Friday, August 31, 2007

News roundup 29

Joiner who ‘played race card’ hit with £5,500 legal bill. Good enough for him.

Don’t call them ‘hoodie scum’, police tell victim who complained about yobs. Sack the idiot!

Rubbish policy bins excess waste. Cheeky gits!

Widower’s fury after insurance company refused to pay out for wife who died in car accident… because she was a smoker. What a bunch of crooks.

White people in UK’s cities ‘likely to be a minority in 20 years’. Oh goody!

Blog of the month

The blog of the month this month is Looking for a voice.

Swiss nationalist deportation plans condemned

Switzerland's largest political party was today accused of promoting an oppressive deportation scheme that allegedly mirrors a law operated by Nazi

The nationalist Swiss People's party, which shares power in the governing coalition, has proposed new legislation that would see entire families of immigrants deported if their children are convicted of crimes involving violence, drugs or benefit fraud.

If approved in a proposed referendum, it would become the only law of its kind in Europe.

That sounds like a good idea to me. If you can’t keep control of your children you should stay in your own country and not become a burden on the country that is allowing you to stay. I hope we can have that law over here sometime.

EU to destroy restaurant sector

If Gordon Brown is serious about cutting red tape then he has just been dealt a serious blow by the European Union. They want to force restaurant owners to include warning labels on their menus listing the full contents of all their dishes. Any restaurant that has secret ingredients in food like their source won’t be too happy especially now that the EU now wants all waiters to know all ingredients in every meal. In the end you will probably need an A Level just to be a waiter and we will end up with waiters getting about £10 per hour and destroying the restaurant sector.

EU guidelines, due to be published this year, could also lead to a ban on sales of home-made jam and cakes.

Amateur cooks will be barred from baking for village fetes unless their produce is marked with a detailed contents sticker instead of just the date on which it was made.

Why are we in the EU? It costs us £114,000 a minute and we get stupid laws like this. It’s only going to get worse when they get their way with the new constitution but atleast we have a few MPs standing up for us including the former Europe minister Keith Vaz.

Muslims whine over new Muhammed cartoon

It had to end sometime – the Muslims being silent and not protesting over childish things I mean. The cartoon row has again started after a Swedish artist portrayed Muhammad as a dog.

In a civilised society no one would care and the only people that might actually whine about this stuff is preteens but then again Muslims do have the intelligence of children so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Even Iran and Pakistan have started whining like children.

I wonder how long it will be until our own Muslims hold a demonstration outside the Swedish embassy?

NHS with £1bn surplus

The Government has been urged to halt hospital closures and cutbacks after it emerged that the NHS is on course for a £1bn surplus this year.

If this is the case why does Labour want to close hospitals and cut services which have been shown will cost lives? Why do some hospitals have to send organs for transplant by coach and not ambulance?

If we have a surplus why do we have an inferior health service to that of Scotland? Surely now NICE should allow a medicine that will save 10,000 from going blind and allow an anti dementia drug which will improve peoples quality of life.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

News roundup 28

Restaurant boss defiant over no smoking sign. I hope he wins.

Jobless Britain: One in five homes relies entirely on benefits. Labour is always creating families dependent on Labour.

Writing standards in primaries fall again. When will children ever get a decent education?

Police pays £4,000 to the boy dumped in litter bin by officer. That’s just daft.

Britain is 'worst in the world' for armed robbery

is the worst country in the world for robbery and the number of armed and violent attacks is growing, according to the head of the country's biggest security firm.

Nick Buckles, chief executive of Group 4 Securicor, attributed the rising level of attacks to the fact that his staff are not allowed to carry guns, leaving them vulnerable to armed raiders.

He said: "It's just part of our business. It is a rising trend, particularly in the UK, mainly because we are not armed. Britain is the worst country in the world for robbery."

Mr Buckles's comments, made as the company's results were published yesterday, were particularly troubling because G4S also operates in countries which are notorious for violent crime, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, the U.S. and Colombia.

Home Office statistics reveal there were 1,033 attacks on couriers in 2006 - up 24 per cent on a year earlier - and G4S has about 50 per cent of the UK cash-in-transit market.

Police in London have warned that a new generation of armed robbers, some as young as 13, are targeting vans in a wave of increasingly brazen attacks.

The concerns of G4S echoes those of other companies. Some are so afraid for staff safety that they have declared certain urban areas of the UK no-go zones.

I find it difficult to believe we are more dangerous for security firms than Columbia and other places like that but then again security staff aren’t allowed to carry guns in this country so it could be true. Either way we can’t trust Labour to do anything about it. They have failed to make any progress when it comes to relatively minor crimes so it’s unlikely that they will be able to do anything at all.

If we are the worst in the world for armed robbery and we have some of the strictest gun control laws in the world doesn’t that say that gun control doesn’t work?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News roundup 27

Worst injured soldier ever to survive is awarded less than RAF typist with a soar thumb. Despicable!

Lib Dems may join Labour EU rebels. I hope so.

Early learning education plan a failure. Just like everything else with Labour.

Science GCSE ‘could get easier’. Education is already dumbed down.

£400,000 Lotto cash to help asylum seekers claim their benefits. How about we stop giving them any benefits?

Driver given a parking ticket because she put too MUCH money in the meter. Sack him!

