Friday, October 26, 2007

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The blog of the week this week is Birmingham Patriot.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

News roundup 58

Jobsworth hurled WWII veteran on pavement because OAP pass wasn’t valid for another 40 minutes. Sack him!

Shipping pollution ‘far more damaging that flying’. Why not just make our own things?

Sarkozy suggests Blair as first president of the EU. Oh shit.

Swabbed for DNA and held for eight hours, the man who tackled a litter lout. That’s just stupid.

Hazel Blears launches kids’ army of snoopers to do battle against the yobs. Is this what it has come to?

A sex beast who vowed to seek out a new child victim has been freed from jail. Executing him would have solved the problem.

Killer neighbour given 21 months. How is that justice?

Dumbledore's chamber of secrets revealed

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has revealed that one of her characters, Hogwarts school headmaster Albus Dumbledore, is gay.

She made her revelation to a packed house in New York's Carnegie Hall on Friday, as part of her US book tour.

She took audience questions and was asked if Dumbledore found "true love".

"Dumbledore is gay," she said, adding he was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, who he beat in a battle between good and bad wizards long ago.

Why did she have to go and ‘out’ Dumbledore? Why couldn’t sexuality be kept out of Harry Potter? Most of us are sick of homosexual propaganda. We couldn’t care less if someone we knew was gay but we don’t want their propaganda to be constantly forced fed to us.

I wonder if I can get 7 years for saying that? I wonder if the next story there will be a homophobic wizard getting dragged before a wizard court and sentenced to 7 years for homophobic remarks.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

MPs to spend less time at Westminster

MPS are to get an extra week off at the end of this month - just weeks after coming back from their bumper three-month summer recess - because the government has run out of business.

Harriet Harman, the Commons leader, broke the good news to MPs yesterday, also outlining even more time away from Westminster for them over the coming year. MPs will spend one in three weeks out of Westminster - taking their time away from the Commons from 15 weeks to 18 weeks.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "If MPs spent longer in the House there'd be less badly drafted legislation."

This is a good thing. If MPs spend less time in the House of Commons it will mean that they are drafting less legislation and staying out of our lives more. That has to be a good thing. It’s not like they will actually be on holiday because they will be in their constituencies addressing the issues that concern their constituents. How is that a bad thing?

The royal toilet

A council has been caught short of cash after spending £5,000 on a toilet for the Queen - which she didn't even use.

Officials were left staggered when they totted up the cost of Her Majesty's visit to their town and realised it had cost them an astonishing £20,000 an hour.

Royal officials told trip organisers Her Majesty would not use an old toilet and insisted a new one be installed in the town hall before her visit - in case she needed a "royal wee".

But the brand new toilet remained unused during the three hour walkabout in Romsey, Hants.

The extra expense of the toilet added to the council's troubles as the cost of the visit escalated out of control.

The trip, marking the 400th anniversary of Romsey Town Council's Royal Charter, was expected to cost just £20,000.

But councillors were too embarrassed to cancel when they found out weeks before the Queen was due to arrive that the true cost would be a staggering £38,000 more.

Rule changes meant the police were no longer responsible for security costs and the council also had to pay for barriers, cones and even evacuation plans to be drawn up.

I would have told the Queen’s officials that if she didn’t like it no one was forcing her to come. Just because the queen wants to be a snob does not mean that taxpayers should have to fork out money to cover the expense of a new toilet because the queen feels she is too good for ordinary toilets.

Friday, October 19, 2007

News roundup 57

Cure for killer bug – but there’s a catch. That’s puke worthy.

’Supersized’ patients banned from hospital waiting room because floor can’t take their weight. That can’t be a well designed hospital.

Obesity ‘not individuals’ fault’. Yes it is. No one is forcing them to sit on their arses all day.

Olympic consultants cost taxpayers £1m a week. Aren’t you glad we have the Olympics?

Riot police storm pub after a smoker lights up in protest at ban. That’s just stupid.

One third of ‘Londoners’ born abroad. Soon the capital will be foreign.

Realist sentencing

Criminal sentences in this country are totally out of proportion to the actual crimes that criminals are being punished for. Take this 41-year-old man who was cautioned after he walked into a motorbike dealership and threatened staff with a 3ft axe.

He should have been sent to prison for a couple of months or at the very least given community service. He sounds like a psycho and probably should have been held under the Mental Health Act.

Serious offenders are always given an easy time under this government. Rapists and dangerous thugs are going to get shorter prison terms even though they have already said that indeterminate sentences are a vital weapon in the fight against crime. Labour is either backtracking on this or they are putting the public in danger. Both reasons should mean that you won’t vote Labour again.

