Saturday, December 31, 2005

America to run out of money by march?

Treasury Secretary John Snow has warned that unless Congress raises the national debt limit, the US government will run out of cash to finance its daily work in two months.

In a letter to Senate leaders Thursday, Snow said the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of 8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February and the government would then lose its borrowing power.

"At that time, unless the debt limit is raised or the Treasury Department takes authorized extraordinary actions, we will be unable to continue to finance government operations," said the letter, seen by AFP.

Snow warned that even if the Treasury took "all available prudent and legal actions" to avoid breaching the ceiling, "we anticipate that we can finance government operations no longer than mid-March".

Mid march they say? wow that coincides with the time when the federal reserve stops reporting M3 data. This conspiracy seems to be coming together like clockwork. Am I the only one that can see this?

At the same time they are about to run out of money they are going to stop reporting the money they make which will allow the American government to make as much money as they can, in the short term of course as they will be most likely found out.

Is this a coincidence or is this really going to happen? personally I hope not but if it does you heard it here when no other lying and traitorous news outlet would report about it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

28% support for EU

The European Union was hit with more bad news today, with a new poll showing that overall public support of the EU project dropped by 4% since a previous survey.

Austria – which takes over the EU presidency in January – leads the pack of those most against EU membership.

The poll found that 50% of those questioned thought that membership of their country in the 25-nation bloc was “a good thing”.

A previous survey conducted in the spring had EU support at 54%. Support was the lowest in Austria, with just 25% thinking their nation’s membership of the union was positive.

Britain was second lowest with only 28% supporting EU membership. The highest support was found in tiny Luxembourg, with 82% support of the EU.

The survey comes in a year of setbacks for the EU, after French and Dutch voters rejected the EU constitution in May and June.

EU leaders did, however, manage to get a deal on new slimmed-down EU spending plans at a summit last weekend.


It's time for our leaders to face up to what we want and stop being traitors. We want out. We don't want to be in the EU anymore and only crappy insignificant countries like luxembourg want to be in. If we do not get a referendum it might be time to elect a government that will give us what we want that doesn't sell us out.

Our government will never let us decide without the British people demanding it so please sign this petition for an EU referendum in Britain.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Gold hits 540 dollars

Gold continued to defy gravity Monday, topping $540 (U.S.) an ounce and trading at its highest level in almost 25 years.

The move comes after gold futures last week surged to their biggest weekly gain since February, 2002 as investors scrambled to bolster their portfolios with one of the world's hottest assets, and protect themselves from the growing threat of inflation.

Analysts at National Bank Financial, meantime, expect gold will hit $600 an ounce in the next 18 to 24 months.

Spot gold rose as high as $540.90 an ounce Monday, the highest since 1981. The move also sent platinum to its highest since 1980 and silver to its highest since 1987.

We all know why this is happening but the news doesn't seem to be reporting what is happening. The M3 data still hasn't been reported on any major news outlet and it doesn't look like it will.

If you are American I urge you to contact your representatives in government and tell them what is happening and do something about it. If they don't do anything about it you may have to consider finding out where they live so when the economic collapse comes you can go to their homes and lynch the lot of them.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Coming world recession

The American Federal Reserve Board of Governors decided on November 10th that they will stop reporting the M3 as of March, 2006.

For those who don't know the M3 is the quantity of money they print into ciruclation. As they print more and more money, what we have in our hands is all worth less.

The fact that they have done this is extremely strange. Why would they do this? The only reason that I can think of is that they are going to be printing loads of money for some reason and they need to hide it. After the Treaty of Versaille Germany needed to do just that to pay off all their debt. This lead to hyperinflation which made a wheelbarrow of money worthless as it couldn't even be enough to buy a loaf of bread.

So why would they want that? I don't understand the reasoning behind it. Maybe they can think they can get away with printing more money without the world finding out. Maybe it is just to save a bit of money for not reporting it. If that is the case it will still lead to investors pulling out of the dollar as it will be a very unreliable currency which will devastate the American economy which would also destroy the economies of the rest of the world putting the world into an even worse recession than the 1929 wall street crash.

The rich seem to already know what is happening and have already started buying the only things that will be worth anything when the crisis hits, and it will.

Last month the price of gold was just under 500 USD, which was the highest since 1987. This week it has pushed to 530 dollars which is a 25 year high and it looks as if it will climb even further.

So far I have yet to see any major news outlet report on the M3 data which means they are seriously ignorant of it or are choosing not to report it for some odd reason or I just haven't been looking hard enough.

I think within 6 months of them ceasing to report the M3 data we will see the first signs of a global recession as world leaders look like they are starting to panic

The only reason I can think of for this happening is a conspiracy so if you don't believe in conspiracies don't read any further:

The inevitable collapse in the world economy, plus the rising oil prices will cripple the world. World leaders will decide that it would be best if we all worked together and a global government will be formed who will miraculously find a solution to the problems and the citizens will all love the new government who were actually behind the crisis.

I predict a global government as early as 2009 if I am correct about this. Even if the news outlets know about this I doubt they will report it as I think they are in on it too. The people who own the news have no loyalty to anything except money and will probably be getting well paid for their contribution.

The only hope there is to spread the word is the internet but the US are planning to let the UN (who will probably be the global government) control over it. The UN has already decided to censor some of the internet. Their excuse is some websites (like stormfront) are illegal in some countries.
Blog of the month

The blog of the month this month is The Hal Turner Show. Ok. It isn't actually a blog but its set out a bit like one. It is also a radio show.

