those who break the law by raising the penalty from £50 to £110, the maximum allowed.

A draft letter from the Tory-led council includes a questionnaire which asks each household to nominate an adult who will take legal responsibility for its bins.

This is going too far but I have an idea that could work. When they are nominating their adult they should nominate the leader of the council. That way the council will be fining themselves and they will leave you alone.

EU interferes with driving tests

The EU has again stuck its nose where it isn’t wanted. Even though Britain has a better road safety record than many other countries the EU are trying to make us change our driving tests to fit in with them. If they change anything they should change it to be like ours.

The changes have resulted in 20 test centres being closed down and another 26 are earmarked for closure. This is all because the EU has decided that it is in their interests to close them. As far as I can see there is no practical reason to close them other than petty vindictiveness by the EU.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

News roundup 67

EU urged to review animal testing. I hope they do.

Prison health ‘needs cash boost’. The mental health part definitely does.

10% of burglaries are carried out by schoolchildren. Thank Labour for that.

Councillor quits over sex offence. Who’d of thought it possible…

Reduced jail terms for pair. If it was white racists they would still be in prison in 40 years.

Britain is now ‘worse than iraq. We have ten years of Labour to thank.

Court rejects HIV asylum seeker. At last we have common sense from the courts.

University bans graduating students from throwing their mortar boards in the air in case someone gets hurt. That’s just stupid.

More tax to pay for better police

A tax on every household to pay for neighbourhood policing will be proposed by ministers next month.

The 'community safety levy' will be charged by directly- elected local police boards and the cash will have to be spent on making each area's streets safer.

The Home Office claims the levy will dramatically increase accountability, but critics fear it could play on the public's need to see more bobbies on the beat and lead to large increases in taxation.

Why can’t there be more police now? Why does there have to be yet another tax to fund a service that is crap now? If the government thinks we should be taxed more they should show that they can be trusted with the money we have or it’s just going to go into a black hole and will just be wasted.

At the moment we have police that can’t even arrest wanted criminals because there is no room in the prisons to accommodate any more criminals and this is also leading to more criminals having time taken off their sentences and released early. This includes foreign prisoners who have abused our hospitality.

What fleet of vans?

The government has been caught lying yet again and it is over immigration yet again. Last September the government promised a fleet of vans to pick up illegal immigrants but they haven’t quite managed a fleet yet.

How many have they got? They have 1 van stationed in Dorset which isn’t even a place where lots of illegal immigrants go. Never fear though. The government have decided that they will increase the number of these vans to a grand total of 2 within a few months. That’s if they don’t forget about it.

EU getting desperate

The EU and Labour have shown yet again what a load of fascists they are. Labour MEP Richard Corbett has begun a motion in the European Parliament to silence any type of dissent and opposition to the European Union.

His plan is to make it tougher for euro realist MEPs to come together to form a group. His reasoning is ”it would prevent single issue politicians from being given undue support”. I am sure he realises that the euro realist MEPs were probably elected for the sole reason of being single issue politicians. Why else would anti EU politicians ever be elected to the European Parliament?

That’s not all that this fascist wants to do. Mr Corbett’s proposals will also give the President of the Parliament sweeping powers to approve or reject parliamentary questions. That means silencing any critics and making sure than anything embarrassing for them doesn’t come out.

These are people that are willing to stop any opposition from even being heard just so that people will think that everything is good in the European Union and everyone thinks the EU is great. They are even willing to threaten countries like Ireland so that their people will vote to adopt a treaty that will completely change the sovereignty of their country.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Voting Labour costs lives

More than 2,500 people have been stabbed to death on Labour's watch, according to figures soon to be published by the Home Office.

Yet, over the same period, only nine of the countless criminals caught with knives have been given the maximum jail term.

Take 2006, a year scarred by a series of teenage stabbings, and the latest for which full sentencing statistics are available. Some 1,226 under-18s were found guilty of carrying a blade yet only 72 were put behind bars.

The average sentence was 3.4 months, which because of early-release rules, meant that a typical offender spent just eight weeks in jail.

The remainder escaped with a fine, a community sentence or - in 113 cases - a discharge. Only one of the 7,817 knife offenders of all ages received the maximum sentence in 2006.