Mum gives birth in car park because ‘hospital didn’t have midwife’. Disgraceful!

MP wants small print banned

The small print in documents could be outlawed if an MP gets his way.

Labour's Nick Palmer wants a minimum size of 10-point - about the size seen in a novel - instead of the current 6-point.

Mr Palmer, who plans to introduce a Private Member's Bill, said: "The very phrase 'small print' is everybody's shorthand for something that companies don't want you to read.

I don’t think this is such a bad idea. It will never become law if it’s just a private members bill though.

Gordon Brown: silencing opposition

Gordon Brown enjoys silencing any opposition to what he does. First he silenced the postal workers over post office closures by bribing and blackmailing all employees. Gordon Brown then silenced the military over appalling treatment that they receive.

Yesterday I blogged that the government is going to abduct a child and stop the media reporting what is happening.

Today they are trying to silence the junior doctors and the dissidents in the Labour party who want to have a debate.

When it comes to the junior doctors the government is threatening them with disciplinary action if they take better jobs than they were offered at first. When they don’t take the better offers the government will probably say that all doctors got the positions they wanted. We know different though.

Meanwhile in the Labour party the membership are going to be stripped of their right to put forward emergency motions to the party conference so that the party don’t have to debate any of the damaging policies that Labour have inflicted upon this country.

This is how you deal with criminals

Yesterday I said the only way to make communities safe is to totally humiliate the criminals. It seems that the people of Ulster have taken my advice. Tired of police doing nothing to the drug dealers in the area the locals got the drug dealer, tied him to a lamppost then tarred and feathered him.

That is how you deal with the scum that plague communities. You use brutal street justice when prisons are no longer a deterrent. You make them to scared of the punishment. One that happens only then will criminals stop what they are doing.

Conservatives for green taxes

Two days ago it was revealed that the public is opposed to green tax hikes. After finding that out you would think that opposition parties would be totally against green tax hikes. Apparently the Conservatives didn’t get the memo because yesterday they announced that they would impose a raft of green taxes.

Are the Conservatives trying to lose the next election? If the public don’t want them why would you impose them? It makes no sense at all but then again this country makes very little sense anymore.

The perks of being a tax inspector

Council tax inspectors have travelled 200,000 miles to 12 countries as they explore ways to raise bills at home.

Officially, they were on fact-finding missions looking at methods of recalculating bills, such as "spy-in-the-sky" surveillance technology and Big Brother-style computer databases.

But staff from the Valuation Office Agency have been accused of squandering millions on their junkets, which included stays in five-star hotels, banquets and a visit to a Disneyland theme park.

One bureaucrat even mocked taxpayers at a dinner.

Wonderful. Why do government employees always relish the thought of spending OUR money? What possible reason could they have for visiting Disneyland?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News roundup 26

Gang kills man with learning difficulties. Shoot them!

Police overtime bill tops £1 billion. They are still completely useless.

Lawrence murderer gets new home and identity – while taxpayers foot the bill. He should get nothing.

Crime replaces health as main worry for voters. It shouldn’t. Both are appalling.

Yobs trash park set up to honour Iraq war victim. Lynch them!

Hospital closures and cuts ‘will cost lives’. Labour won’t care.

Blears’ backyard dodges maternity unit cut. Labour always look after their own.

Our boys deserve better than this: Families demand a dedicated military hospital. Doesn’t matter. They won’t get it.

Britain’s EU treaty opt-outs ‘humiliating’. Then let us leave.

Fire brigade cuts hits rural areas hardest. Labour don’t exactly like rural people.

Brown hit by new sleaze row over Labour funds. Labour are always in the pocket of the worst type of people. This will never change.

Public opposed to green tax hikes. Labour doesn’t care what the public thinks though.

MI5 need more women

It seems that terrorism isn’t the biggest problem that keeps MI5 operatives awake at night. There is a far bigger problem. There is a shortage of women in MI5 that they are trying to reverse or it could be the end of Britain as we know it.

Who’d of thought that they couldn’t attract women especially when they get generous job benefits which are even better than what the men receive.

Women who have been in MI5 for at least a year are entitled to six months maternity leave on full pay. As well as a further six months - half on statutory maternity pay, half on additional unpaid maternity leave - women in MI5 can have another year on unpaid special leave, making two years in total. Fathers get two weeks paternity leave on full pay.

With all that I would have thought that they would have had a shortage of men seeing as they are obviously being discriminated again. Why exactly do women get two years off while men get two weeks? Well that’s put me right off joining…

Government to abduct child over future abuse

A pregnant woman has been told that her baby will be taken from her at birth because she is deemed capable of "emotional abuse", even though psychiatrists treating her say there is no evidence to suggest that she will harm her child in any way.

Social services' recommendation that the baby should be taken from Fran Lyon, a 22-year-old charity worker who has five A-levels and a degree in neuroscience, was based in part on a letter from a paediatrician she has never met.

Hexham children's services, part of Northumberland County Council, said the decision had been made because Miss Lyon was likely to suffer from Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy, a condition unproven by science in which a mother will make up an illness in her child, or harm it, to draw attention to herself.

Under the plan, a doctor will hand the newborn to a social worker, provided there are no medical complications. Social services' request for an emergency protection order - these are usually granted - will be heard in secret in the family court at Hexham magistrates on the same day.

