Saturday, December 31, 2005

America to run out of money by march?

Treasury Secretary John Snow has warned that unless Congress raises the national debt limit, the US government will run out of cash to finance its daily work in two months.

In a letter to Senate leaders Thursday, Snow said the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of 8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February and the government would then lose its borrowing power.

"At that time, unless the debt limit is raised or the Treasury Department takes authorized extraordinary actions, we will be unable to continue to finance government operations," said the letter, seen by AFP.

Snow warned that even if the Treasury took "all available prudent and legal actions" to avoid breaching the ceiling, "we anticipate that we can finance government operations no longer than mid-March".

Mid march they say? wow that coincides with the time when the federal reserve stops reporting M3 data. This conspiracy seems to be coming together like clockwork. Am I the only one that can see this?

At the same time they are about to run out of money they are going to stop reporting the money they make which will allow the American government to make as much money as they can, in the short term of course as they will be most likely found out.

Is this a coincidence or is this really going to happen? personally I hope not but if it does you heard it here when no other lying and traitorous news outlet would report about it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

28% support for EU

The European Union was hit with more bad news today, with a new poll showing that overall public support of the EU project dropped by 4% since a previous survey.

Austria – which takes over the EU presidency in January – leads the pack of those most against EU membership.

The poll found that 50% of those questioned thought that membership of their country in the 25-nation bloc was “a good thing”.

A previous survey conducted in the spring had EU support at 54%. Support was the lowest in Austria, with just 25% thinking their nation’s membership of the union was positive.

Britain was second lowest with only 28% supporting EU membership. The highest support was found in tiny Luxembourg, with 82% support of the EU.

The survey comes in a year of setbacks for the EU, after French and Dutch voters rejected the EU constitution in May and June.

EU leaders did, however, manage to get a deal on new slimmed-down EU spending plans at a summit last weekend.


It's time for our leaders to face up to what we want and stop being traitors. We want out. We don't want to be in the EU anymore and only crappy insignificant countries like luxembourg want to be in. If we do not get a referendum it might be time to elect a government that will give us what we want that doesn't sell us out.

Our government will never let us decide without the British people demanding it so please sign this petition for an EU referendum in Britain.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Gold hits 540 dollars

Gold continued to defy gravity Monday, topping $540 (U.S.) an ounce and trading at its highest level in almost 25 years.

The move comes after gold futures last week surged to their biggest weekly gain since February, 2002 as investors scrambled to bolster their portfolios with one of the world's hottest assets, and protect themselves from the growing threat of inflation.

Analysts at National Bank Financial, meantime, expect gold will hit $600 an ounce in the next 18 to 24 months.

Spot gold rose as high as $540.90 an ounce Monday, the highest since 1981. The move also sent platinum to its highest since 1980 and silver to its highest since 1987.

We all know why this is happening but the news doesn't seem to be reporting what is happening. The M3 data still hasn't been reported on any major news outlet and it doesn't look like it will.

If you are American I urge you to contact your representatives in government and tell them what is happening and do something about it. If they don't do anything about it you may have to consider finding out where they live so when the economic collapse comes you can go to their homes and lynch the lot of them.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Coming world recession

The American Federal Reserve Board of Governors decided on November 10th that they will stop reporting the M3 as of March, 2006.

For those who don't know the M3 is the quantity of money they print into ciruclation. As they print more and more money, what we have in our hands is all worth less.

The fact that they have done this is extremely strange. Why would they do this? The only reason that I can think of is that they are going to be printing loads of money for some reason and they need to hide it. After the Treaty of Versaille Germany needed to do just that to pay off all their debt. This lead to hyperinflation which made a wheelbarrow of money worthless as it couldn't even be enough to buy a loaf of bread.

So why would they want that? I don't understand the reasoning behind it. Maybe they can think they can get away with printing more money without the world finding out. Maybe it is just to save a bit of money for not reporting it. If that is the case it will still lead to investors pulling out of the dollar as it will be a very unreliable currency which will devastate the American economy which would also destroy the economies of the rest of the world putting the world into an even worse recession than the 1929 wall street crash.

The rich seem to already know what is happening and have already started buying the only things that will be worth anything when the crisis hits, and it will.

Last month the price of gold was just under 500 USD, which was the highest since 1987. This week it has pushed to 530 dollars which is a 25 year high and it looks as if it will climb even further.

So far I have yet to see any major news outlet report on the M3 data which means they are seriously ignorant of it or are choosing not to report it for some odd reason or I just haven't been looking hard enough.

I think within 6 months of them ceasing to report the M3 data we will see the first signs of a global recession as world leaders look like they are starting to panic

The only reason I can think of for this happening is a conspiracy so if you don't believe in conspiracies don't read any further:

The inevitable collapse in the world economy, plus the rising oil prices will cripple the world. World leaders will decide that it would be best if we all worked together and a global government will be formed who will miraculously find a solution to the problems and the citizens will all love the new government who were actually behind the crisis.

I predict a global government as early as 2009 if I am correct about this. Even if the news outlets know about this I doubt they will report it as I think they are in on it too. The people who own the news have no loyalty to anything except money and will probably be getting well paid for their contribution.

The only hope there is to spread the word is the internet but the US are planning to let the UN (who will probably be the global government) control over it. The UN has already decided to censor some of the internet. Their excuse is some websites (like stormfront) are illegal in some countries.
Blog of the month

The blog of the month this month is The Hal Turner Show. Ok. It isn't actually a blog but its set out a bit like one. It is also a radio show.

Hal Turner is an American Pro white conservative republican who hosts a show called The Hal Turner Show which is very informative and he says what I am saying... well he does the majority of the time.

If you are easily offended you can go screw yourself while the rest of us listen to his show.

I give The Hal Turner Show a 9 out of 10 rating.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Whites more likely to experience racism

TWO identical acts of kindness that led two young men to violent deaths have been recounted before the criminal courts in the past fortnight.

Anthony Walker and Christopher Yates, concerned about female friends late at night, walked with them to bus stops in Liverpool and London respectively to make sure that the women got home safely. Both were set upon, not far from homes they shared with their mothers, by other young men from their own neighbourhoods who had been drinking heavily or taking drugs.

In Huyton, Liverpool, Mr Walker, 18, who was black, was attacked by Paul Taylor and Michael Barton and killed with a savage blow to the head with an ice axe. They were sentenced to at least 24 years and 18 years, respectively. In Barking, East London, Mr Yates, 30, a white man, was knocked to the ground and kicked and stamped on by Sajid Zulfiqar, Zahid Bashir and Imran Maqsood.

Every bone in his face was broken in a ferocious attack. Afterwards, Zulfiqar boasted in Urdu: "We killed the white boy. That will teach a white man to stick his nose in Paki business."

But while a judge in Liverpool decided that Mr Walker's murderers were racists - and therefore liable to more severe jail terms - an Old Bailey judge decided that Mr Yates's murderers had not been motivated by racial hatred. Zulfiqar, Bashir and Maqsood were sentenced to 15 years in prison, the minimum tariff for murder.

The similarities between the two murder cases, and the differences in their outcomes, has left the Yates family feeling that it has been treated unequally. "I understand what Mrs Walker and her family are going through. We are going through exactly the same thing," Rose Yates, Mr Yates's mother, told The Times.

"But it appears to me that we have experienced a different measure of justice than they have experienced."

Mrs Yates, a thoughtful woman who has taught children of many races and creeds, pondered long and hard before making this comment. Like Gee Walker, she sat through every day of her son's killers' trial. She heard how the three men who killed her son had also screamed racial abuse at a black man and carried out a violent assault on a second black man. In the end, Mrs Yates concluded "it seemed that they had something against everyone who was not of their own race".

The judgments in the Walker and Yates cases reflect a reluctance by the authorities - police, prosecutors, judges and politicians - to recognise that ethnic minority groups can be perpetrators as well as victims of racism.

The question of anti-white racism makes the political class uncomfortable. But it is a very real phenomenon.

A Home Office report reveals that of the 22 homicides classified as racially motivated between 2001-04, the majority of victims (12 cases) were white.

There is growing anecdotal evidence of a more aggressive Asian youth culture which manifests itself in racist attacks against whites and blacks.