As you can see voting Labour costs lives. Labour no longer even try to enforce the law or punish criminals. Those that do get sent to prison are released early and thse that terrorise communities get ASBO’s. If they disobey their ASBO nothing will happen to them.

Labour said they were tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. The truth is they couldn’t be softer on crime if they tried.

Crime is so bad in London that there is an average of 8 violent crimes in London per day and that’s just on the buses!

In Scotland it is so bad that you are more likely to go to prison for shoplifting than for sexual assault. The prison officers who have to guard these criminals have realised that crime pays which is why the government now estimates that 10% of prison officers are corrupt and the government are now setting up a unit to death with corruption in the prison service.

Paddling pool banned again

For nearly a quarter of a century, Lourdes Maxwell has celebrated the arrival of summer by putting a paddling pool in the garden.

This year, however, her two grandchildren and the children of her neighbours may have to find another way to cool off in the heat.

Miss Maxwell's local council has decided that the pool - which is only 2ft deep - needs a lifeguard.

The 47-year-old divorced mother of three has also been told she must have insurance before she can inflate the toy outside her house in Portsmouth.

This is just ridiculous. It’s a paddling pool for gods sake! Why can’t councils just let adults take responsibility for their children? Of course this is not the first time this has happened. I blogged about this happening to Katie Joyce almost 3 years ago.

Nothing has changed. Health and safety bureaucrats only do this because they can’t get real jobs and it doesn’t look like national or local government will take action to stop it because they have had 3 years to stop it.

Tories pledge to send jobless youths to bootcamps

Jobless youngsters would be sent to employment ‘boot camps’ after three months on the dole under Tory plans.

Claimants between 18 and 21 would have to attend intensive courses run by charities and private firms in compiling CVs, job interview techniques and workplace skills.

Those still without work after a year would be forced to pick up litter, clean graffiti or carry out other tasks in the community in return for their £46.85-a-week handouts.

Anyone who refuses to comply will lose the money.

This is actually a decent policy from the Tories, however you have to stop large scale immigration first. People don’t want to work just to put a roof over their heads. They want to have enough money to be able to go out and enjoy themselves and while immigration pushes down wages they won’t be able to do that.

So first immigration must be stopped then young people who are out of work should be sent to these camps. If they refuse to go they can starve. It is up to them.

MPs try to hide their expenses again

MPs expenses have finally been revealed after a legal battle lasting years.

The claims show that our leaders have been taking us for mugs. Some expenses are probably genuine and I feel that they should have claimed them, however most MPs are taking the mick.

Why did Gordon Brown claim for everything from a £372 subscription to SkyTV and £4,471 to smarten up his kitchen? That is a very expensive kitchen but it’s nothing compared to what Tony Blair spent on his kitchen (£10,600).

If Gordon Brown wanted to have SkyTV and to smarten up his kitchen he should have paid for it out of his own money and not take from the taxpayer.

Now that the public know what is going on MPs are trying to think of new ways to cheat and con us out of money. One way they are considering is giving themselves a grant of £23,000 per year, no questions asked which means no receipts which means we won’t have a clue what they are spending the money on which is just the way they like it. The thing is not all MPs spend their full allowance of £23,000 but with this new system they will be given it anyway which will cost a lot more.

Should MPs be taking the taxpayer for a ride when the lower paid are struggling to cope with record food prices which have made the average food bill rise £700 in the past year. Come on MPs. Show a bit of compassion.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

News roundup 66

Bulgaria to be ordered to hand back £400m in EU taxpayers’ cash for not tackling corruption. They should have never been allowed into the EU.

Ja, Minister! Government blows £120 million on a new computer system which spouts German. The government doesn’t have a clue how to run a country

Cameron hints at English Parliament plan to address ‘unfairness’ in union. I like it!

Labour fails to meet two-thirds of its targets. Labour is incompetent.

Taxpayers pay £1000 a week to store 15,000 wheelie bins in a field – while council chiefs decide what to do with them. If it was their money they would have decided within a day.

A quarter of workers ‘face ruin if they lose their jobs. It’s highly likely with the amount of immigrants coming in.

Inquest hears RAF Nimrod was NEVER fit to fly. The government should be charged with murder for allowing this to happen.

Plans go in for first eco-town – and there’s no green to be seen. Of course there isn’t. The govt need more homes to deal with immigrants.