From then on, anyone discussing the case, including Miss Lyon, will be deemed to be in contempt of the court.

What has this country come to when the government can legally abduct a child and then be allowed to silence any opposition to it? What the hell has happened?

They say she is deemed capable of emotional abuse but isn’t every capable of emotional abuse? What exactly is the criteria for emotional abuse? Couldn't she make a human rights case like the murderer of the head teacher did? Surely she is also entitled to a right a family life?

Britain will spend millions on EU opt-outs

Space research, French films and tropical tuna may not be taxpayers' priorities but they are among causes Britons will be spending millions to promote, courtesy of the European Union, next year.

A copy of the proposed EU budget for 2008 seen by this newspaper reveals that bureaucrats in Brussels will spend swathes of their £84 billion budget, including £10.5 billion of British money, on politically correct initiatives which would seem to have little benefit to Britain.

Why do we have to spend money on this crap when the majority of people in this country don’t want anything to do with the EU? Why can’t our leaders put the people of this country first for once and give us a referendum?

Red Ken starts brown nosing

When Red Ken cried over slavery a few days ago it wasn’t because the service made him cry. It was because he was trying to get the ethnic minority vote in the run up to the London Mayoral elections.

He now thinks he has the black vote in the bag so he is now trying to get the Poles to vote for him. In a sickening display of brown nosing to get the Polish vote he put on a party for the Polish community with Polish food. He also had a talk with representatives from the Polish media in London.

The brown nosing seems to have paid off after he said "This year in Trafalgar Square we're celebrating the Indian culture. In a few years' time, I can see a Polish festival in Trafalgar Square. I am sure that thousands of Londoners would go to experience Polish culture, music, film and cuisine."

Red Ken is selling native Londoners out just to cling on to power. His only loyalty is to himself. He cannot and should not ever be trusted.

NHS sends organs on coaches

SKINT NHS bosses are using National Express coaches to
transport organs for transplants.

And The Sun can reveal it meant an EYE went missing on its way to hospital.

It was sent in a box on a coach and disappeared on the way to Northampton General.

Hospitals should use private ambulances to carry the organs. But many have axed the contracts to save money.

Delivery firm TNT was due to collect the eye — for a cornea transplant — from Northampton bus station where it had been taken by coach.

But the National Express office, where sensitive parcels were held, was shut.

The eye was finally tracked down and used in an op the next day.

Labour can’t seem to do anything right. Sooner or later an organ will go missing and someone will die. It’s about time Labour actually did their work properly and gave the NHS more money and kept out of the decision making.

Rural house prices outstripping city

Rural housing is less affordable than the urban alternative, with average property prices more than seven times that of the typical wage, a report has indicated.

Rapid house price inflation has pushed the average property value in the country up to £246,104, more than £30,000 higher than that of a town house.

With earnings generally lower outside city areas, first-time buyers are increasingly being frozen out of the rural property market, it is claimed.

In the passed 3 years immigration has also increased in rural area. If these two things are linked (which they are) then immigration into rural areas is causing an increase in house prices and an increase in crime. When exactly are we going to experience the benefits of immigration?

Crime pays with Labour

Does crime pay? With Labour as our government it certainly does. A secretary stole £4.3million from her bosses at a City bank and given 7 years in Prison. While in prison she got the chaplain to illegally bring in some luxury goods.

Despite all this she was released early because of prison overcrowding and she is living in a flat with that she bought with the money she stole. How exactly has she been punished?

With Labour crime does pay and the only way it won’t pay is when Labour are no longer in government and no longer have any say in governing the country.

Stop everything! Racial crime committed!

You would think that with all the gang violence and gang shootings going on the police would have something important to focus on. Apparently that isn’t the case. Tugging on a head scarf in now a crime. It’s not just a crime but a possibly racially motivated crime which caused the police to appeal for witnesses because it is that serious.

One of the men was aged 20 to 25, 5ft 10in and of medium build. He had rough skin on his face and was wearing a grey T-shirt and dark trousers. The other was 5ft 6in, stocky with short fair hair.

If you know the suspects you should drop everything and tell the police. It is that serious.

Gun control doesn't work

We seem to be getting a lot of good things from Eastern Europe. Lots of immigrants, crime, lack of jobs and now we finally know where the guns on our streets are coming from. The guns are coming from Eastern Europe. Is there anything they won’t do for us? These guns are then sold for as little as £50.

This is what gun control does! This country has some of the toughest anti gun laws in the world but firearm use has still risen steadily. Even in countries where there is a lack of gun crime guns aren’t sold to teenagers but in this country Under 18s commit most gun crime which means that the minimum sentence of 5 years that they are supposed to get doesn’t apply. Can you believe that only 20% actually get the minimum sentence because most are under 18 years old? As far as I am concerned if you are old enough to shoot someone you are old enough to be treated like an adult.

Of course liberals don’t like to be told the truth, that gun crime doesn’t work, that their disastrous liberal crime policies have failed and that they have totally destroyed this country. This is why the government is covering up the scale of gun crime. The Home Secretary has said gun crimes has fallen but the truth is that since 1998 gun crime has risen by 400%. When are liberals going to understand that their policies have been an utter failure and when are they going to understand that criminals are laughing at them? The law abiding public should be armed and should have the right to shoot anyone that illegally enters the place they live. Only when criminals fear the punishment will the war on crime be won.