The increasing aggression is the result of the growing sense of victimisation and isolation felt by many in the Asian community. Young people from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities feel victimised by police after the July 7 attacks; some are also fired by the rise of political Islam and anger over issues such as Iraq.

Shifting demographics in East London are also fuelling incidents. In Tower Hamlets and Newham, Asian communities sense encroachment from the growth of the City and Canary Wharf and the stirrings of gentrification since the successful 2012 Olympic bid.

There is resentment that unemployment levels remain high and incomes low in the Bangladeshi community while new middle-class immigrants push up house prices.

As a result, the tensions of the 1960s, when the poor white communities felt threatened by the influx of West Indian and Asian immigrants, are once more being raised, but this time it is the Asians who feel their community is imperilled by the white arrivals.

Elsewhere in the borough of Tower Hamlets, one police officer said that he had seen a rise in antisocial behaviour incidents which might be racially motivated.

He said: "We are seeing a new phenomenon. Asian gangs used to fight turf wars with one another. But there have been attacks on young, white professionals buying new properties here because they are seen as moving into a Bengali neighbourhood."

It was in this fraught and changing environment that Mr Yates was murdered. A judge thinks his death was not the result of a racist attack. His mother begs to disagree.

But because of the discomfort such cases cause, there are few voices prepared to speak out in support of Mrs Yates.

The Commission for Racial Equality, asked about anti-white racism, said that there was little, if any, research on the issue. The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, where Mr Yates lived, said its community cohesion unit did not want to comment.

People from minority communities are most likely to be victims of racist crime.

Results from the 2002-03 British Crime Survey show that less than 1 per cent of white people had experienced a crime that they thought was racially motivated. This compares with 2 per cent for the black community and 3 per cent among Asian groups.

But 1 per cent of whites amounts to a substantial number of people - and a growing problem.

White population percentage: 92.1%
White population amount: 55 million (estimate)
Percentage of white population with experiences of racism: 0.5%
Amount of white population with experieces of racism: 275,000

Used 0.5% as it said lower than 1%

Black population percentage: 2%
Black population amount: 1.1 million
Percentage of black population with experiences of racism: 2%
Amount of black population with experieces of racism: 22,000

Asian population percentage: 4.7%
Asian population amount: 2,820,000
Percentage of asian population with experiences of racism: 3%
Amount of asian population with experieces of racism: 84600

As you can see whites are more than three times more likely to experience racism than the asian population and more than 10 times more likely than blacks to experience racism and yet whites are blamed for racism and more anti-ethnic deaths are televised on the news than anti-white deaths.

This just proves that whites are the victims. None whites are more likely to commit racism than any white person

Please tell me if I am wrong about the math.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Twas the night before christmas...

'Twas The (Politically Correct)
Night Before Christmas:
'Twas the night before Christmas and Santa's a wreck...
How to live in a world that's politically correct?
His workers no longer would answer to "Elves".
"Vertically Challenged" they were calling themselves.
And labor conditions at the north pole
Were alleged by the union to stifle the soul.
Four reindeer had vanished, without much propriety,
Released to the wilds by the Humane Society.
And equal employment had made it quite clear
That Santa had better not use just reindeer.

So Dancer and Donner, Comet and Cupid,
Were replaced with 4 pigs, and you know that looked stupid!

The runners had been removed from his sleigh;
The ruts were termed dangerous by the E.P.A.
And people had started to call for the cops
When they heard sled noises on their roof-tops.

Second-hand smoke from his pipe had his workers quite frightened.
His fur trimmed red suit was called "Unenlightened."

And to show you the strangeness of life's ebbs and flows,
Rudolf was suing over unauthorized use of his nose
And had gone on Geraldo, in front of the nation,
Demanding millions in over-due compensation.

So, half of the reindeer were gone; and his wife,
Who suddenly said she'd enough of this life,
Joined a self-help group, packed, and left in a whiz,
Demanding from now on her title was Ms.

And as for the gifts, why, he'd ne'er had a notion
That making a choice could cause so much commotion.
Nothing of leather, nothing of fur,
Which meant nothing for him. And nothing for her.

Nothing that might be construed to pollute.
Nothing to aim. Nothing to shoot.
Nothing that clamored or made lots of noise.
Nothing for just girls. Or just for the boys.

Nothing that claimed to be gender specific.
Nothing that's warlike or non-pacific.

No candy or sweets...they were bad for the tooth.
Nothing that seemed to embellish a truth.
And fairy tales, while not yet forbidden,
Were like Ken and Barbie, better off hidden.

For they raised the hackles of those psychological
Who claimed the only good gift was one ecological.

No baseball, no football...someone could get hurt;
Besides, playing sports exposed kids to dirt.
Dolls were said to be sexist, and should be passe;
And Nintendo would rot your entire brain away.

So Santa just stood there, disheveled, perplexed;
He just could not figure out what to do next.

He tried to be merry, tried to be gay,
you've got to be careful with that word today.
His sack was quite empty, limp to the ground;
Nothing fully acceptable was to be found.

Something special was needed, a gift that he might
Give to all without angering the left or the right.
A gift that would satisfy, with no indecision,
Each group of people, every religion;

Every ethnicity, every hue,
Everyone, everywhere...even you.
So here is that gift, it's price beyond worth...
"May you and your loved ones enjoy peace on earth."

Notice: This poem is copyright 1992 by Harvey Ehrlich. It is free to
distribute, without changes, as long as this notice remains intact. All
follow-ups, requests, comments, questions, distribution rights, etc should
be made to . Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Foreigner Watch 12

The husband of the murdered police officer Sharon Beshenivsky Sharon Beshenivsky has branded her killers "cowards" who had taken the life of a woman "loved by everyone who met her".

After leaving flowers outside the travel agency in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where his 38-year-old wife was shot on Friday afternoon, Paul Beshenivsky said his world was "a darker place without her". He said: "She was my rock. It breaks my heart to think I will never hear her infectious laugh again, to think she won't be here to see our children grow.

Detectives were questioning four men and a woman from London's Somali community in connection with the murder. The suspects were tracked to the Thamesmead district of south-east London on Saturday by West Yorkshire Police's homicide and major inquiry team using Bradford's "Big Fish", an automatic number plate recognition system. This records the details of every vehicle entering and leaving Bradford and enables detectives to check them against a police database.

The suspects, who have been in the UK for some time, were taken from London to Yorkshire yesterday morning in a high-speed, heavily guarded armed convoy and were interviewed at police stations across West Yorkshire. Forensic science searches also continued at the Universal Express travel agency in Bradford city centre.

A woman who came from rural Africa to run an "enormously successful" high-class brothel in central London has been stripped of her wealth by a British court. The case shows that crime can pay...until you get caught.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blair to make Eid a public holiday?

Seeking a hands-on experience on challenges facing the Muslim minority in Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair has met with a group of young British Muslims to discuss their views on extremism, Britishness and the role of religion.

"We're losing confidence and trust in you," Hayder Khan, a young British Muslim, told Blair during a meeting Thursday at a Leeds community center, The Independent said Friday, November 18.

Bright, entrepreneurial, sports-loving and a university student, Khan said that the British foreign policy and the Iraq war have been a main cause in fueling extremism among the Muslim minority.
"With this foreign policy Muslims feel you are attacking them. We all used to vote Labour but not any more. You need to row back and take us with you."

Blair, on his first visit to Leeds since the July 7 attacks, also discussed with the young British Muslims at a primary school in Chapeltown their views on education and what it meant to be British.

Waseem Naeem, 22, a business studies student at Huddersfield University, agreed with his colleague.
"The Government's foreign policy was a factor in many Muslims turning away from the Government."

He added that the Iraq war was not only opposed by the Muslims, but many non-Muslims also disagreed with the war.

A report released last week by a taskforce of prominent British Muslim leaders set up by the government following the July 7 attacks blamed the British foreign policies and the US-British led occupation of Iraq on fueling extremism among members of the Muslim minority in Britain.
During the meeting with Blair, young Muslims put forward a number of proposals for the government to help give a better knowledge of Islam and improve the image of Muslims in the country.

"Making Eid a public holiday for all would delight the non-Muslims and make them examine what the festival means", an optimistic young woman told Blair.
Her male colleague added that a compulsory course on comparative religion would also have the same effect, according to the daily.

Delighted with the suggestions, Blair promised to attempt to convert some of these thoughts into practice.