Government to make hundreds of millions by selling MoD land for ecotowns. 2 stories in 1 – the government hate the military and need houses for immigrants.

Patient denied life-extending drug. Heartless bastards!

NHS hospitals lose 32,000 beds in a decade. I thought the NHS was a priority of Labour’s.

150-year-old Monkey puzzle tree facing chop because health and safety say its needles are ‘like syringes’. Don’t they have anything better to do?

The bunting ban: Flags that fluttered over village parties for a century snagged in health and safety red tape. Sack these idiots!

Minorities ‘need more arts events’. What about white people?

England to be most crowded in Europe. Oh goody!

Pupils can take an A-level in being a teenager under new exam board plans. I thought they couldn’t dumb it down anymore.

Tony Blair ‘moments from death’ after Israeli fighter jets threatened to blow his plane out of the sky. The Israelis are useless. They should have done it. The world would be a better place.

Does the Islamic culture lead to mental illness?

People of South Asian origin with mental health problems are missing out on treatment, the BBC has been told.

Experts warn it is contributing to the high suicide rate among Asian women.

The chairman of one NHS Trust says he blames "institutional racism" for the "lack of engagement" with the South Asian community.

It’s not racism that is stopping them from getting access to mental health. It is their own culture that stops them from getting help. Islam is also a cause as it treats women as second class citizens so much so that Asian women are committing suicide in increasing large numbers on just one stretch of railway track because they are abused and degraded by their community.

Until the Islamic community bring themselves into this century and stop being backward and treat women as equal they will continue to have mental health problems in their communities.

Military compensation

In this country hurt feelings and soar thumbs are much worse than losing your legs or that’s how it would seem when the soldier who has his legs blown off receives less money than if he had his feeling hurt or a soar thumb.

Ben Parkinson volunteered to serve his country on the Afghan front line - and paid a terrible price.

The young paratrooper suffered a total of 37 terrible injuries when he was blown up by a landmine.

He lost both his legs and sustained grievous damage to his spine, skull, pelvis, hands, spleen and ribcage, leaving him in a coma for months.

For his troubles he received £152,150 in compensation while a ministry of defence typist received £484,000 for a soar thumb. A transsexual paratrooper received £250,000 after some soldiers hurt its feelings after calling it names…

By the time you reach secondary school you should be able handle being called names. It’s about time these people grow up.

An international trade union?

UK's biggest union Unite is reportedly on the brink of merging with a counterpart in North America.

A deal between Unite and the United Steelworkers' union (USW), is hoped to be sealed by the USW's convention in July, the British union said.

I have just one question. If a company chooses to close down their operation in the UK and move their steel production to the USA what’s going to happen, will there be industrial action in both countries?

Sorry, that was a daft question, no union in Britain does anything when jobs are exported abroad and if Unite did care they won’t now.

Either way this is stupid. The unions would not be able to help each other in different countries. I don’t think they could anyway afterall I thought ‘sympathy strikes’ were banned in this country since the days of Thatcher but maybe I’m wrong… It would be nice if someone could tell me.

Need a fix? Ask the government for money (2)

The Sunday Express is about a year and a half late. What am I talking about? Well it’s this story about alcoholics being able to claim incapacity benefit for their alcoholism.

I blogged about it here in October 2006. It looks like this is yet another lesson that the government haven’t learnt and something that they haven’t done anything about.

So remember, if you need a fix just tap up the government for a little money. You won’t need to pay it back.

Criminal justice twilight zone

Welcome to the criminal twilight zone where bad people don’t go to jail for their crimes and good people get fined.

If you have a balloon don’t accidentally drop it and let it fly off into the distance or you will be fined £50 by petty bureaucrats who have nothing better to do.

Yes you read that correctly, a Max Twizell 16 year old boy could be faced with having criminal record all because he dropped balloon and allowed it to fly off in the distance while Christopher Smith will not serve any prison time for the crime he committed thanks to a legal loophole.

Christopher Smith (20) led police on a 30-minute chase in the early hours of March 8 this year - at one point, driving over a speed bump at 60mph and hitting it with such force that the car flipped over, Grimsby Crown Court heard.

He also drove the wrong way down one-way streets, over mini-roundabouts and at one point was travelling at 70mph in an area with a 30mph speed limit.

