Friday, August 17, 2007

News roundup 20

Householders told NOT to put rubbish in dustbins – because bin men might hurt their backs lifting them. These people are crazy.

Biofuels switch a mistake, say researchers. Can we stick to oil then?

EU Commission pays group to lobby Brussels. So they pay groups which they like to lobby (bribe) them to make decisions that they were already going to make?

Oxo family advert is re-cast for 21st century. Just what we need. More multicultural propaganda.

Baby dies after mother is forced to deliver it herself in hospital toilet. Disgraceful!

We are doing our best for armed forces, say minister. I hate to see what it would be like if they weren’t.

Eviction threat after paying care home £40k. Shoot the council employee who decided not to pay.

Death of great grandfather left screaming in agony by care home was ‘preventable’. Shoot the heartless bastards!

Father left in coma after refusing to buy alcohol for underage teens. Lynch them!

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