Blair, on his part, said that the young Muslim group represented the real voice of the young British Muslims, according to the daily.

Is that optimistic young woman really optimistic or trying to converrt us all to Islam? If Eid was made a public holiday here I don't know any none muslim that would be delighted one bit. Do you know any? I used to like halloween (going trick or treating) but I never examined what it meant and I and many others would never examine what Eid meant. This is just an attempt by muslims to change our society so we are forced to celebrate the beliefs of muslims.

Who would have to go through these 'compulsory courses on comparative religion' and why exactly would making us do something we don't want to do delight us? I don't quite understand how.

Why was Blair delighted with all those suggesstions and why would he want to make us celebrate muslim beliefs? Why is he allowing them to invade and destroy this country with their barbaric beliefs started by a mad paedophile? Blair has either completely lost the plot or he is purposely allowing this country to be invaded which I treason. I think it is both.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Police officers take Urdu classes

Police officers in Greater Manchester are learning Urdu to strengthen links with the Asian community.

Eight constables and civilian staff from Collyhurst and Cheetham are taking the 15-week course to get to grips with the basics of the language.

Pc Andrea Brennan says that the skills have already helped her work - she caught a wanted man after communicating with him in Urdu.

Teacher Naheed Siddique said that the officers were "motivated learners".

Ms Siddique, from Manchester Adult Education Service, added: "Learning Urdu will definitely enable them to communicate more successfully with the local Asian communities and will help to promote good relationships."

How much is this going to cost to teach officers urdu and wouldn't it be better to use that money to catch criminals? I thought the Britishness tests that wannabe Brits had to take included being able to fluently speak english? If this is so then why do OUR police have to speak THEIR language?

If they want to be able to stay in this country they should made to go to english lessons at their own expense and have 6 months to fluently learn english. If they can't then they should have no right to be in this country.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Foreigner Watch 11

A serial sex attacker who had just finished serving a prison sentence for raping a man, has been jailed for four years for sexually assaulting a woman.

The 29-year-old victim was drunk and had been trying to find her way home after an evening with colleagues, when the attack happened in March.

Nasreddine Bellila, 39, pounced on her in a deserted alley in Soho, central London, Southwark Crown Court heard.

He said Bellila would have spent much longer behind bars if it was not for the fact that he was to recommend him for deportation on release.

A serial rapist , who twice left previous victims tied to trees, has been jailed for 10 years for stripping, gagging and raping a teenage girl.

The 18-year-old met Lescek Kordansinki, 51, one lunchtime and was persuaded to go to his home in Hackney, east London.

But he bound her to the bed and carried out a sustained physical and sexual assault, Southwark Crown Court heard.

According to details supplied by the Polish Court of Appeal, Kordansinki, a Polish national, had twice locked young women in his car and raped them at knifepoint.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Foreigner Watch 10

A HOSPITAL worker used his bosses' attempts to control the MRSA infection, to carry out a series of sexual assaults.

Healthcare assistant Simon Kasolo, aged 27, was given the job of monitoring the hospital-acquired infection as part of his job at Queen Mary's Hospital Sidcup, where MRSA has been a major concern.

But Blackfriars Crown Court heard Kasolo used the task as an excuse to grope male patients.

Originally from Uganda, Kasolo fled to Britain five years ago to escape persecution, including being jailed for being gay, the court heard.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

French surrender to rioters

The French have finally surrendered to the rioters who have been destroying Paris for over a week. The French have decided to give fire brigade jobs to rioters. Am I the only one seeing the madness in this? They burn cars and buildings and then they suddenly become able to put those fires out. Since when was it logical to give arsonists fire fighting jobs? The French have seriously lost the plot.

That isn't all though as they get more. They will be getting money poured into the area and they will get jobs.

What twisted logic are the French working with? I thought rioters were supposed to be punished and not handed jobs and money? Thats a good idea for the white folk over there as they are obviously getting a bad deal. The white folk should start rioting to get their own way as it is obvious the only way whites can be treated equally is if they riot to be treated equally.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Labour to tax your eyesight

Having a nice view or living next door to a golf course are going to cost householders more in council tax under Labour plans.

Taxpayers are set to be charged hundreds of pounds extra a year if they are in a conservation area, next to an open space, have a swimming pool or tennis court or enjoy full or partial views of the sea, hills, mountains, lakes or rivers.

Last night Caroline Spelman, the Tory local government secretary, described the proposed new regime as "more punishing than ever".

She added: "This is the latest stealth tax - it's a tax on the view from your house rather than a fair charge for local services."

At first I thought this had to be a joke then I went to the link to the story and found that it wasn't. Surely even Labour would draw the line at this I thought. Apparently not. They now want to tax your view. I wonder how long it will be before they tax your breath. Not long probably with this stupid, traitorous and incompetant government.

If the houses are taxed more for those things mentioned I trust that if there are hordes of immigrants and asylum seekers in the area then the tax will be lowered? What about mosques, muslim women wearing burquas, halal shops, No go areas for whites? I trust it will be lower in those areas too afterall those are bad views and it is only fair to have lower council tax if you have to pay more council tax for good views.

Will the blind get less council tax for not being able to see these nice views?

Why does Labour feel that they can tax us for anything these days especially having a nice view? why do they feel we must pay for the right to live in a crime free neighbourhood in a good area with only a short distance to go to have a nice picnic with our family?
Foreigner Watch 9

A ZIMBABWEAN woman who used a fake passport and forged Home Office documents to get work has been jailed for 27 months.

Luton Crown Court heard that Olisim Chitawa also cashed stolen cheques for others.

Amjad Malik, prosecuting, said she was arrested after cashing a cheque at Cheque Converters in Luton on April 29. The blank cheque had been intercepted in the post and filled out to pay her £990.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Paris riots continue

Marauding youths set fire to cars, warehouses and a nursery school and pelted rescuers with rocks early today, as the worst rioting in a decade spread from Paris to other French cities.

The U.S. warned Americans against taking trains to Charles de Gaulle airport via strife-torn areas.

A savage assault on a bus passenger highlighted the dangers of travel in Paris’ impoverished outlying neighborhoods.

Attackers doused the woman, in her 50s and on crutches, with a liquid and set her afire as she tried to get off a bus in the suburb of Sevran on Wednesday, judicial officials said. The bus had been forced to stop because of burning objects in its path. She was rescued by the driver and hospitalized with severe burns.

This riot has been going on for over a week. This just proves that none white immigrants and muslims don't belong in any European country as they are pure savages. If they don't like the country I think the French government should pay for a one way ticket back to the sand kingdom they came from and see how they like it in a savage country that is just right for their savage behaviour.

Its time Europe's leaders got some balls and decided enough is enough and deport all illegal immigrants and those that hate our ways. Its also time for the French government to bring out the real guns and deadly and give everyone 2 hours to get in doors and stay there. Anyone not in doors at that time will be shot and killed irrelevant of the circumstances.

Just like always though the media couldn't help making those immigrants look like the victims. The exact quote is "The violence has exposed deep discontent in neighborhoods where African and Muslim immigrants and their French-born children are trapped by poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, crime and poor education and housing".

That is just ridiculous. You don't see whites who are "trapped by poverty" rioting. Also if you want to be employed why would you go to a country with more than 10% unemployment ? It makes no sense.

You just knew they would mention racial discrimination. Let me ask you people something. If all your community is the same skin colour who would there be to racially discriminate against you? The only people that can do that are the people in that community so they have caused that problem if it actually exists. If the crime problem exists it is those immigrants that are the problem. If that community has a high crime rate and the community is majority immigrant or muslim then the logical assumption is to suspect the immigrants and muslims. They are the ones that created the problem.

I as for the poor education I bet they have some of the best teachers in that part of France. It is probably the children that are the problem. If their parents are criminals which in all liklihood they are then they are probably young criminals misbehaving in class. They created that problem too.

I don't believe the poor housing problem either. If there is one they probably caused that problem just like they caused every single other problem.

If they don't like the community problems which they created or the problems that were there before they got there they can just get on the first flight out of europe which would make the majority of us happy.
WW3 getting closer?

An engineer and Chinese television director are among four people indicted on charges of stealing secret documents on Navy warships and trying to smuggle them to China, prosecutors said Friday.