Don’t you just love our legal system which allows a 16 year old to be harassed while a repeat offender doesn’t even get a fine?

Muslims control the prisons

Muslims have a lot of power in this country. Our leaders kiss their feet and if we don’t like what they do we are labelled islamophobic and hauled before the courts. If we are sent to prison we soon find that Muslims even have control in there, more so than even the prison officers.

Whitemoor Prison is a maximum security prison that holds 500 inmates, a third of which are Muslim. According to the government’s own reports the prison officers are losing control of the prison to gangs of Muslims who are also being radicalised.

Whitemoor isn’t the only prison where it seems that Muslims have the upper hand. In Belmarsh the prison governors would rather take the word of burglar than Chris Langridge, a prison officer who has served at Britain’s top high-security jail. The Muslim accused Chris Langridge of naming his sniffer dog Allah while he says he named it Ali.

Of course the criminal’s word was taken above a law abiding officer and now the law abiding officer has been transferred to he Isle of Sheppey. That’s the thanks he gets for being a law abiding citizen and keeping sure the prisoners are kept in check.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Would you pay £25,000 for this?

Taxpayers in Derbyshire are angry that their council spent £25,000 on a stone slab with a square hole through it.

The sculpture, by Michael Dan Archer, was commissioned by North East Derbyshire district council for the entrance to its headquarters in Saltergate, Chesterfield.

More here.

Police learn another language

As it really come to this? Police having to learn foreign languages to cope with crime committed by immigrants…

Having multi lingual police is probably going to become more common in the future as migrants will swell the population of England by two London-sized cities within 50 years. This will take our population to Britain population will grow to 77 million.

77 million is obviously unsustainable. There are already too many people in this country as it is. There have been water shortages in some parts of the country as well as services being unable to cope. Can you guess how bad it will be with 77 million? It’s madness!

The EU wants even more control

If anyone doubts the power of the European Union over Britain they are not paying attention. Past government have repeatedly betrayed Britain and allowed the EU to make more and more decisions that affect us which we have no say over.

A proposed European directive could shut down some of our much needed power stations and result in widespread blackouts. Those of us paying attention know why the EU is doing this. The disgraceful thing is that our corrupt and treacherous government will allow them to do it.

They are doing it because Britain is waking up and seeing what a terrible decision it is to be part of the EU. People want out and the only way the EU can keep us if we can’t fend for ourselves. At the moment we don’t need the EU and they know this. If we needed them for our energy requirements we would not be able to leave and even if we did leave they would make us regret it.

The EU are now even trying to control our police and have a single European police. After this Parliament will just be a talking shop, unable to influence the police or tell them what to do. Whatever the government says they will do about crime they won’t do because the power will no longer be with Parliament. The power will be with the EU and our politicians won’t be able to do anything about it, not that the traitors will want to of course. They despise Britain and want to see it as just like a state in the USA but with even less power to decide things for the benefit of Britain.

Prison as a last resort

Our justice system is a bad joke. The CPS has failed to update a third of its files resulting in court cases being dropped even if a prosecution could have happened.

When it comes to ASBOs they are shown to be useless. People with ASBOs are given them because they terrorise the community but they are being increasingly shown to be a badge of honour for young scum and now only as a last resort will these yobs ever be sent to prison for breaking their ASBO and even then the maximum sentence they will receive will be two years.

What has this country come to when people who terrorise the community are left to get away with it when the government won’t do anything?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is she still brainwashed?

THE departing Mayor of Kirklees has launched a blistering attack on a group of orthodox Muslims for refusing to pose with her in photographs because she was a woman.

Coun Jean Calvert (Lab, Ashbrow) said it proved "we are no further down the road" of women's rights than when she first became a councillor in 1992.

Her comments came in her departing speech as she handed over mayoral duties to Coun Karam Hussain (Lib Dem, Dewsbury West).

This woman still doesn’t get it. "We are no further down the road of women's rights”. YES WE ARE! Does she not understand that it was Muslims that shunned her? It wasn’t anyone else. In Islam there aren’t any women rights. They are worth less than a man.

If she doesn’t understand that now she will never understand it. She will continue to remain a fool.

Bin men not doing their job

During August last year it was reported by the Daily Mail that it was too dangerous for Portsmouth’s bin men to empty their own bins so resident had to do it instead.