Hal Turner is an American Pro white conservative republican who hosts a show called The Hal Turner Show which is very informative and he says what I am saying... well he does the majority of the time.

If you are easily offended you can go screw yourself while the rest of us listen to his show.

I give The Hal Turner Show a 9 out of 10 rating.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Whites more likely to experience racism

TWO identical acts of kindness that led two young men to violent deaths have been recounted before the criminal courts in the past fortnight.

Anthony Walker and Christopher Yates, concerned about female friends late at night, walked with them to bus stops in Liverpool and London respectively to make sure that the women got home safely. Both were set upon, not far from homes they shared with their mothers, by other young men from their own neighbourhoods who had been drinking heavily or taking drugs.

In Huyton, Liverpool, Mr Walker, 18, who was black, was attacked by Paul Taylor and Michael Barton and killed with a savage blow to the head with an ice axe. They were sentenced to at least 24 years and 18 years, respectively. In Barking, East London, Mr Yates, 30, a white man, was knocked to the ground and kicked and stamped on by Sajid Zulfiqar, Zahid Bashir and Imran Maqsood.

Every bone in his face was broken in a ferocious attack. Afterwards, Zulfiqar boasted in Urdu: "We killed the white boy. That will teach a white man to stick his nose in Paki business."

But while a judge in Liverpool decided that Mr Walker's murderers were racists - and therefore liable to more severe jail terms - an Old Bailey judge decided that Mr Yates's murderers had not been motivated by racial hatred. Zulfiqar, Bashir and Maqsood were sentenced to 15 years in prison, the minimum tariff for murder.

The similarities between the two murder cases, and the differences in their outcomes, has left the Yates family feeling that it has been treated unequally. "I understand what Mrs Walker and her family are going through. We are going through exactly the same thing," Rose Yates, Mr Yates's mother, told The Times.

"But it appears to me that we have experienced a different measure of justice than they have experienced."

Mrs Yates, a thoughtful woman who has taught children of many races and creeds, pondered long and hard before making this comment. Like Gee Walker, she sat through every day of her son's killers' trial. She heard how the three men who killed her son had also screamed racial abuse at a black man and carried out a violent assault on a second black man. In the end, Mrs Yates concluded "it seemed that they had something against everyone who was not of their own race".

The judgments in the Walker and Yates cases reflect a reluctance by the authorities - police, prosecutors, judges and politicians - to recognise that ethnic minority groups can be perpetrators as well as victims of racism.

The question of anti-white racism makes the political class uncomfortable. But it is a very real phenomenon.

A Home Office report reveals that of the 22 homicides classified as racially motivated between 2001-04, the majority of victims (12 cases) were white.

There is growing anecdotal evidence of a more aggressive Asian youth culture which manifests itself in racist attacks against whites and blacks.

The increasing aggression is the result of the growing sense of victimisation and isolation felt by many in the Asian community. Young people from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities feel victimised by police after the July 7 attacks; some are also fired by the rise of political Islam and anger over issues such as Iraq.

Shifting demographics in East London are also fuelling incidents. In Tower Hamlets and Newham, Asian communities sense encroachment from the growth of the City and Canary Wharf and the stirrings of gentrification since the successful 2012 Olympic bid.

There is resentment that unemployment levels remain high and incomes low in the Bangladeshi community while new middle-class immigrants push up house prices.

As a result, the tensions of the 1960s, when the poor white communities felt threatened by the influx of West Indian and Asian immigrants, are once more being raised, but this time it is the Asians who feel their community is imperilled by the white arrivals.

Elsewhere in the borough of Tower Hamlets, one police officer said that he had seen a rise in antisocial behaviour incidents which might be racially motivated.

He said: "We are seeing a new phenomenon. Asian gangs used to fight turf wars with one another. But there have been attacks on young, white professionals buying new properties here because they are seen as moving into a Bengali neighbourhood."

It was in this fraught and changing environment that Mr Yates was murdered. A judge thinks his death was not the result of a racist attack. His mother begs to disagree.

But because of the discomfort such cases cause, there are few voices prepared to speak out in support of Mrs Yates.

The Commission for Racial Equality, asked about anti-white racism, said that there was little, if any, research on the issue. The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, where Mr Yates lived, said its community cohesion unit did not want to comment.

People from minority communities are most likely to be victims of racist crime.

Results from the 2002-03 British Crime Survey show that less than 1 per cent of white people had experienced a crime that they thought was racially motivated. This compares with 2 per cent for the black community and 3 per cent among Asian groups.

But 1 per cent of whites amounts to a substantial number of people - and a growing problem.

White population percentage: 92.1%
White population amount: 55 million (estimate)
Percentage of white population with experiences of racism: 0.5%
Amount of white population with experieces of racism: 275,000

Used 0.5% as it said lower than 1%

Black population percentage: 2%
Black population amount: 1.1 million
Percentage of black population with experiences of racism: 2%
Amount of black population with experieces of racism: 22,000

Asian population percentage: 4.7%
Asian population amount: 2,820,000
Percentage of asian population with experiences of racism: 3%
Amount of asian population with experieces of racism: 84600

As you can see whites are more than three times more likely to experience racism than the asian population and more than 10 times more likely than blacks to experience racism and yet whites are blamed for racism and more anti-ethnic deaths are televised on the news than anti-white deaths.

This just proves that whites are the victims. None whites are more likely to commit racism than any white person

Please tell me if I am wrong about the math.