Criminals should be humiliated

They glory in violence, earn the respect of their peers by shooting people and their favourite method of transport is a bicycle.

The urban warfare wrecking the neighbouring Croxteth and Norris Green estates in Liverpool, and which could be behind the murder of Rhys Jones, is all about "respect".

Children as young as 12 sign up, revelling in the misery they spread, thinking nothing of the lives they ruin.

Read the rest here.

The only way to stop this type of thing is to make scum like these lose any respect that they have gained from crime. John Barnes has an excellent suggestion here. The people that make communities hell should be humiliated at every opportunity. They should be birched and placed in the stocks for people to throw rotten fruit at them while they were girls’ clothes. This should be video taped and placed on the internet. Maybe DVD copies could even be sent to those living close to where they live.

Once people know that they are going to lose what respect anyone had for them they won’t try and gain respect by terrorising neighbourhoods or shooting anyone. Those days will be over if they are humiliated into stopping.

Conservatives and Swedish education?

It looks like the Conservatives are thinking of moving towards a type Swedish education system as they are considering letting parents set their own schools up. Local authorities will be allowed to block all moves towards independent schools in their area unless there is a lot of failing schools in the area.

I would rather they allow anyone to set up a school regardless of how other schools were doing in the area. The competition would only boost standards in all schools as the parents would send their children to the best schools and the worst schools would rapidly run out of pupils and would be forced to close.

Shock over 'violent GCSE essays'

Examiners have raised concerns over the "sickeningly violent" content in English GCSEs.

The latest examiners report on GCSE English from the Edexcel board found one of the most frequently used titles for creative writing course work was "The Assassin".

The report said the title "facilitated candidates to write in their own voice but within a very limiting framework, which allowed them to create and maintain a sometimes sickeningly violent atmosphere but provided few opportunities for character or plot development".

Ian McNeilly, from the National Association for the Teaching of English, said that teachers should be concerned when they come across examples of extremely violent writing.

Is this really as bad as it sounds or is violent writing a type of outlet for their violence like boxing is? Could this actually be reducing gang violence, doing nothing or increasing gang violence?


Labour is filled with MPs that are nothing but cowards. According to The Sun a lot of MPs back a referendum on the European constitution but are not prepared to put their careers on the line by going public.

This means that these cowards put themselves before the welfare of this country. To them their careers come first! What a bunch of self serving political whores! These are the very people we do not want in Parliament. These politicians are far worse than the people we have in the cabinet and they are much worse than Gordon Brown. Is it too much to ask to put the welfare of your country ahead of your career?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

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The blog of the week this week is Brussels Journal who only just beat North East Scotland Nationalists.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

News roundup 25

Charges dropped against Doherty. He should be locked up.

Hedgehog teens attack. Shoot them!

Woman tells 999 operator: ‘Help, I’m scared of spiders. Stupid woman. She should be fined.

Get our Charles – Welsh nationalists threaten Prince over holiday home. On the bright side – if they kill him he will never be king.

Study: 5,000 child sex slaves in the UK. Shoot anyone involved!

Army refuses to let veterans wear Malay medal at ceremony. There is no reason not to. They are just being petty.

WHO predicts more global epidemics. Open borders will spread it like wildfire.

Swedish woman banned from smoking in her yard because neighbour is allergic. This is probably going to happen here sooner or later.

We do use books that call Jews ‘apes’ admits head of Islamic school. They are such tolerant people.

How Miss Slackistan and the Burka beauties fell foul of the racism zealots. The politically correct idiots who complained should be sent to a mental institute for life.

Scotland ‘spends more’ on pupils. Can we have equality now?

Half of pupils fail to get basic standards in three Rs. Labour are failing the country and your children.

Pathetic politicians cry over slavery

Our pathetic politicians have one again been wailing and crying over slavery which happened hundreds of years ago. Red Ken broke down in tears and broke down in a grovelling apology over London’s role in the slave trade.

Our irrelevant ex Deputy Prime minister has called for a slavery memorial day during black history month. Someone should tell Prescott that black people weren’t the only ones enslaved.

The pathetic grovelling continued with a museum opening in Liverpool which shows the role black people played in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade but it probably won’t show the millions of white people who were taken as slaves hundreds of years before whites started taking black people as slaves.

No referendum says Brown

Gordon Brown is taking hits from all sides when it comes to the EU constitution in all but name. He is defying people in his own party who actually believe that the people of this country are the ones that matter. Unfortunately Gordon couldn’t care less what the people who elected him think. Hopefully the unions won’t just put pressure on him. Hopefully they will actually act by staging a general strike to force Gordon Brown to surrender to the will of the people. He won’t do it without being forced because he knows that we would tell the EU to piss off just like Texas did when the EU tried to stop the death penalty there.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes the EU has some good ideas like a European wide sex offender’s register. We wouldn’t need one if we could stop EU nationals from coming into this country. We don’t actually need anything from the EU because we can do everything ourself. Decentralisation is always the best option.

