Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NHS sends organs on coaches

SKINT NHS bosses are using National Express coaches to
transport organs for transplants.

And The Sun can reveal it meant an EYE went missing on its way to hospital.

It was sent in a box on a coach and disappeared on the way to Northampton General.

Hospitals should use private ambulances to carry the organs. But many have axed the contracts to save money.

Delivery firm TNT was due to collect the eye — for a cornea transplant — from Northampton bus station where it had been taken by coach.

But the National Express office, where sensitive parcels were held, was shut.

The eye was finally tracked down and used in an op the next day.

Labour can’t seem to do anything right. Sooner or later an organ will go missing and someone will die. It’s about time Labour actually did their work properly and gave the NHS more money and kept out of the decision making.

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