Chi Mak, a naturalized U.S. citizen from China who lives in Los Angeles County, was arrested October 28. He allegedly took computer disks from Anaheim defense contractor Power Paragon, where he was lead engineer on a research project involving warship propulsion systems, according to an FBI affidavit.

Could WW3 be getting closer? Could China already have some propulsion secrets? A Chinese military official has already stated that they need to attack America within the next 5 years. The Chinese have been understating their military budget, could this unaccounted money have been heading towards secret navy propulsion systems stolen from the Americans? A Chinese company has bought bases up on the Panama Canal which is a shortcut to America.

It seems to me if anything is going to happen it is going to happen soon.
Foreigner Watch 8

A Nigerian immigrant who used at least 19 false identities has been jailed for three years for defrauding the benefits system out of £1 million.

Ominaya Alabi, 31, had been deported twice for similar offences but returned to the UK to continue his scam.

A Palestinian immigrant who started a new life in the west country using a false passport has been jailed for a year. Shady Deeb arrived at Portishead in a container ship the day before his 16th birthday, Bristol Crown Court heard yesterday.

When he failed to win permission to live in the country as an immigrant he used fake documents in order to work.

Friday, November 04, 2005

BNP protest banned

The Labour Government has now banned the BNP's demonstration against the growing problem of Muslim paedophile gangs and the lack of Police action in Keighley. They have done everything possible to cooperate with the police, and have offered on several occasions to cancel their proposed demonstration, if the Police would only meet with their local Councillors and discuss the concerns of the vast majority of people about the growing problems of 'grooming' in towns and cities all over Yorkshire.

Alternatively the BNP will be getting people together to deliver 40,000 full colour postcards, highlighting the growing menace of 'grooming', and they need as many peoples help as possible in distributing them.

So instead of actually doing their job and arresting these muslim paedophile gangs they decide to ban the protest and seal off a 5 mile radius around keighley with much needed police resources that they could be using to arrest these muslim gangs. Isn't it refreshing to see that the police have their priorities in order?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Far left groups throw tantrums and eggs

Far right supporters and anti-fascist groups clashed outside Leeds Crown Court ahead of a hearing involving the leader of the British National Party.

Rival protestors hurled abuse at each other and threw egg and flour parcels before Nick Griffin and BNP activist Mark Collett were due to appear.

The men are awaiting trial in January on race-hate charges, which they deny.

Incase anyone doesn't yet know Nick Griffin's 'race hate charge' was to call Islam a vile and wicked faith and he could get 7 years for it which is totally ridiculous.

I was at the protest but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just the far left who were throwing eggs and powder as they are savages.

This Saturday sees the BNP stage a protest in Keighley about the fact that an investigation has been called off about muslims paedophile gangs molesting white girls as young as 12.

I can see there is going to be a riot there and the BNP doesn't want to stage a protest. All they want the police to do is sit down with BNP elected community leaders and talk about the problem. The police won't do this so the BNP have no other choice but to protest.

For some reason I keep on getting this feeling that a conspiracy is in the works starting in the highest parts of our government, the prime minister. Police will not meet with the BNP. The BNP think that the police will ban the protest (which they do have powers to do) but they haven't yet which is why I am thinking of a conspiracy which probably won't happen but I an see it happening:

If they don't ban the protest there will almost certainly be race riots for days to come. The BNP will be made the scapegoat and be accused of dividing communities and causing racial tension. The scene will be set for the banning of the BNP. After the media comes into it there won't be many in the land that don't believe that the BNP should be banned and they will be banned.

I don't know about you guys but I can definately see this happening.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blog of the month

Its that time of the month again. Yes. You guessed it. Its blog of the month time.

This month is a little different. Instead of one blog there are two blogs as I couldn't figure out which was best. Both blogs get 8 out of 10.

Anti-Racist losers is a blog about the whining of anti racist liberals. Its quite entertaining and informative. Take a look.

The next blog is nationalist news. The author of this blog is a member and activist of the British national party in Bournemouth. Its a new blog but is very informative and good for nationalist news.

Enjoy them both.
Foreigner watch 7

A pair of brave firefighters were attacked when they tried to stop would-be bank thieves in Radlett last week.

The suspects are described as possibly eastern European, of medium build and between 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in. Anyone with information can call police on 0845 3300222.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Foreigner Watch 6

A Crystal Palace man who was part of a three-man network, smuggling illegal immigrants into London and then claiming they were students to help them stay, was sentenced to three years in jail.

Zimbabwean Harry Wilson, 46, of Thicket Road, brought the immigrants into the UK on false documents and then duped the Home Office into granting them visas to stay.

Three Romanians who conned eBay customers out of thousands of pounds have been sentenced to a total of eight years' in prison.

The gang tricked customers into paying for £300,000 worth of non-existent goods which never arrived.

The ring leader, Nicolae Cretanu, 30, of Forest Gate, London, was given a three and a half year prison sentence. His wife Adriana, 23, and George Titar, 26, of Stratford in east London, both got two and a half years.

An asylum seeker who strangled his partner and dumped her body in the River Bure at Yarmouth must serve at least 16 years behind bars, a judge has ruled.

Antonio Lopes, of Kent Square, Yarmouth, was convicted at Norwich Crown Court in October 2003 of killing Domingas Olivais, the mother of his seven-year-old daughter Caia, and jailed for life.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Could we be heading for world war 3?

Chinese military spending is more than double the level the country admits to publicly and is growing rapidly, a defence think-tank said on Tuesday.

In its yearly assessment of global military power, the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies estimated that China spent $62.5bn on defence last year, compared with the government’s official figure of $25bn.

The report follows warnings by Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, in China last week that the US and other countries are concerned about a perceived lack of transparency surrounding the Chinese military budget.

The IISS has not yet calculated what it believes Chinese military spending will be this year, but the Pentagon estimates that it could be as much as $90bn, three times the official Chinese defence budget of $30.2bn.

Speaking alongside Mr Rumsfeld at the Chinese defence ministry last week, General Cao Gangchuan, the defence minister, dismissed suggestions that Beijing was ramping up its military defencespending by more than the official figures. He conceded, however, that the budget did not include some expenditures such as the Chinese space programme.

In contrast, the IISS said its own much higher assessment included fundamental parts of defence budgets such as research and development, weapons procurement, military pensions and some nuclear costs. It estimated the Chinese defence budget had grown about 10 per cent in each of the past 10 years.

Tim Huxley, senior fellow for Asia-Pacific security at the IISS, said: “It has become more and more apparent that the official figures do not reflect reality, especially if you look at capabilities the Chinese are developing such as long-range missiles, rapid global deployment and Russian combat aircraft. There is no way you could pay for a fraction of this if the official figures were accurate.”

If this is true then we could be heading for a showdown with China and the people of the west are fueling their growth by buying cheap Chinese products.

A Chinese military general has already stated that China may have to attack America for more living space by using bioweapons that would destroy a couple of hundred million whites. A chinese company has also bought bases on the Panama Canal which is just a faster route for ships to go to the United States.

Could we be heading for world war 3?
Foreigner Watch 5

A CORRUPT immigration immigration worker who made up to £1.8 million allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to stay in the country was jailed for nine years on Monday.

Obaidur Tipu, 37, mounted a "serious attack" on the immigration system using his inside knowledge from his time working on immigration matters..

At least 1,200 non European Union members each paid Tipu £1,500 in just one of his clever schemes.

Officers investigating investigating the death of a man found in an abandoned car say he died as a result of being stabbed. The body is thought to be that of Polish national Ryszard Sawczyk, 32, who went missing from a house in Evans Road in Rugby, Warwickshire. Another Pole, Mariusz Szpyt, who rented a room in the same house, has not been seen since and police have appealed for the 22-year-old to come forward.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Foreigner Watch 4

Britain's prison population crisis is being fuelled by a big increase in foreign criminals, Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, said yesterday.

Mr Clarke told MPs that overseas nationals now made up about one in eight inmates - almost 10,000 out of a record 78,000.

Over the past five years, while the number of British prisoners had gone up by 11 per cent, there had been a 75 per cent increase in foreigners, taking up 3,500 more prison places than anticipated.

The jail population is now close to critical levels, with police cells once again being used to hold remand prisoners, more inmates being forced to share cells and officials desperately searching for extra accommodation.

