Monday, July 07, 2008

EU rules mean 400 Britons go without liver

Thanks to EU rules European Union citizens can come to this country and get healthcare. While 400 britons could have a new liver now they don’t. Instead Greek and Cypriot patients have them.

If you are on the waiting for a liver and you are probably going to wait years you know who to blame. If you want to get treated as soon as possible you should dump Labour and the EU.

2823 laws in one year

Gordon Brown has entered the record books by introducing 2,823 new laws during his first year in office.

Gordon Brown has introduced 2,823 laws during his first year in office, the highest rate for new legislation by anyone at No 10. He set his record despite repeated promises to cut red tape.

If Parliament never had any days off and worked every single day this would mean that they pass about 8 new laws per day. It is obvious that even if this was the case no MP could read every single new law yet they are all passed. Shouldn’t the government read these laws before they are passed so that he can actually see if they are needed?

What we need in this country is the government actually scrutinising these laws and not just passing them without reading them. We need the speed of legislation to slow so this can be achieved.

Government rewarding incompetence

I think we can all agree that the government and their employees are doing a terrible job but civil servants are being paid £128 million in bonuses.

The National Audit Office has refused to approve the accounts of the treasury but civil servants in the Treasury still managed to receive £21 million in bonuses. Why are they getting this when in the private sector any business that couldn’t have its accounts signed off by auditors would be a failure?

It hasn’t been a particularly good year for the military but civil servants still managed to get £41 million in bonuses. All this is doing is paying for failure.

News roundup 81

NHS dentistry shake-up fails as one million fewer get treatment. Thanks Labour.

Woman took out false loans to pay for grandmother's Alzheimer's drugs the NHS denied her. I don’t think she is a criminal. It’s the equivalent of stealing bread to feed your family.

Polyclinics will damage patient care, say doctors. The government hope that it will happen.

Tory councils urged to block Labour vanity projects. I hope they do.

After years of working for free, Down's syndrome man must PAY to wash councillors' dishes. Disgraceful! They are not fit to kiss his feet!

Russian spies leaving the door open for terrorists in Britain. We should be forcing them to leave.

Push for green biofuels 'has put food prices up by massive 75%'. It’s time to stop with biofuels. They do more harm than good.

Petrol price increase will mean 'extra £34 a month for average family'. Labour just trying to price you out of buying a car.

Government asks stores to stockpile food to overcome hauliers strike. Let’s hope they go along with it.

Call for sex lessons at age four. That is far too young.

Long queues and high prices sees children shun school canteen for cheap junk food. Let them eat what they want.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another stupid EU directive

The European Union seems to be poking their noses in a lot of places where they are not wanted lately. According to Directive 2001/84/EC from the EU every time a piece of art is sold the artist must get a royalty. Why is this law? You don’t see this happening in other industries. Why aren’t builders given a royalty every time a house is sold? Why aren’t car manufacturers given a royalty every time someone buys their car from an individual? I could go on forever naming other industries but I won’t. I think you understand that this is stupid.

You would think with these stupid ideas our government would want to hand over less power. Not so I am afraid. Our foreign secretary David Milliband wants our army to be part of an EU army. We already know that he is a traitor but this goes far beyond treason. He doesn’t want our country to control our own military. He wants it to be controlled by a foreign government. Can we call ourselves independent when that happens?

Bad week for EU

It’s been a bad week for the European Union. Their constitution is being destroyed. The Polish president has said that he will not sign the EU treaty which will completely stop any ratification from going forward.

The Europhiles are of course livid and hysterical. French MEP Jamie Smyth doesn’t like what has happened and hates referendums calling them 'a tool for dictators' because only the Irish people voted against it but that’s only because no other country was given a chance. When the French and Dutch voted they said no too but Mr Smyth conveniently forgets that. I am sure if everyone was allowed to vote everyone would vote no.

Could this lead to NHS privatisation?

New rights for patients to shop around Europe for the best healthcare are part of a new "Social Agenda" launched in Brussels.

If approved by EU governments, the controversial move would guarantee that costs are covered by the patient's own national health scheme back home.

The plan follows years of legal cases in which European court judges have ruled that freedom to cross EU borders for the best or quickest treatment should be a right for all.

But the measure would have safeguards - costs would be reimbursed in line with similar costs which would be incurred if the treatment was carried out at home, and repayment would only apply to those having healthcare insurance in their own country.

This sounds good but it is not. I think Britain is the only country in Europe with free healthcare and this could be jeopardised by this ‘new right’. The NHS has a limited amount of money. They are not a bottomless money pot. If people can go abroad it will mean that the NHS has to spend even more money whereas now they have a waiting list where they perform operations and treatment when they can afford to.