Craven District Council have decided on the same course of action. They don’t want their bin men getting hurt so they have decided that residents should take the rubbish out of the bins themselves.

Why are these people paying council tax if they have to do everything themselves? It is a bin man’s job to lift rubbish and put it in the truck. If they don’t want to do that they should find another job.

People have lost faith with police

The public is losing faith in the police with only four out of ten saying they can be relied on to deal with minor crimes, according to a report yesterday.

Only 47 per cent of those questioned for the British Crime Survey felt police were 'there when they were needed'.

And only 41 per cent said they believed an officer could be depended upon to help if they were the victim of a less serious offence.

The survey, carried out by the Home Office and considered the most authoritative in the country, also found that only 51 per cent thought officers in their area did a good or excellent job.

Is it any wonder people are losing faith in the police when they don’t even concentrate on crime anymore and instead just persecute people like Ben Smith for having an England flag in his car.

If people aren’t happy with the police then the police’s £40 million spent on public relations obviously isn’t working. Maybe they should have spent that money on 1,400 extra police and people might trust them a bit more.

The government were told this was happening

Last March I blogged that failed asylum seekers were being paid £3500 to leave Britain. I also said that some were coming back after getting the money and trying to claim even more.

At the last count 400 failed asylum seekers had come back and most were allowed to stay in this country, presumably without giving the money back.

It’s now been more than a year since the media highlighted what was happening but it seems the government still has not done anything about it. Well they haven’t with criminals anyway.

Hakim Benmakhlouf is an Algerian immigrant and also a thief. He was paid £3000 to leave the country. If I was in charge he wouldn’t have been given a choice or the money but the government in their wisdom decided to give him the money and the next day he was back in Britain committing crime again and he is now taking up valuable space in our prisons and we still won’t see a penny of that £3000 that we gave him.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Allow private companies to enforce the law

We are told that monopolies are a bad thing in this country and yet we have one in this country. It is called Law Enforcement. Why is law enforcement allowed to be a monopoly when private companies could do the job just as well, if not better?

Monopolies go against the public interest. If there isn’t another company to compete with then there is no incentive to provide a good service and we don’t seem to get one in this country.

According to Revision Guru there are number of reasons why monopolies are against the public interest:

1. Higher price and lower output

We of course don’t pay the police directly but we do pay for the police in taxes. Taxes in this country are high. There is no doubt about it. Can people say the service that they get is of high quality? Only the criminals can say that because they live a life of luxury in prison if they are ever caught.

2. Productively inefficient

We see the inefficiencies by the fact that police spend many hours per day just filling in paperwork. That is inefficient.

3. High costs

Like all monopolies there isn’t any incentive to cut costs and the justice system just keeps gobbling our money.

There are probably a lot more disadvantages but I thought I’d name just those for now.

The case for competition

According to Tutor 2 U there are a number of benefits that can be taken from increased competition:

1. Lower prices for consumers

Some may think that this doesn’t apply because businesses will want to make a profit with this and they still can. They will be able to when criminals get sent to prison and they will be punished because of the reason that the companies will want to make a profit. There would probably be no luxuries in that prison so that they could keep costs to a minimum.

2. Improvements to the quality of service for consumers

There would be improvements in the quality of the service. Why would there be? That’s easy. If you weren’t satisfied with the police that attempted to solve the crime that was committed against you then you could phone up another police force the next time a crime was committed against you meaning that the first business would lose customers.

3. A faster pace of invention and innovation

This may not apply here but I think it might. The police would come up with new ways to catch criminals. This could be in a more cheap way or just to be able to do it.

How would it work?

People wanting to become police officers would be trained at a college or university. Those passing their tests could become police officers and join whichever company that was recruiting police officers.

It would be highly unlikely that prisons would become overcrowded as companies would be relying on prisoners for their profit so they would make more prisons to cope with demand. If there was less crime then they could sell off those prisons so people can make them into other things.

The companies could also send prisoners to their prisons abroad if they wanted to. Ever heard of outsourcing to china? They could make more profit by having prisoners over there.

Each company would of course have to have their own phone number. Maybe allow them to have 3-4 digits and have the present number for the police (999 in the UK) for all police forces. If you phone that it will go to the first available police officer regardless of the company.