He survived the war but the NHS killed him

He survived Dunkirk, World War 2 and our dangerous streets as a police officer but it was our hospitals that finally killed him. Former Coldstream Guard Joseph Nixon, 87, survived the battlefields of France and Belgium.

But after a bowel operation he caught pneumonia and superbug clostridium difficile and died at Maidstone Hospital in Kent at the end of last month.

Mr Nixon, who was also a Met Police officer after the war and a "tireless" campaigner for alcoholic support groups for prisoners, was appalled at how overworked nurses were and the dirty conditions at the hospital.

This is the NHS today. We get third rate care for our war heroes. Would they have fought and died for the country we have today if they knew what it was going to be like?

Junior doctors could be jobless

More than 10,000 trainee doctors could find themselves without posts within weeks as medical campaigners warn of a new junior doctors crisis.

The deadline to fill 22,000 NHS training posts was extended until Oct 31, but with 33,000 applicants, there are renewed warnings that thousands could lose out.

Junior doctors who do not get a post under the Medical Training Application Service face taking non-training jobs, emigrating or leaving the NHS.

Ministers have created 1,000 extra training posts that will be allocated after Oct 31 to unsuccessful candidates who are especially qualified.

But critics have said that many doctors who have already been assigned training posts have found their salaries have been cut or that they are overqualified.

While on this is going on it looks like there will be a lot of broken promises as hospitals are trying renege on the government’s promise that junior doctors would not be left out of work in order to save money. It looks like Patricia Hewitt was wrong when she said that they wouldn’t be disadvantaged because they will and the country will be disadvantaged as a result of junior doctors heading abroad.

If the NHS really wants to save money they could start by saving £4 million by paying for their own taxi fairs, first class train tickets and aeroplane travel. The £4 million wouldn’t help a lot but it would be a start.

Afghan troops face new enemy

Taliban fanatics have been making "hate calls" to the
UK homes and relatives of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Senior commanders believe they get the numbers either by monitoring troops' mobile phone calls or from staff at Afghan phone companies.

The wife of one RAF officer was told: "You'll never see your husband alive - we have just killed him."

It was some hours before officials could confirm that her husband was still safe and well. All troops serving in southern Afghanistan have now been banned from carrying mobile phones.

Soldiers in Iraq can keep their phones but have been warned to keep their use to a minimum.

This is bad and it is about to get a lot worse for our soldiers in Afghanistan because the Taliban are teaching children as young as 6 to kill our soldiers. I don’t know about our soldiers but I wouldn’t relish the thought of killing someone so young and brainwashed.

Immigrants creating new crimes

We can thank immigration for entirely new crimes which we never saw before immigrants came to this country. In June I blogged that gangs of Eastern Europeans are robbing shops. Some of them distract the staff while others while others ransack the living areas.

While that was bad enough another new crime has been created by immigrants. They are posing as motorists with car problems before trying to sell dodgy goods to Good Samaritans who stop the help them at the roadside.

Don’t ya just love the diversity of our crime now we have a diverse group of immigrants? Don’t you just love their enrichment?

Government hiding immigrant numbers

There are so many immigrants here that the government is refusing to tell us how many there are. We will of course be outraged which is why the government won’t be telling us.

There is going to be quite a lot of foreigners here. I know this because 25% of babies born in this country have atleast 1 foreign parent. The Eastern Europeans are taking £125 million in benefits so there must be a lot of them here too. I hope whoever voted Labour is happy with what they have done to this country. I bet they are so proud.

Government caught lying about amnesty plans

Last month there were calls for an amnesty of illegal immigrants by a think tank. The Home Office insisted there were no plans for an amnesty but it seems we were being misled.

There might not be an amnesty planned for illegal immigrants but there is for hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers.

Councils have been warned they must take over responsibility for the migrants, who will immediately be entitled to benefits and a place at the front of the housing queue. This will of course make our housing crisis worse making hard working families have to wait even longer for a house so that they can bring up their families.

Is it any wonder that people are leaving this country as fast as they can get a plane ticket?

When ASBOs attack

A court has tightened up an Asbo handed out to 14-year-old twins after they exploited loopholes in the order to continue their misbehaving.

Charlie and Aaron Brown were made subject to the order in March last year, banning them from causing trouble in specific areas of Portsmouth, Hants.

But the pair managed to get round the terms of the court order by shifting their misbehaviour to areas of the city not covered by the Asbo.

Now Portsmouth magistrate Paul Thompson has added a clause to their Asbo banning them from causing anti-social behaviour in any place.

And he extended the order against the pair for an extra five months until next August.

The ASBO already bans them from doing things that are already banned. Why aren’t they actually being punished? You don’t need an ASBO to tell you that you can’t do things that are illegal.

Even if they breached their ASBO they wouldn’t be sent to prison or a young offender’s prison as judges have been told not to jail those that breach their ASBO so the police and courts are effectively powerless to do anything to stop them.

Gordon Brown to deal with gangs?

Gordon Brown has promised intensive action to deal with gangs. He must have had a change of heart considering he let a couple of gang bosses out for early release and then the police had to re-arrest them. You can’t tell me that the government didn’t know how dangerous these people were. Why on earth were they ever released?