If this was to happen often the government would say the NHS has gone bankrupt or is close to it and they will tell us that they have no other option but to privatise it. In reality they know this but they want to try and make money off us as fast as they can.

Pray to Allah or detention!

Two schoolboys were
given detention after refusing to kneel down and 'pray to Allah' during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent - which included wearing Muslim headgear - was a breach of their human rights.

Who do these people think they are? They have no right forcing children to pray to Allah. They are not Muslims. The teacher who did this should be sacked on the spot. Fortunately there is a lot of BNP support in Stoke and this will just get even more support to come forward for the BNP.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Making the poor even worse off

Faced with rising heating and food bills the government is planning to make elderly people even poorer. The government no longer want to be embarrassed by the elderly who can’t afford to pay council tax so they are going to take it directly from your bank account.

Now, the elderly will have to choose from eating, keeping warm and paying their council tax. It’s not really a choice because they’ll take your money to pay for the council tax so you won’t have any money for heating or eating. If you are poor (which you probably are if you can’t pay) and you don’t have the money in the bank account will that mean that you have to go into your overdraft? Does that mean that they will have to shell out more money in fines for going over their overdraft limit making them even poorer?

During the winter when you have no money to heat your home or feed yourself because your council took your money you will know who to blame. Prison would be more humane. At least there you get food and a place to keep warm.

Was he bribed?

Was Keith Vaz bribed into supporting the 42 day detention bill? The evidence points to a bribe but I don’t think anything can be done about it. You can’t really prove this type of stuff.

The evidence shows that Geoff Hoon sent him a letter after the vote telling him that he would be appropriately rewarded for his help during the vote. A few days later he gets a nice new office. While it does look suspicious would he really change his mind just to get a new office? Surely he must be getting something else if he was bribed? Look out for the honours list.

This solves nothing

The Conservative party have launched their policy for English votes on English laws. Only it isn’t that. It’s a cop out. Scottish MPs will still get to vote on all legislation. The only difference being is that they can’t vote on it at committee stage. This policy solves nothing.

What we need is real English devolution. This won’t lead to the end of the union and if it does then the union must be in a fragile state through successive government misrule and should maybe end if it’s that fragile.

MPs want more from us

MPs are trying to take the public for a ride again. This time they want more money so they can spend it on plush new offices after some MPs said they couldn’t afford their own office. Instead of giving them more money why not just have the local council in their constituency give them an office at a reduced rent? Local councils have a lot of property which they own. I am sure they could find something.

Sir Christopher Kelly, the chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life has criticised Michael Martin’s review of MPs expenses, rightly so. You can’t really review something when you’re feeding from the same trough. It should be done independently.

There are some things that people are making a big deal over but there isn’t anything wrong with it. Some MPs are employing family members. I don’t see it as a big deal as long as the family members are actually doing the job they were employed to do. If the public are concerned the most that should be done is make it public and if their constituents don’t like it they can kick them out at the next election.

Bad week for Labour

It has been a terrible week for Labour and it probably won’t get any better for them. Peter Hain has been interviewed by police over political donations totalling £103,000. He could go to prison but I somehow think that Labour will get out of it.

Labour isn’t having much luck in elections either. They have come behind the BNP in atleast 4 elections and it will probably happen in more. Gordon Brown has had to order a rushed campaign in Scotland to fill the vacant seat after David Marshall stepped down apparently the result of ill health which could have been caused by being found out to be a sleazy bastard but who knows?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Police using bikes to fight cost of petrol

I said yesterday that some police forces had to cut front line jobs because of the rising cost of fuel. I said that I would make them ride a bike. Unfortunately in one police force it didn’t seem likely because the police would have to pass a cycling proficiency test. You can read that here.

Fortunately the Devon and Cornwall police are a bit more intelligent and have decided that its time to order 120 bikes to cut their fuel bill which is due to rise by £300,000.

I am glad that a police force has decided to take common sense route.

The government and their priorities

It seems that stopping people smoking is more important in the government’s list of priorities than reducing assaults.

Despite a Government poll showing community safety was voters' overwhelming priority, anti-crime initiatives will not be the main focus of authorities.

While reducing "serious acquisitive crime" such as thefts from cars was sixth, cutting the rate of "assault with injury" was 13th and domestic violence 20th.

Considered a higher priority than both by most councils were stopping smoking. Isn’t it wonderful to see the government getting their priorities in order?

29,000 criminals released early

It looks like the government have underestimated the amount of criminals that will benefit from early release. They estimated that 25,500 criminals would be freed in 12 months but that total was breached in April's figures, just 10 months into operation. They have actually freed more than 29,000 including 2 terrorists and someone who went on to rape.

The policy is not going to be reviewed until September 2009 and by that time 70,000 prisoners could be released to commit more crime. If you are ever a victim of a crime committed by someone that should have been in prison you know who to blame.