Ministers are considering letting more prisoners out early under curfew to help ease pressures.

According to Home Office figures, in 2000 there were 5,586 foreign prisoners.

Today there are almost 10,000. There are around 165 nationalities in custody at a cost of more than £300 million a year.

The problem is particularly acute among women inmates, with one in five now a foreign national - the majority Jamaicans jailed for drug smuggling.

How dare these foreigners come here and commit crimes. Proportionately foreigners seem to be doing more crime. If they aren't it is is even more worrying that they make up 1 in 8 criminals.

Foreign criminals should face the death penalty on any crime for abusing our hospitality. Isn't it now time to shut our boarders so no more immigrants and asylum seekers are able to enter because it is obvious that a lot of them are just abusing our hospitality.
Foreigner watch 3

An asylum seeker living in Oldham who was once again caught behind the wheel of a car without insurance cover was banned from driving for six months by Rochdale magistrates.

However, because Hassan Mohammed Xidir (24), of Savoy Street, was penniless the bench also gave him a conditional discharge for twelve months and waived court costs.

An African prince who tried to smuggle cocaine concealed inside onions into the UK has been jailed for 12 years.

Prince Adegbenie Olateru-Olagbegi, 55, thought the onion odour would hide his cache, worth £163,000, as he arrived at Heathrow Airport from Lagos, Nigeria.

A GANG of Romanian immigrants who tried to steal from a Teesside newsagents by distracting staff have been jailed.

The four women and a man, who had travelled from Slough, Berkshire, to commit the crime, targeted a newsagents in Langley Avenue, Thornaby, on April 7.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My policies

If I was prime minister I would do the following. Please comment and criticise the policies as you see fit

1. There would be a new minimum wage for big business only. The minimum wage for big business would be different for each city and would be calculated like this:

Average weekly rent
Average weekly power bill
Average weekly food bill for family of 4
plus 25%

So you find what the weekly bills are (see above) plus 25% then divide it by 48 (which is the minimum hours people should work per week) and you have the minimum hourly wage.

The 25% bit would be for entertainment or putting some away in the bank.

The minimum wage for small business would be the national average or 15% lower than big business if the national average is more in that city than the city minimum wage.

This would allow small businesses to compete with big business and workers wouldn't be exploited because they would be getting a fair wage.

Of course this new system could give less than the old in some places.

2a. A flat tax of about 25% would be taken for everyone earning £15,000 per year or more. This would fluctuate depending on how many children you have if you are living with your children. Those who don't live with their children won't receive the benefits

2b. For every child you have (and you are living with) your flat tax will decrease by 3% up until the 5th child. The percentage will increase to 4.5% for every child under 3.

2c. Mixed race relationships would not get this.

This would be good for many things. Parents would be encouraged to live together because if they don't one won't receive the benefits of the tax system. This would stop children only living with one parent which I think might decrease youth crime. This might also cure decreasing birth rates for europeans and more importantly get more money for pensions (if they don't have children that money will go to pensions more. the more children they have the more they can pay into the benefits system).

This would also decrease mixed race relationships which are nothing more than ethnic cleansing of whites.

3. There will be a comsumption tax on none essential goods.

This would be good because it would encourage people to save for a rainy day and it would decrease waste.

4a. The BBC license fee would be abolished but the BBC would remain under state contol. They would have to get funding from advertisers.

This would be good because I think the state should have its own tv channel but people shouldn't have to have a license for a tv.

5. Car licenses would be abolished.

People shouldn't be forced to have to have a license to own a car

6. Introduce a special ‘level playing field' super tax on companies that evade paying other taxes in Britain by out-sourcing jobs to factories and call centres overseas. If they want to do business here, they must pay their full share of taxes here.

This would make them employ people here if they want to do business here.

7. There will be tariffs on foreign made goods that Britain can produce itself unless the foreign goods are already more expensive.

This would get our supermarkets to employ people in this country and allow our businesses to be on a fair playing field.

8a. Leave the EU

I think Britain should govern their own affairs.

8b. On all present EU projects already completed there will be a sign saying how much it cost the EU, how much we have given to the EU since we joined, how much we gave in that particular year and the Union jack and the flag of whatever country of the UK the EU project was in.

This would stop EU subliminal advertising which is apparent to only a few of us.

9. Leave Nato

Our soldiers should not be killed in foreign wars.

10. There will be a new bill of rights guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of worship and other basic freedoms. The race relations act would then be abolished and so would the religious hate bill.

11a. The voting system would be changed but not into proportional representation (I don't like it). If the party in government gets 33% of the vote they can push through 66% of their policies (% of vote x 2) without citizen interference. Once they reach their limit the other policies will have to be voted on by the people. To stop parties just announcing hundreds of things that they will do so it will neverend so they don't have to call an election the last 6 months of their term will be devoted to referendums. Whatever they couldn't push through during their term will have to be pushed through in 6 months.

To stop the government making us vote often (sooner or later people just won't care) only a maximum of 2 referendums a month will be made and changes to laws would have to be sent to citizens who would be given a minimum of 1 day for every 3000 words to read what it is before they go to vote.

11b. This would mean that a manifesto becomes a contract. Whatever they promise to do they must try and do it. The things that they want to change will be numbered. The first number will be the first thing to start and will go on like that. This would be to ensure that the goverenment couldn't pick and choose and so that the electorate know the priorities of that political party.

This would be good because at present the governments have far too much power.

11c. In case of an emergency the government can call a legislative emergency which would give them powers to deal with the emergency (the emergency could be as simple as the murder rate has significantly increased but it can only be used if people are getting hurt). During the legislative emergency they are not allowed to take our rights away

11d. There would be a citizens referenda based on the swiss model. Citizens could get a petition going to change things like laws. The petition would need 60,000 signatures or 0.1% of the population. Once it has the number of signatures there will be a national referendum.

11e. To boost election turnout voting over the internet will be allowed however you will need your voter ID and your national insurance number to prove who you are. Other personal questions will also be asked. To know who you voted for you will receive a receipt a couple of days later incase it was someone else who voted.

11f. Postal votes will be banned except for the long term sick, disabled and elderly.

11g. Ban the conducting or publishing of opinion polls in the last three weeks of an election campaign.

11h. Trade unions would be banned from giving money to political parties.

11i. No political party may accept donations from the same person/corporation totalling more than £50,000 per year.

11j. For every MP a party has in the house of commons they will receive £2000 and free mail advertising in the constituencies they control.

11k. Our colonies (how many do we have?) will be invited to send a representative to the house of commons to act as their MP.

12. There will be an English parliament (not the UK parliament) sitting at westminister.

This is so england can be like the other countries in the uk so the others don't feel special.

13A. Conscription would be brought back. Once turning 18 they would have to join the armed forces for 1 year. Alternatively they can help the community for two years however they will not be entitled to a free university education, will not benefit from the child flat tax reduction, will not be able to own a gun and won't be able to vote in the citizens referenda or put their name down on the petition for it. If they do not do the community one they will not be allowed to vote at all or drive a vehicle.

13B. Having completed their tour in the armed forces they will be allowed to carry a rifle at home in case an intruder brakes in.

14a. Our military will be brought home from every single foreign country they are in and made to protect our boarder until the immigration task force is up to the job.

14b. All illegal immigrants will be found and deported. If they do not tell us where they are from we will pay the poorest countries in the world to take them. There will be no appeals.

14c. Asylum seekers will be sent home if their country is deemed safe.

14d. We will take no more refugees and will abide by he 1951 United Nations Convention on Refugees so unless there is a civil war in france no asylum seeker will be our problem.

14e. All legal immigrants and descendents of immigrants from 1930 onwards will be afforded the chance to go to the country they or their descendents came from. They will also receive generous financial incentives to leave.

15. Abolish quotas and targets for ethnic representation in all areas of employment, public and private. They will only be allowed to get a job based on ability and skill and not ethnicity.

16a. The hijab and burqua will be banned in all public places including mosques.

16b. No more mosques will be allowed to be built.

16c. The present Qu'ran will be banned from being sold and being in mosques and will be replaced with a British version with the offending passages either removed or edited.

16d. Muslims will be treated like they would treat Dhimmis except they can run for office.