I think they will like it in prison. Maybe they will be able to deal drugs without the prison staff ever finding out. If prison governors take the advice of Anne Owers, the chief inspector of prisons then drug dealing will get much easier than it is at present. She has advised that prison officers should show respect to prisoners by knocking on their cell door before entering. Of course if they were taking drugs this would give them a little time to hide the drugs or any other illegal substances.

Criminals won't be punished

At last the government are finally thinking of doing something against crime. They haven’t actually done anything yet though. Gordon Brown has promised intensive action to deal with gangs with tough enforcement of the law while Jacqui Smith, our Home Secretary is also making noises about it. The trouble is they don’t have any ideas. They are just trying to look good.

I think our Home Secretary must still be on drugs. Instead of punishing yobs that destroy communities she wants to make them sign a contract to pledge that they won’t do anything illegal. It must be because yobs think that knifing people is perfectly legal. Yeah that must be it. Why is she a government minister?

The Metropolitan Black Police Association are even dafter than the Home Secretary. They have decided to offer a new course to teenage yobs. The course will cover issues such as the use of guns and knives, the effect on victims of crime, stop and search legislation, and the portrayal of violence in films, hip-hop music and the media. It will also help young people learn how they can contact and influence police, politicians and other members of the community. Hopefully they won’t be skipping school but this isn’t going to work. I think they will want to know about stop and search legislation so they know their rights when they are about to be arrested.

Scotland has already tried not punishing teenage yobs. They spent £100 million on schemes to stop them committing crimes and that money has been proven to be a total and utter waste of money.

What these criminals need is real punishment and not friendly schemes. Bring back the stocks and let their terrorised neighbours pay them back. Let their friends see what is happening to them so they are suitably humiliated into not doing it again.

Justice is a joke

After defending passengers from a drunken yob, ex rail guard Paul Yarwood, has now lost his job, could lose his house and has been charged with threatening behaviour and is due in court in December. You would think that rail guards who actually stick up for passengers would be applauded especially considering assaults on rail staff have risen 8% to 3000 cases a year.

Yobs are winning our streets because the government no longer sees fit to punish criminals who make communities hell. Lord Sudbury thought he would make a citizens arrest after a yob launched a foul mouthed rant and then threw his bike at the peer.

Like any normal person Lord Sudbury was pretty angry and chased the boy down and waited for the police to arrive who reprimanded the peer and then they had the cheek to later make a statement saying "Members of the public should always have a regard for their own personal safety and our advice is to call the police immediately."

That would be a good idea if the police actually arrived or did anything useful. Why didn’t the police come when a man cradled is thug battered son? Why did they have the cheek to tell the dad to write to his MP instead of calling the police? Just what are the police for? I am sure if the attack was racial they would have rushed to the scene. Infact judging by this story I am correct. There have only been 3 racial attacks in the area but the police have decided to increase patrols there. If these were just simple muggings I doubt they would step up patrols.

Infact rather than arresting people for serious criminal behaviour the police seem to be focusing on solving stupid crimes like prosecuting a 12 year old for throwing a cocktail sausage.

Why are police and the courts going after stupid targets rather than going after people that actually deserve prison? Why was Michael Porter, a Jehovah’s Witness given a community sentence instead of prison time for sexually assaulting children as young as 18 months? What type of sick judge would let him off so easily?

Stuart Brown is a doctor who savagely hit his wife more than 24 times. He earns £100,000 per year so the judge didn’t even send him to prison. He was just fined £500. Tell me, how is that a deterrent not to do it again? The judge should be ashamed of himself.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News roundup 24

Spread Islam to reduce prejudice. How about no.

New nurses left jobless by budget squeeze. We will import more anyway.

Dangerous prisoners may get early release. Just what we need.

Thugs force old soldier from home. Lynch them!

Now, that’s the end to that this is my 100th blog post this month. I won’t be blogging as much for the next few days.

Government caught lying

The number of failed asylum-seekers deported by the Government has fallen by more than a quarter during the last year, it was disclosed today.

New Home Office figures show that the number of would-be refugees who had been refused leave to remain fell by six per cent between the first and second quarters of this year - and a further 28 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The Government admitted the slowdown, but claimed that it was because the Home Office was attempting to concentrate on deporting foreign criminals instead.

What the government claim is a lie. It was almost a year ago when they decided that they decided the foreign prisoners were no longer a priority. Even if they weren’t lying they haven’t even deported 300 at the last count. Are we supposed to believe that these foreign prisoners who they can’t find or deport are responsible for the government not being able to deport asylum seekers? They are either lying, inept or both.

Scottish smoking ban causes side effects

The smoking ban which is a year old in Scotland is causing some unexpected side effects in Scotland. The smoking ban has caused drinkers to drink outside which has resulted in a sharp rise in complaints from people being kept awake at night by the chatter of smokers which has led to a doubling in the number of incidents being dealt with by the Edinburgh Community Mediation (ECM) service.

Apparently these disputes are ruining people’s quality of life and their health as the disputes can last for quite some time. Does this now mean that the smoking ban has had the opposite effect as it is starting to ruin the health of the non-smokers?

One sixth of Eastern Europeans on benefits

Good news everybody. The number of Eastern European immigrants into this country has slowed. Unfortunately we have around 700,000 of them in this country.

Having so many immigrants isn’t the worst of it either because one sixth of them are claiming benefits which accounts for more than 100,000 Eastern Europeans claiming benefits even though they are supposed to come over here to work.