The real reason behind eco towns

Eco towns will be built regardless of whether local communities want them. They aren’t being built because they are environmentally friendly or offer sustainable living. Most of the new towns will leave residents’ car dependent and most are not even within walking distance of a train station. Eco towns have never been about sustainable living. They are about something completely different.

Labour knows that soon they will be out of the job unless they do something. Immigrants need homes and these homes are being built to accommodate them. These new immigrants are going to owe their places in this country to Labour and they will know that so will vote accordingly which is why Labour are going to force the proposals through before the Conservatives can even attempt to stop them. The government can’t have anyone wrecking their plans. They want this to happen so badly that they are going to sell Ministry of Defence land for the ecotowns to be built on. To ever have a chance of getting in power again they have to import more voters. It’s the only way and they know this.

Billions wasted in disability benefits

Disability benefits
are costing taxpayers an extra £3.1billion a year under Labour - and a major factor is a massive rise in the number of claimants who are drug addicts and alcoholics, according to newly released documents.

Over the past ten years, the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) budget has soared from £5.7billion to £8.8billion a year - enough to build 20 new 'super hospitals'.

And papers released under the Freedom of Information Act disclose that the number of drug addicts and alcoholics claiming the £60-a-week payment has risen five-fold, from 3,000 in 1997 to almost 17,000 last year.

Why are we giving these people more money which will just go towards feeding their addiction? Being an addict is NOT a disability. It is of your own doing. Anyone claiming to be an addict should be given help whether they want that help or not.

Giving these people any money is almost as bad as giving Abu Qatada £8,000 in incapacity benefit every year. This man and his family should get nothing. His household income will now be over £50,000 and most of this is proably because he won’t stop breeding.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News roundup 80

Four-year-old threatened with Asbo for playing football in the street. Don’t they have anything better to do?

Leeches empty blood truck’s fuel tank. Bastards.

Girl, 10, fights for life after mother dies in crash with fire engine responding to hoax 999. Shoot the hoaxers.

'English hater' lands in court. Let’s see how she likes it back where she came from.

Sex and porn shame of councillor. Why is it always councillors?

Caught in the act: The 'gipsy' child thieves who could teach Fagin a trick or two. Send them to youth prison and deport their parents.

Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat. Tell them to shut up.

Record numbers of foreign criminals removed from Britain. Still not enough.

The bulb hoarders. I should have thought of that.

Report blows hole in wind power plan. Somehow wind power doesn’t seem that good anymore.

Hutton eyes coal to replace imports of gas. We’ll either have to import coal or import workers to min coal seeing as the coal miners of the 80s are probably too old.

America's fury as Hamza smuggles hate messages to Bin Laden's No 2... From UK jail cell. Why can’t we just give him to America?

Al-Qa'eda style terrorists planning UK attacks with ambulances bought on eBay. Alqaeda, ambulances and eBay. Never thought they would be in the same sentence.

Britain facing terrorist threat until 2038, former top cop warns. Remove al the Muslims and problem solved.

Terror chief warns of 9/11 style attacks on Britain by bombers in private jets. It will probably happen sometime.

Muslim convert 'left hoax bomb message'. Send him to an Islamic country. See how he likes it there.

Labour no longer trusted

Labour is no longer the party trusted to bring in the health reforms that are needed to safeguard the NHS for future generations, a poll for The Daily Telegraph shows.

Barely one in five people believe the Labour party will deliver a better health service over the next ten years, the You Gov poll shows.

Why would anyone trust Labour anymore when their much publicised deep clean has been exposed as a sham and political stunt? A lot of hospitals were found not to be using chemicals that were needed to be effective in the fight against superbugs. Almost a fifth of hospitals admitted using steam clean even though it has been proven to be ineffective.

The Labour party are useless and should not be trusted with something as important as the NHS. They have shown themselves to be incompetent in all areas of life.

Police having a bad time

It’s not a good time for the police. They are starting to suffer from higher prices just like everyone else. The police are being forced to cut front line jobs to save on the cost of fuel. I would make the police ride bikes but it seems that they have to be trained and pass their cycling proficiency test before they are allowed to even ride a bike.

The police are also facing the possibility of having the price of handcuffs rise when their biggest supplier goes out of business within the next few weeks.

Dumbed down education

Education is being dumbed down again. It’s not really a surprise though. 14 year olds will be able to pass their maths exam by scoring 21% while in the GCSE exams you will be glad to know that those who take the exam can get marks for writing things like “fuck off”. I wonder if they could get a C if they wrote a load of swear words…

Children are no longer being challenged by these exams. We should be getting our school pupils to take tougher exams like the IGCSE so that our future workers are on par with workers from other countries.