17. All saints of the british isles will be made national holidays.

18a. Corporal and capital punishment will be back. Capital punishment will only be used if DNA evidence or video evidence is used to prove the guilt and it will only be used for drug dealing, paedophilia and murder.

18b. Repeat offenders will be deported if they are a descendent of an immigrant that came here after 1930. Their families will be offered a chance to go with them.

18c. Prisoners will receive visits once per month that last 10 minutes and visitors will not be allowed to tell them any news about what is going on in the outside world unless it is to do with family or friends.

18d. No newspapers will be allowed into prisons and they will receive no news about what is going on in the outside world.

18e. News channels will not be allowed on prison TVs.

18f. The sentences that prisoners receive will be the minimum amount of time they get. Once the minimum time is up they will go to a prisons board to decide if they have reformed. If they have then they will be let go. if not or they have committed crimes whilest they were in jail they will be held for an extra 6 months then go to the board again.

18g. If prisons become overpopulated the ones who have committed the most serious crimes will be deported and lose citizenship as long as they have served atleast 50% of their sentence.

19. Abortions will be legal but harder to get. The time limit will be 20 weeks and it will not be paid for on the NHS unless there is a serious problem.

20. Healthcare professionals and teachers will be given free mortgages where their skills are needed. They will also be given free places for their children in creches. Their wages will also be increased by 50%

21. To deal with superbugs we will do what the dutch do and put beds in giant disinfectant things (don't know what they are called but they work) atleast once per week. Matron will also make a comeback.

22. Have a referendum on euthanasia.

23a. Starting from 6 years old children will learn 1 language per year and if they show promise they can carry it on for two years. The first language will be sign language then gaelic, welsh or irish, then french, german or dutch, then chinese, russian or arabic. If all those languages are learned they will then be taught morse code.

23b. In english they will be taught about english poetry and english stories

23c. In history they will be taught about british history and the world wars and will listen to churchill and hitler speeches.

23d. There will be a new lesson called Conspiracy Theories that will be taught for one hour per week. The children will not be told if the conspiracies are wrong but will be encouraged to make up their own minds instead of being told the answer. They will receive arguments for and against the conspiracy

23e. In wood tech they will be taught to make crossbows, bows and arrow and other weapons made from wood.

23f. In PE they will be taught to use bows and arrows and crossbows to hit a moving and none moving target.

(23e and 23f are incase society suddenly brakes down from something like the peak oil crisis and they have to hunt for their own food).

24. Teachers should be trained in atleast two subject including english, maths or science.

25. Races would be taught in separate classes with a teacher that is of the same race whenever possible. This is not racist as studies have proven black children learn better through a hands on approach to education and it would be racist to teach them in a none black way. Just because they are taught in separate classes does not mean they will be taught in separate schools. if children wish they can socialise with other races at break and at dinner time.

26. The railways, RNLI, energy industry, pharmaceutical industry and other needed industries will be nationalised.

27. Reduce fuel tax

28. Ban out of town shopping centres-they encourage car dependence

29. Have variable speed limits on motorways at the discression of the local police force.

30. Instead of subsidising food quantity we will subsidise food quality.

31. Halal meat will be banned

32. Mandatory foreign aid will be stopped. Citizens will then be able to volunteer to give an extra percentage of income in taxes. 60% of which will go to the Adopt a country project. The rest will be saved incase there is a disaster like an earthquake. The adopt a country money will be put into a pot to upgrade one country at a time over a couple of decades. Only democratic and free countries will be considered. This aid will be given on a consultant basis. We will tell them what to spend it on. If they won't spend it on what we want them to spend it on they don't get it. This will be used to make the country better and if it works we will go to the UN and ask all first world countries to do the same on a country of their choice.

33. Only houses with more than one bedroom will be allowed to be built and people will get points based on their circumstances. Once a house is free the one with the most points in that area will be offered it. The points will be graded as followed (this doesn't include bungallows):

Born in country=100
In a same race hetero sexual relationship=50
Can trace ancestry in country back to atleast 1930 on atleast one side of family=40
Living with a child=5 per child
Teacher, health professional, police, firebrigade=4 per year of service
Served in the military=5 per year of service
Prepared to share house with someone=11 (this will allow less homes to be built if people are willing to go into a shared home sceme and will only be open to single people and they will not have a choice of who they are with).
Voted in elections or referendums=2 per election and 1 per referendum.
Served jury duty=3 per times served
Lived in same home=1 per month of living in that homes
Commit a crime=lose half the points that you have

This would rightfully give homes to people born in this country and who can trace their ancestry back to the 1930s and would encourage people to have children. This would also discourage mixed race relationships and homosexuality and rightfully give points to those professions that have helped the country the most eventhough most probably own their own homes.
Instead of living on your own this would discourage you to do that so more homes won't have to be built which destroys the environment.
This would also encourage people to vote at election time and do jury duty and rightfully give homes to those who are working and take away points for people who have committed a crime.
This would award points to people who have done the least moving house.

34. Seeing how so many politicians are traitors they will have to say the following Oath before they run for election:

I hereby solemnly swear that I will defend the freedoms and interests of the British people and put British interests before party loyalty.

As well as that they will have to take a lie detector test three weeks before they election. They will be asked if:

They will defend the interests of the British people
They will defend the freedoms of the British people
They will put British interests before party loyalty

Their answers will be put on the news and the ballot papers near their name so the constituents will know if they are lying.

35. Politicians would be entitled to be paid on a performance basis and this is how:

First time MPs-This would be defined as the first time they won an election in their constituency. Winning the constituency then losing a constituency then winning it again would count as a first time MP:

Find the GDP per capita minus the wealth of the top 1% earners. That would be their yearly income entitlement.

Second time MPs-This would be defined as winning an election in a constituency three times in a row:

Find the GDP per capita minus the wealth of the top 1% earners then double the amount.

Even more wins would increase income by 10% for every election in their constituency they win.

*Those on the winning party would get 5% extra than those that are on the same level.
*Those in the Cabinet would get 10% extra than those on the same level.
*The Prime minister would get 20% extra than those on the same level.

Also just because they are entitled to it doesn't mean they will get it. They will get a percentage of it based on how much time is spent at parliamentary debates and on other jobs that is in a politicians job description. This will be modified for cabinet members. Cabinet members' will be classed as present at parliamentary debates and other jobs if they are on official business like a foreign secretary might be in a foreign country.

This would include the expenses that they receive. If they are only doing their job 15% of the time they will only get 15% of the expenses which they claim. The new expense system would not include stationary, costs of staff wages and computer equipment as they would be reimbursed for 100% of it.

This will mean that if an MP is entitled to £50,000 and he only shows up to parliamentary debates 10% of the time he will only be given £5,000.

All this would make MPs do their jobs better and actually turn up to debates and votes especially if they would face not being paid.

This would mean Tony Blair our Prime minister wouldn't get paid much at all as he has only attended 14% of all votes in parliament. Imagine if he was out in the real world and he only attended work 14% of the time. He would be fired and rightfully so.

This would be a good idea because their income would be based on performance. If they do a good job then they will receive more money.

36. Newspapers would be nationalised. There would then be two newspapers which would be tabloids and broadsheets. A tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper would be set up for the United Kingdom. Citizens would then elect an editor for the United Kingdom newspapers. Then citizens of each of the countries of the United kingdom would elect one for each of the newspapers who would just do news in the respective countries. They would then do the same for regions and cities.

The editors would be encouraged to make it work because they would receive 25% of the profits. They would be given a price range that they must keep the price of the newspapers in. As well as receiving 25% of the profits if they succeed they will lose money if they don't succeed. If they run into a deficit it will come out of their money.

Editors will be elected once per year.

As well as doing that for newspapers the same will be done for the news channels except the people will be paid a fixed amount and the only people that can be elected for this position are the broadsheet editor and the tabloid editor.

Private newspapers will be allowed to see their papers only two days per month which will be chosen by each editor. Private channels will be allowed 5 mins per day for news and a full day once per month chosen by the tv editor.

Private newspapers and tv news channels will only be allowed to be owned by British citizens.

This would bring to a halt the brainwashing done by the newspapers.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Active Resistance to Islamification

Just got this email forwarded to me and I thought I would share it with you all incase you want to join. Its about time someone did something about it:

To mark the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar, we are announcing the formal beginning of ARI - Active Resistance to Islamification.