After a while you would see adverts on television for these new companies and the better companies would survive while the other ones would go bankrupt.


If a criminal was sent to prison the company would be paid the full costs of the investigation. They would be given legal aid to hire their own prosecution team but it would not go above a certain amount.

They would only gain a profit when the criminal was sent to prison. According to Civitas it costs £38,753 per year to imprison a criminal so that’s what the companies would be paid at first. We can assume that the companies would reduce their costs. After 5 years we could give them £153 less per prisoner. Assuming that we have 90,000 prisoners in our jails (which I think we do) we would save just over £13 million per year after 5 years.

The problems

I can think of a few problems with the policy that may need addressing.

1. The companies might rely on a high crime rate for their profit

Solution: If crime goes down in an area give the companies that operate in that area access to a pot of money. They could get a percentage of it depending on what percentage of criminals they dealt with

2. Companies might not try to rehabilitate criminals

Solution: Once a prisoner has been released give the company a specified amount of money if that criminal has not committed another crime ten years later.

3. Companies might become petty and arrest people for trivial crimes like littering

Solution: Allow juries to also decide the sentence

Possible consequence of solution: Judges won’t be needed as much? Get rid of judges and replace them with ‘referees’ (basically admin people who say “over ruled” or sustained”) with less qualifications and give them a pay cut or just give the judges a pay cut?

Who should support this policy?

There are a number of them and here goes:

1. Libertarians

According to the Libertarian Party of America they believe that ‘each person has the right to offer goods and services to others on the free market.’

The private police force would be offering their service on the free market would they not? Therefore this policy should be a libertarian principle.

2. Free marketers

If you truly believe in a free market then you should support peoples right to decide where their tax money goes if there is an alternative to the government.

3. The police

At present the police are not allowed to take industrial action because they are far too important because they are the only ones who provide this valuable service. However, if other companies could take up the slack if a company of employees went on strike it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Criminals would still be arrested, just by another company.

4. Consumer groups

Surely consumer groups should want an alternative to a monopoly so they get a better service.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

News roundup 65

‘Doing time didn’t put me off crime’. It wouldn’t in this country.

CPS lambasted over data disc blunder that left killers and rapists reoffend. They are a joke.

Young mother ordered to pay £265 for putting bin out 24 hours too early. That’s ridiculous and petty.

Few jailed for breaking Asbo. The justice system is a joke.

Taxpayers fork out £250,000 to send 50 ministers and civil servants to watch Beijing Olympics. Why couldn’t they buy their own ticket?

Councils need more ethnic minority women – have your say. Go on – tell them what you think.

A new record for immigration

IMMIGRANTS are being handed British passports at a rate of one every three minutes.

More than 164,000 were granted citizenship last year – a new record, and more than four times the number in the year Labour came to power.

Almost 1.2million foreigners have been told they can stay permanently since 1997, and now it is easier than ever to become British.

Is it any wonder that this country is falling apart? Schools in some parts of the country are forking out thousands just to pay for interpreters for children who do not speak English. Some police forces also have to spend money paying for interpreters to investigate crime by immigrants. It could mean that police are spending £76,300 a day on interpreters in one part of the country.

What type of racist attack?

Was this an anti white racist attack? We will never know because while the story describes it as a racist attack they don’t tell us the race of either the victims or the criminals.

They don’t even say what is said to the victim so we will never know what type of racist attack it was. The police do describe the criminals as a “gang of youths” (code word for gang of blacks) and since the newspaper doesn’t say the race of the victim we can assume that it was an anti white attack.

Whites losing heritage

The government seem to be going further along with their plan to disenfranchise white people. Since I have come back to blogging it seems like a day doesn’t go by without the government or some organisation trying to discriminate against white people.

The BNP and people like me have said that once an ethnic group becomes dominant in an area they will try to change to something unrecognisable. It is happening in the East End now and no one will call it racist but if white people did something similar the liberals would be screaming racism from the rooftops.

Bangladeshis have become such a dominant force in the East End that they want to change the name of a train station to Banglatown to reflect the strong Bangladeshi community. Can you believe it? If anyone suggested changing a name of a train station to White station or Whitetown they would immediately be vilified as racist yet the people who want this aren’t even criticised over it.