The figures reveal there were around 69,000 successful applications for child benefit and 38,578 recipients of tax credits from the so-called A8 - the eight Eastern European countries which joined the EU in 2004.

A further 803 East Europeans have qualified for state help because of homelessness and 3,600 have won entitlement to income support or jobseeker's allowance.

No more affordable homes says government

The government just can’t seem to get the hang of making affordable housing. Last month I blogged Last month I blogged that the government was going to make developers who build on flood plains liable for insurance for the next 20 years. I pointed out that this would make houses cost more which would hamper government plans to make lots of affordable housing.

They are doing the same again. This time they are going to force developers to build green energy devices such as wind turbines and solar panels onto new homes. This will of course push the price of new homes up but the government seem not to know this or they are trying to complete two opposite objectives which can’t be done. Someone should tell the government that if they want to build affordable homes they can’t force developers to build unneeded extras onto the homes because the people who purchase the homes will actually pay for it.

Guard takes on yob and is sacked and arrested

What happens when you are a security guard who stops a yob from terrorising train passengers? If the experience of Paul Yarwood is anything to go by you will be sacked from your job, forced to sell your home because you can no longer afford the mortgage and be arrested and sent to court for threatening behaviour while the yob gets £80 for smoking in a public place.

Am I the only one that thinks that this is extremely stupid? It seems I am not the only one because his union is defending him and has already staged two local strikes which have been unsuccessful.

Troops have inferior equipment

It’s never a good idea to go to war with an army that is badly equipped but our government have done just that. According to General Sir Michael Rose our troops are being sent to war less well-equipped than they were 40 years ago.

I don’t think we were fighting two wars 40 years ago either but thankfully we are slowly withdrawing from Iraq unfortunately those troops won’t have long to rest and be with their families before they are sent to sunny Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. I bet they are enjoying fighting for us with inferior equipment and being treated like shit by the government.

Nearly half too afraid to leave home at night

A disturbing 42 per cent of people are too afraid of yobs to leave home at night, a Mirror poll reveals today.

Half of those quizzed feel less safe than a decade ago. A third have called police about anti-social behaviour.

Is it any wonder this is the case? Knife crimes have doubled to 175 per day and the police and courts are powerless to do anything. You might think catching these criminals would mean that they are sent to prison. Sadly that is not the case in most circumstances as only 10% of those caught are actually sent to prison while others get away with a slap on the wrist.

Sometimes you aren’t even safe in your own home. Neil Stanway, a gang member was issued with an ASBO a year ago but that didn’t stop him from breaking into Bryan Lord’s home and battering him to death. If he was dealt with properly the first time this would never have happened.

Sometimes you aren’t safe from your husband either. Take Colin Read, a management consultant on £90,000 a year. He branded his wife with a hot steam iron because she had failed to press his shirt and slashed her with a knife because she had forgotten to make his sandwiches. You might think that justice would be served and that he would be sent to prison for a few months atleast. Unfortunately he received a £2000 fine which is nothing if you are on £90,000 a year.

He was spared even a community punishment because the judge ruled that "special circumstances" suggested he was unlikely to reoffend and his job meant he was too "busy" to find the time to complete any order.

I would have made him find time even if it meant losing his job. Justice in this country is a joke. No wonder people are too afraid to leave their home. The law abiding citizens will lose whatever they do. They either take it or fight back. If they fight back then they get sent to prison for harming the scum that make communities hell.

Monday, August 20, 2007

News roundup 23

Diana fund to spend £10m on asylum seekers. Oh great…

Stop moaning or leave the EU, Britain is told. We want to.

Council tax ‘snoopers’ to revalue homes. Why do they always want to tax us?

Firms forced to teach teenage workers the 3Rs. If the government gave a decent education they wouldn’t have to.

Health and safety chiefs: Bus-stop must face a hedge. That’s just stupid.

Government failing ‘may give freedom to dangerous prisoners’. It’s a certainty they will.

Free condoms for prisoners to cut disease. That’s just stupid. Atleast it’s only in Scotland.

A third of Britons believe: ‘You can’t be British AND Muslim’. Maybe if they stopped blowing us up, we would think different.

Defoe’s Foreign Office WAG. What a waste of money.

Soldiers will get free post

Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq seem to be having a bit of good news for a change lately. On Saturday the government announced that they are going to conduct an Afghan medal review to see if they should give a special medal to those serving in Iraq.

Today, there is more good news with the news that soldiers and their families and friends will get free post which is bound to boost morale.

Don't recycle in Croydon

If you try to be environmentally friendly in Croydon you just might end up achieving the exact opposite especially if you want to recycle. You see you are no longer allowed to walk to the recycling centre. You now have to get in a long queue with your car even if you live right close to it. I hope I am not the only one that can see the idiocy in this.

The council workers have failed to figure out that recycling this way is probably going to damage the environment more than help it but they might know this because it seems that Health and safety considerations trump environmental concerns. The health and safety concern here is that apparently pedestrians and people in cars don’t mix and it’s unsafe. Whoever made this decision needs to be shot.