Today we face another invader - one invited into our country yet increasingly in occupation of our nation.

An invader who is placing its mark of occupation, not only within our cities, towns and villages, but into our institutions, government and our whole way of life.

The mosque flys the crescent flag proundly - whilst our English flag, the Cross of St George, is banned and decried as racist and our people threatened and even persecuted for even the flying of it.

The final straw has come with the islamic denounciation of our humble pig - an animal that has been the mainstay of survival for the english people over years untold. Dudley Council (Midlands) has now banned any reference or symbolism of pigs either as food or decoration e.g. piggy banks!

Then there are our traditional celebrations of Christmas and Easter, both being trampled underfoot together with all our proud history and christian heritage.

We must resist the increasing islamic drive to destroy our englishness.

Our symbol is a pig. Please wear a pig - be it a brooch, a pendant, a lapel pin, tie pin, bracelet or one of our badges - please wear a pig!!

Our motto is "England, love her or leave her!"

Our banner is the flag of England and the banner of St George.

Our song is, of course, Jerusalem!

Please put a sticker of resistance on your car. We have car stickers and badges available for purchase and intend to have other products soon. For info and ordering, just e-mail

Our aim is to create a data base of thousands who will e-mail, telephone or write as and when requested in order to assert our own proud heritage and protect our nation in a peaceful manner, without incitement or hatred,

Please register your e-mail address (personal details optional) if you are willing to join our data base of resistance at If you would like to take a more active role in promoting our cause, please let us know.

May we use the famous signal as we once again face losing our country to alien conquest:-

''England expects every man to do his duty'
The invader and our would-be oppressor may not be France or Germany this time but the sentiments remain the same and the danger yet greater. Remember the islamics have openly and often stated their intent to turn this country into part of the world-wide caliphate under sharia law and theocratic control.

We finish with the words of Sir Winston Churchill:-
'You ask what is our aim? I answer in one. It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival''

Love England Committee

P.S. Please circulate this e-mail as widely as you can.
Euro weakest currency in 2005

The euro has been one of the weakest–performing currencies in the world in 2005, with one reason being the low interest rate-policy of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Financial Times Deutschland reports that when comparing the performance of 58 of the world’s main currencies, the euro only ranks at number 50.

In 2005, the EU currency slipped back not only against the dollar, the pound and the yen, but also against the Turkish lira and the Brazilian Real.

Wow. The EU sucks. If it can't compete with 50 other currencies what good is it? its even worse than the Brazilian currency. If the euro is so bad why does Blair want to damage this country by taking us in? The only man standing in the way of us going into the euro is Gordon Brown.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Foreigner Watch: Day 2

Police are searching for a sex pest who pounced on a woman in Edmonton .

The man, who was eastern European, propositioned the 25-year-old for sex as she walked along Park Avenue just before 2am on September 12.

SCHOOLGIRL Shanni Naylor yesterday told of the terrifying moment she was slashed across the face in a classroom attack.

The 12-year-old needed 30 stitches after another pupil lunged at her with a blade from a pencil sharpener.

The attacker — believed to be the daughter of Somalian asylum seekers — has been expelled from Sheffield’s Myrtle Springs School. She has been released on police bail.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Foreigner Watch

A new update to this blog with be "Foreigner Watch". This is to document all crimes done by immigrants and asylum seekers in this wonderful multicultural (sarcasm) country of ours. I will try and update it atleast once per day. Unlike other stories I probably won't comment on them

Two Nigerian brothers who entered the country on false passports took casual jobs as postmen and one rifled mail to get credit card details.

The envelopes were then resealed and sent on to the correct recipients while the details were fraudulently used to make phone and internet purchases totalling nearly £12,000.

A TERRIFIED woman bravely fought off a sex beast who lunged at her in a secluded stairwell.

The attacker was described as a medium-built black man, 5ft 10in tall and aged between 25 and 35.

He was very dark-skinned and spoke in a strong African accent.

Police are searching for a sex pest who pounced on a woman in Edmonton .

The man, who was eastern European, propositioned the 25-year-old for sex as she walked along Park Avenue just before 2am on September 12.

A BUSINESSMAN who shipped a quarter of a million pounds worth of stolen high-performance cars to North Africa was jailed for three years on Friday.

Abulwahid Khamis , who originally came to the UK in the 1990s but was denied asylum, played a leading role in the car-ringing scam.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Avian flu hits Britain

A parrot that died in quarantine in the UK has tested positive for avian flu, the government has said.

The government said the H5 strain of the disease had been found; it is not known if it is the H5N1 variant which has killed people in Asia.

The bird arrived in mid-September from South America.

So far bird flu - in some cases the deadly H5N1 strain - has been found in Romania, Turkey and Greece after apparently being carried from Asia.

UK chief veterinary officer Debby Reynolds said: "The confirmed case does not affect the UK's official disease free status because the disease has been identified in imported birds during quarantine."

That was fast it was only in Croatia (which I think is 5 countries away) 2 days ago, atleast the parrot is in quarantine.
23% of londoners would vote BNP.

New research has found that support for the British National Party is higher in London than any other part of the UK, with 23 per cent of Londoners saying they would consider voting for the far-Right party.

In mayoral, assembly and European elections in London, the British National Party (BNP) and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) vote doubled between 2000 and 2004 and, in 2004, the BNP narrowly missed gaining a seat in the London Assembly, losing by only a handful of votes. In the same year, 45 per cent of Londoners said in a survey that they would consider voting for either the BNP or UKIP.

Another of the researchers, Professor Peter John of Manchester University, pointed out at the launch that, in London, unlike other parts of the UK, the wards where the BNP did well were also the wards where UKIP did well, suggesting that both parties were appealing to the same mindset. 'With the decline of UKIP', he asked, 'will these votes now switch to the BNP?' One in five UKIP voters put the BNP as their second choice in the London mayoral elections in 2004.

Brilliant news. This is evidence that within 20 years we will have a BNP government ruling this country. In the council elections I think we can expect the number of BNP seats to atleast quadruple and in the next EU elections we will see the BNP getting seats.

23% of londoners would vote BNP. We know that a huge majority of BNP voters are white but in London the population of whites is about 55% which is just my estimate because whites will be a minority by 2010 in London. We can then assume that around 40% of whites will vote BNP. A 40% vote for any party in an election would normally give that party a win.

It's time for the BNP to rise and take over from the treason that we have experienced for decades. Let the future role on.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Liam Fox knocked out

Liam Fox, the guy that I thought was best for the job as conservative leader has been voted out of the race to lead them. It is now between David Davis and David Cameron assuring us that unless a miracle happens a David will be leading the party.

At the moment I am moving towards the hope that Cameron will win because he seems the best choice particularly after David Davis made a crappy speech plus the fact that Davis is old is factor. However Cameron might say he is a eurosceptic however he once argued for the European single currency so can we actually trust him?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ken Clarke knocked out

Ken Clarke has just been knocked out of the Conservative leadership race with only 38 votes. What a great day. We won't have a eurotwat for the Conservative leader now. We have a chance of getting out. Wonderful.

Monday, October 17, 2005

EU ignoring democracy

A controversial European human rights programme is being imposed on Britain by the back door, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

European Commission documents show that all new proposed legislation from Brussels will incorporate the Charter of Fundamental Rights - despite it having been rejected by voters. Last night Liam Fox, the shadow foreign secretary, wrote to Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, demanding an urgent explanation for MPs. The charter, a hotch-potch of guarantees, including the right to strike, was a key section of the European Constitution rejected this year by French and Dutch voters.

After the votes, the consititution was declared "dead in the water", and a planned referendum in Britain was scrapped. However, the European Commission document COM (2005) 172 - seen by The Sunday Telegraph The Sunday Telegraph - sets out a framework for "ensuring that the charter is properly implemented".

Chris Heaton-Harris, the Conservative MEP, said: "This is exactly what we were promised would not happen - bits of the constitution brought in by the back door."

It seems that it is irrelevant that the french and dutch rejected the constitution. Seriously... why do they ask us if they are going to do the complete opposite?

If the EU is supposed to be democratic (which it isn't) why would they impose it on us against our will? This yet more evidence trhat we must leave the EU. This is now a war that we have no choice but to win. If we lose we will lose all our freedoms including democracy. It will be difficult to win especially when we have traitors for leaders.