The government has also announced that they will spend more money on ethnic minority charities. £18 million is already being spent on this, yet our government wants to give another £660,000. The grants are aimed at improving the experiences of people from BME backgrounds in relation to access and outcomes from public services. What about white people’s experiences? Don’t we matter?

The government are also trying to get more ethnic minority councillors which means less white councillors of course. I am sure where there are more ethnic minority councillors there will be no demand to help whites out.

When will people realise that this government is no friend of the white man? They have shown that they will do all they can to discriminate against white people and try to disenfranchise us at every opportunity.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News roundup 64

Deadly haul of 16 weapons discovered on bus as police swoop on gang of 24 teenagers. Atleast they were caught.

‘Dawn milk mob’ who terrorised milkman every day for 6 years face jail. Something should have been done sooner.

Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology ‘cult’. That’s just stupid.

£75 ciggie butt fine. That’s a big fine…

Romanians count cost as workers go abroad. Immigration doesn’t just harm the country where they go.

UK is 1st choice of asylum seekers. That’s because we are a soft touch.

Brown’s new tax bombshell for families. He just loves to tax…

50,000 new homes needed for renting. We wouldn’t need any if it wasn’t for immigration.

EU to send companies abroad

Company bosses who pocket fat bonuses without reason are a "scourge" on society and could be tackled by losing their tax breaks, the chairman of the euro zone's group of finance ministers said on Tuesday.

Jean-Claude Juncker said ordinary workers were being urged to accept only moderate pay increases to avoid stoking inflation, which has hit record highs in the 15-nation area.

Company bosses do get too much money but the EU should keep out of it because it is none of their business what private businesses do. Companies pay a lot of money because they have to so that they can attract the best people to make their company better.

If the EU gets involved it will just mean that companies will go elsewhere and so will the talent. The bosses want to keep their money and they have the option of leaving Europe. Companies will follow the talent because there is no incentive to stay here.

If the public was actually concerned about what is happening they have two options. The first is to stop buying their products and the second is to get the workers to go on strike for a better deal. Government doesn’t have to get involved.

Government to blackmail fire service

The government has decided to blackmail the fire service into meeting diversity targets to get them to recruit more female and ethnic minority firefighters.

Those local fire services that do not reach the quota will forfeit £2 million in extra funding. The question is do local fire services need this extra funding? If they do surely the local fire brigade should get it anyway and if they don’t why not just give us it back?

The fire brigade shouldn’t be bothered with diversity targets. They should be bothered about how well the fire brigade performs. They should be bothered about getting the very best fire fighters for the job.

Government to start propaganda campaign

This year the number of people seeking asylum has risen by 16% and the government have found out their own immigration data is worthless and doesn’t give the real numbers.

The government don’t like us knowing that they are screwing up so they are going to wage a propaganda campaign against us. We all know that the government loves to give our money away to people coming to this country who decide to claim asylum. They also know that we don’t want them here so they have decided to change the name of asylum seekers to sanctuary seekers . Sounds nice and cuddly doesn’t it?

We also know that the government are doing a piss poor job when it comes to illegal immigration so they have decided to air a propaganda programme… uh… I mean documentary series to show how well they are dealing with immigration. You can watch it on Sky when it comes on but don’t get brainwashed and fall for their propaganda.

Start praying for good grades

One in five children leaves primary education without a proper grasp of the three Rs, the chief inspector of schools has warned.

Christine Gilbert unveiled a crackdown on under-performing schools as she delivered a stark warning that academic standards are "stalling".

She admitted her assessment clashed with ministers' who have boasted of steadily rising performance in schools.

She said it was "unacceptable" that 20 per cent of 11-year-olds lacked a basic mastery of English or maths - a failure toll that had barely improved during her tenure as chief inspector.

Standards are only going to get worse if the government go ahead with new proposals to fail schools if too many pupils are obese or bored with lessons.

Schools are already affected by red tape. Giving schools more targets to achieve will just mean that education will suffer and that is the last thing that should happen. Sometimes it seems politicians don’t have a brain but then again they probably don’t so it’s probably a good idea to get pupils to pray so they get good results. Only god can help them with this government.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News roundup 63

Businessman is fined for racial abuse. You should be able to deal with name calling by the time you get to secondary school.

German army officers allow top Taliban commander to escape… because they are not allowed to use lethal force. Why are they soldiers then?

