Sunday, August 12, 2007

Are immigrants a nuisance?

Are immigrants a nuisance? They seem to be just lately. The Eastern Europeans are responsible for plundering our fish stocks and poaching swans. At least one MP is not a coward as only one MP has criticised the Poles and said something should be done. That MP was then himself criticised by another MP for pointing the obvious out and saying something should be done.

It is not just killing defenceless animals and destroying our biodiversity that they are responsible for. They are responsible for some of the problems in the NHS. Infact foreign doctors are twice as likely to face disciplinary hearings. Some of our new Eastern European doctors can’t even speak English. A widow had to fill out her husband’s death certificate because the doctor couldn’t speak English. I have to ask was his lack of English knowledge a contributor to this man’s death?

Immigrants are also partly responsible for the housing crisis we are in. 4 in ten homes have gone to immigrants since 1997. This obviously is unsustainable yet the government want to pile more of them in.

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