Seriously... if our leaders aren't traitors why are we still in the EU? They say that the EU is good for business but growth in the euro zone is set to suffer a dramatic slowdown this year, dashing hopes of a sustainable recovery.

We do not need the EU for trade. It has been proven many times that the EU is bad for business as a lot of businesses go elsewhere as there are far too much red tape.

Our only close hope of getting out of the EU rests on the result of the first round of Conservative leadership contest tomorrow. If Clarke is voted out we will be more safe. If Fox is elected in the end we will be more than safe.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Race riot in Ohio

A race riot has started in Ohio, taledo. The communists and blacks rushed the national socialists who were protesting ethnic cleansing against whites who have been forced out of their homes because blacks dont want them there.

You can listen to it here.

At this time you won't hear about it on any other news source as the police have asked them to keep it quiet so no more will come and riot.
Minuteman meet resistance

The city of Bellingham and the state's Democratic Party have denounced as racist and divisive the presence of civilian patrols at the U.S.-Canada border and want Gov. Christine Gregoire to tell them they're not needed.

Referring to the Minuteman Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as "self-appointed militia and vigilantes with limited training," Bellingham's City Council this week passed a resolution condemning the volunteer guards, who stationed themselves Oct. 1 at eight posts between Blaine and Sumas.

Why is it racist to want to protect your boarder from people who have no right entering the US?

Christine Gregoire should realise that the minuteman are needed if the government won't do a thing about the boarder. These people are the real patriots and not like the traitors that they have in government.

If the government don't want them protecting the boarder maybe they should protect it themselves or step down for being incompetant.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ken Clarke knocked out in first round?

THE Tory leadership race stepped up a gear last night amid speculation that Liam Fox has secured the backing of 15 Conservative MPs – enough to push Ken Clarke out of the contest at the first round. Dr Fox is believed to have cut a deal with 15 of the 25-strong Cornerstone Group of "faith, family and flag" right-wing Tory MPs.
The move would double his parliamentary party support and put the shadow foreign secretary neck-and-neck with David Cameron, who is currently in second place.

Brilliant news. Lets hope that he gets the support of all 25 of the cornerstone group and Ken Clarke gets knocked out in the first round. It would be a disaster for the whole country if Ken Clarke ever became leader of the conservatives and Liam Fox is the best option at this time.
Danish muslims not getting their way

Danish Muslims have strongly condemned one of the country's largest newspapers for publishing drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.

A group of 16 Muslim organisations issued a statement on Wednesday demanding that Jyllands-Posten apologise for printing the drawings.

"The newspaper has with its action deliberately stepped on Islam's ethical and moral values with the purpose of contempt and ridiculing Muslims' feelings, their holy sites and their religious symbols," the group said.

On 30 September, the Jyllands-Posten daily printed 12 drawings by Danish cartoonists who had been asked to illustrate the prophet.

Jyllands-Posten, citing the freedom of speech, said it would not apologise for printing the drawings.

The paper said that after printing the drawings it received several threats, which have been reported to the police.

Nearly 150,000 Muslims live in Denmark, representing 2.8% of the country's 5.4 million residents.

Islam bans depictions of Prophet Muhammad.

Why do muslims seem to think they can get away with anything they like? Denmark is not a muslim country so if they don't like it they shouldn't be there. I am glad that Denmark isn't pandering to this despicable cult of murderous anti-freedom thugs.

Why is it that only insignificant countries like Denmark and the Netherlands will stand up to Muslims while relatively significant countries like Britain cower in the face of muslim demands?

Another questions should be, why does Islam ban depictions of their Prophet Muhammad? Is he that ugly or is the religion that backward? I say both.
Blair's solution to rising crime rates: Release the prisoners

THOUSANDS of prisoners will be released early in an attempt to ease prison overcrowding overcrowding, under plans approved by Charles Clarke.

Criminals sentenced to four years in prison could be freed after just 18 months, The Times has learnt. A two-year sentence would mean spending only six months in jail.

The early release, under a curfew and electronic tag, will be in addition to the automatic release halfway through all sentences of less of than four years.

Half the 70,000 prisoners sentenced each year to less than four years in jail for offences such as burglary, fraud and theft are estimated to be eligible for the scheme. Sex and violent offenders and fine-defaulters are not eligible.

So the government's answer to increased crime is let prisoners go. Oh yeah I am sure those prisoners won't do it again. What kind of incentive is that not to commit crime? Do we really want those 35,000 prisoners released back into the community to do more harm? Afterall they don't have an incentive not to do crime as Blair is soft on crime.

This is yet more evidence that this government has completely lost the plot

What I would do instead is get the death penalty back for murderers, rapists, paedophiles and drug dealers. The sentence given in the courts for all criminals would be a minimum time they get and they would get time added on for bad behaviour. If the prisons were still found to be overpopulated then the worst criminals starting with repeat offenders would be rounded up and deported to the first third world country that would take them. Of course we would pay the country a lot to take them and would even offer their family a one way ticket over there to be with them.
The prisoner would lose citizenship and would not be allowed back.

Once word got around the country that we were doing it I am sure there would be a sharp reduction in crime as who would want to be sent to a crappy country with no belongings except the clothes on their backs and no knowledge of the language at all? It would be hell for them but they deserve it. All criminals do.
The dutch start to wake up

THE Netherlands is likely to become the first country in Europe to ban the burka, under government proposals that would bring in some of the toughest curbs on Muslim clothing in the world.

The country’s hardline Integration Minister, Rita Verdonk, known as the Iron Lady for her series of tough anti-immigration measures, told Parliament that she was going to investigate where and when the burka should be banned. The burka, traditional clothing in some Islamic societies, covers a woman’s face and body, leaving only a strip of gauze for the eyes.

Mrs Verdonk gave warning that the “time of cosy tea-drinking” with Muslim groups had passed and that natives and immigrants should have the courage to be critical of each other. She recently cancelled a meeting with Muslim leaders who refused to shake her hand because she was a woman.

The proposals are likely to win the support of Parliament because of the expected backing by right-wing parties.

Finally the Netherlands have woken up and are leading the way and have shown that liberal attitudes no longer work when it comes to muslims and multicultural. They were once the most liberal in europe but now they are finally seeing all the downsides to multiculturalism.

I hope this works out for the Netherlands but how long before Rita Verdonk is assassinated just like Theo Van gogh and Pim Fortuyn.

I wonder when our leaders will get some common sense and ban the burqua.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Patriotic french politician arrested for calling for holocaust debate

The case of Bruno Gollnisch, a senior member of France’s extreme-right National Front party, has left the assembly’s judicial affairs committee with a dilemma.

The politician was charged by police in France over his comments at a press conference on 11 October last year, which came close to breaking French laws against calling into question crimes against humanity.

"I do not deny the existence of deadly gas chambers. But I’m not a specialist on this issue, and I think we have to let the historians debate it," he said.

He did not contest the "hundreds of thousands, the millions of deaths" during the Holocaust, but added: "As to the way those people died, a debate should take place."

Why is it illegal to want to have a debate on the issue? If the holocaust really did happen I see no reason for there not to be a debate.

People should be able to debate historical facts without fear of being sent to prison and apparently they can't even call for a debate in France which is antifreedom.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Liam Fox blog

As my readers will know by now I want Liam Fox to win the Conservative leadership election. As I was searching the internet I found Liam Fox's own websaite which also has a blog.

I will be linking to the site and you can see it here.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Anyone But Ken

The Conservatives have yet to pick a leader and I have already said that I support Liam Fox however as long as Ken Clarke doesn't win I will be happy. This is because Ken Clarke is the ideal candidate for leadership... if he was a Labour member. He is one of the most europhile ministers I have ever layed my eyes on so he must not win as there would be even less difference between Labour and the conservatives than there is now. Infact I think he is more likely to join the Euro and leave the Pound than any Labour government.

This is why I am linking to Anyone But Ken which is a blog blogging against Ken Clarke becoming leader. Its a good blog and well worth reading.

If Ken Clarke does win I think Gordon Brown may be the best for England as Brown doesn't seem too much of a europhile. Infact he looks more like a control freak which is great because he won't appreciate the EU butting in. He won't leave the EU but we can look forward to lots of arguments between him and the EU.