BBC rapped for truck migrant stunt. Can we have our license fee back now?

Detention centres to be expanded. About time too.

Police paying the price for translators. I thought immigration was a benefit?

MPs’ expenses: A million to be published. With that amount it wouldn’t surprise me if some went missing…

Greenbelt to be built on to cope with immigration

Towns and cities in southern
England will have to squeeze in hundreds of thousands of extra homes for new migrants, according to official figures.

The Government has been forced to revise the figures upwards after reviewing its predictions for where immigrants will settle.

It says that fewer will live and work in London than previously thought, with more choosing to go to suburban and countryside areas in the southern half of the country.

Homes will have to be found for an extra 30,000 families a year in the East of England, according to the updated figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

And how will these new homes be built on the limited land we have? The green beltland will of course have to be sacrificed to accommodate the millions of immigrants that come here.

Why can’t people understand that being against large scale immigration is environmentally friendly? Large scale immigration is unsustainable and damages the environment. We should be decreasing our population and not increasing it.

Labour fails to deal with crime

Labour's failure to tackle youth crime has been disclosed in an authoritative study which shows that the £3 billion war on teenage offenders has failed.

The report shows that despite public spending on the problem rising by 45 per cent, the Government's new laws and high-profile initiatives had "no measurable impact" on youth crime.

It shows that each year one in four young people admits to having committed a crime – a figure which has not changed since Labour came to power.

Is it any wonder that this is happening when the government are completely and utterly incompetent and lie to the public at any opportunity. The majority of people convicted for knife crimes get sentenced to less than 4 months in prison. How on earth is that a deterrent to stop committing crime?

Half of on-the-spot fines given to yobs and thieves go unpaid. Again, this just shows you why Labour’s policies are ineffective when dealing with crime. Criminals are not afraid of the law because the punishments are easily handled. Don’t want to get an on the spot fine? Give the police a false name and never pay up. Carrying a knife will get you out of prison in less than 4 months. It’s not a deterrent.

Government fakes appreciation for military

The government is trying to fake appreciation for our armed services by saying they will make it an offence to discriminate against military personnel. The government also say a new bank holiday will be created for the military

Of course none of this will change a damn thing. If the government wanted the public to show respect to the military the government would actually show them respect but they don’t. Do you think the government are showing either the armed forces or the country as a whole any respect when they are considering sharing aircraft carriers with France so that we can have a navy? What’s next, sharing our army with France?

If the government showed respect to the armed forces they would actually give them the money to train recruits to use basic equipment and give them ambulances big enough so that medics can have the room to actually save lives.

The government won’t give the military what they need because they couldn’t care less about our military. The government just likes to make noises and give the illusion they are doing something. If they truly wanted soldiers to be treated well they would lead by example. Unfortunately the government is leading by example but not by treating them well.

Monday, May 19, 2008

News roundup 62

Hepatitis B rise leads to migrant screening call. Or we could just stop anymore immigration…

Children are so obese that surgeons are giving breast reductions to schoolboys. I blame the parents…

Police seize weapons including guns from schools. Labour is such a success

Crooked mayor faces jail. What a surprise.

Gypsys’ £20m housing bonanza. I sure hope these people don’t travel a lot so they can enjoy it…

‘Fewer hurricanes’ as world warms. So global warming is a good thing?

Waste mounts as £100 billion web of Quangos duplicates work. Half of the Quangos could probably be scrapped.

Harman announces taskforce to increase black asian and minority ethnic women councillors. Isn’t there enough anti white discrimination? Isn’t operation black vote enough?

Brown lightens up dour image with his own YouTube site. He must be getting desperate.

University logo cost soars to £360,000. The logo isn’t even that good. They shouldn’t have wasted their money.

UK migration data ‘not fit for purpose’. Is anything fit for purpose under Labour?

How convenient: MPs lose expenses claims

On Friday I blogged that the government had lost their battle to stop their expenses claims being made public.

It seems that some MPs actually won the battle after they decided to destroy all evidence of what they had claimed. This includes the dishonourable Tony Blair who should have been shot long ago.

We’ve always known that these parasites where only MPs so they could get their noses in the trough but this is a new low. They must have had something big to hide and the public should know what it was because it is public money and not their money to spend on what they don’t need.