Hat tip: Nanny Knows Best

Gordon Brown exposed as a liar

Just over 3 weeks ago Gordon Brown pledged to kick out 4,000 foreign criminals. I said that he was lying because the Human Rights Act would not let him. It appears I was correct. Learco Chindamo who is a murderer looks set to be allowed to stay in this country after he killed head teacher Philip Lawrence. Apparently deporting him would deprive him of his right to family life but he wasn’t thinking of the family life of Philip Lawrence when he stabbed him to death. Gordon Brown has been exposed as a liar and a fraud.

Learco Chindamo isn’t the only dangerous foreigner that won’t be deported on Human Rights grounds. Hani al-Sibai who is a failed asylum seeker and terror suspect cannot be deported back to Egypt because human rights laws state that we can’t send him back to a country where he could be executed or tortured.

If you want this country to be safe, if you want convicted foreign criminals and terrorists to be deported then you should never trust Labour. They cannot be trusted with the safety of this country. They cannot be trusted to use common sense either.

What has Labour done to stop crime?

The government seem to be doing very little to stop crime. Infact the punishments that they give out seem to encourage it. About a week ago I blogged about Eastern Europeans plundering our fish stocks. You might have thought that if they were caught they would get a fine at the very least. No such luck I’m afraid. When an Eastern European was caught they were given a caution for poaching £1000 worth of fish and told to get on their way.

It’s not just poaching that you get a slap on the wrist for. Smoking cannabis in front of your children won’t even get you a fine. You will be just told not to do it again. I bet that’s going to stop them from doing it again and dissuading their children from starting.

What exactly have Labour done to stop crime? What about policed community support officers? No luck there. On average they are able to solve crime once every 6 years and in some parts of the country they can’t even solve one crime.

BBC drops Casualty episode to avoid offending Muslims

The BBC has dropped plans to show a fictional terror attack in an episode of Casualty to avoid offending Muslims.

The first show of the hospital drama's new series was to have featured a storyline about an explosion caused by Islamic extremists.

Now the bomb will be set off by animal rights campaigners instead.

Why are the news channels trying to appease the Muslims all the time? Surprisingly the BBC isn’t the only news channel appeasing Muslims and they aren’t doing the best job of it either. Last night ITV showed a documentary about what Jesus means to Muslims.

Why do the media have to constantly appease Muslims and worry about offending them with everything they do?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

News roundup 22

Plots to murder Becks and Roo. They are even crazier than I imagined.

Muslim terror suspect allowed to stay in UK. Why can’t we just deport him?

Shock toll of British injured in Afghan war. We should leave now.

Browne denies ‘failing’ UK troops. MPs always lie.

Heroin addiction isn’t an illness… and we should stop spending millions ‘treating’ it. I think he is right.

Knife robberies have ‘doubled in two years’ with 175 attacks every day. Don’t you just love living in a country controlled by Labour?

Boom in Quangos costs Britain £170bn a year

Labour voters ready to rebel in row over a Euro referendum. I should hope so.

Could health and safety bureaucrats get real jobs?

Why can’t health and safety bureaucrats get real jobs? Health and safety is probably the only job sector where you can get money for making decision which are stupid or taking actions which aren’t needed. If it wasn’t for health and safety we wouldn’t have people employed to check the safety of 20,000 gravestones.

It’s not all fun and games in health and safety. Sometimes they have to make tough decisions like what kind of shorts people can wear while swimming. For your information long shorts are not safe. I am so glad I was told about that. I will never swim in long shorts just in case I drown in a very horrible manner entangled in baggy shorts.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Looking for a voice.

There were other blogs that Looking for a voice only just beat and these were Kirklees Resistance, Chicken Yoghurt, House of Dumb and Brussels Journal.

Stop taking African nurses

Read this article. It shows that all the aid in the world is still not going to help Africa one bit. What they need is for us to stop taking their nurses. You might think that we desperately need nurses but Africa needs theirs far more than we do.

The only way to help Africa is to train our own doctors and nurses and stop any of theirs coming here. Those doctors and nurses might want a better life by coming here but aren’t those people that stay in Africa entitled to a future too? How will Africa ever have a future when we take all their skilled personnel who could actually make a difference there?

Afghan envoys get pool while our troops go thirsty

With all the stories in the papers about the military lately you would be forgiven for thinking that our soldiers are neglected by our government but apparently they are not. Our armed forces minister thinks the government is doing their best for the armed forces.

If the government are doing their best it is strange to find out that the Foreign Office spent tens of thousands of pounds on an 18 metre pool and gym for their bureaucrats in their embassy in Afghanistan. It takes an estimated 50,000gallons of water to fill - enough to supply soldiers fighting the Taliban in the southern Helmand Province with 750,000 250ml bottles of water.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

News roundup 21

Ministers accused over the 8000 ex servicemen languishing in jail. It’s about time the government helped army personnel when they leave the military.

Bingeing children need care says police chief. The parents are atleast partially to blame.

Grandfather attacked for being polite. Some people deserve whipping.

Infiltrator sent in by Labour-supporting redtop flees party chairman’s office after her stunt is exposed. The election could possibly be years away but the papers have already decided who they will support. The free media is nothing but a sham.

Asylum seekers at Yarl’s Wood demand glue for hair extensions, new flip flops and even a change of biscuits in… the great custard cream revolt. Why can’t we just deport them?