While they are going easy on serious offenders they are punishing people who don’t do anything wrong. A retired journalist was fined £75 for putting litter in a bin. If this man is an isolated case he won’t be for long. In Chester the council has decided to give residents £100 fines if they put their rubbish out before collection day.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is The Policeman’s Blog which only just beat 4 other blogs which are UK Commentators, 21st Century British Nationalism, International Delusions and Birmingham Patriot.

War on drugs surrenders to political correctness

Something is seriously wrong when you can’t investigate Vietnamese drug gangs because it could be classed as racist.

Vietnamese drugs barons control 75% of the cannabis production in this country so it would be common sense to put your resources into catching these people. Unfortunately in today’s world common sense doesn’t play a part.

Going easy on drug addicts is also the way to go these days. Junkies are being offered rounds of golf at the taxpayers' expense under a drugs rehabilitation programme.

Drug users have been kitted out with free shoes, gloves and clubs through the Drugs Intervention Programme (DIP). That’s only happening in Hartlepool though. In the rest of the country cocaine and heroin addicts on a government treatment programme are being offered extra drugs as a reward for good behaviour which costs £500m a year.

Immigration places huge strain on public services

The truth is finally coming out. The government has admitted that immigration is placing a huge strain on our public services.

Crime is up, schools are struggling to cope with Eastern European children, community tensions are rising, health services are coming under enormous pressure and house prices are being driven up, the Government said. Immigration also costs every household £350 per year.

Rather than actually stopping immigration from Eastern Europe where most of the immigrants are coming from the government want to stop anymore coming from outside Europe and allow more and more Eastern Europeans into this country even though they are the ones who are the cause of the community tension and the cause of the strain on public services.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Olympic bosses taking bribes

The Olympics is getting more expensive every day. The bill for the aquatics centre is set to double to £150 million while the budget for the stadium will rise from £280million to £500 million.

While the costs increase the people in charge of the project do nothing to keep the costs under control. Why should they? Afterall they are receiving bribes from companies that they have rewarded contracts too. These senior executives have no incentive to give contracts to the cheapest. They will give it to anyone just so long as the bribe is high enough.

The information was found out using freedom of information laws but these executives were so determined to keep this information a secret that they only gave researchers 90 minutes to view hundreds documents, would not allow copies to be made and are now refusing to let anyone else see the names of the officials.

With such limited time to read hundreds of pages is it possible that it is worse than we thought? Could they have accepted more than these researchers were able to read?

Gordon Brown to tax fun

Gordon Brown became embroiled in a new tax row last night as secret plans to introduce a levy on pub quizzes were revealed.

Confidential orders to council tax snoopers, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, say 'friendly' pubs with quiz nights, football teams or dartboards will be forced to pay higher business rates, which will pay for Labour's public-spending programme.

The plan, which could lead to big tax rises for bars deemed 'popular', was last night condemned by the Tories, who claimed it could lead to landlords cancelling quizzes and other social events.

What a surprise. Gordon now wants to tax FUN. He won’t be happy until he can tax everything. Gordon Brown is scum.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

News roundup 56

Britain is favourite destination for asylum seekers in EU. Surprise surprise.

Government ‘owes Kent £7m for asylum costs’. They wouldn’t need it if we weren’t made to take them.

Cost of Olympic stadium and swim centre doubles. The cost is just going to get bigger and bigger.

Blears unveils 10-point action plan to build community cohesion. If multiculturalism worked we wouldn’t need this.

Sculptor fills Tate with a hole. Why do we need this? It’s PC nonsense.

Anger over plan to dig up 350,000 bodies in historic London cemetery for Muslim burial site. More Muslim appeasement.

RAF cuts to axe quarter of key bombers. Labour is destroying our military capabilities.

Violence at Swiss pre-poll rally. Left-wingers hate democracy.

Policeman threatens to arrest boy for toy gun. Don’t they have anything better to do like filling in some forms?

You can’t have stab vests… try talking to attacker instead. The government is full of idiots.

Police force performance ratings ‘overlook whites’. The government hate whites so it’s not surprising.

Will Al Gore use Nobel Peace Prize to launch new bid for US presidency. I hope not.

Babies dying ‘due to NHS staffing crisis. If only we had a decent government.

Thousands of osteoporosis patients denied a pain free life for £3 a week. Scottish people won’t have to suffer though

Commons Speaker spent £21,516 of taxpayers’ money to ‘challenge negative press’. Who does this guy think he is?

A call has been made to ban the word “housing” in schools in case it offends Travellers’ kids. That’s just stupid.

Christmas lights under threat. These nanny state kill joys must be stopped.

1.4 million immigrants in 5 years

We are being overwhelmed by immigrants. In 5 years our immigrant population has swelled by almost 1.4 million, about 1 million of which are Polish. Half of these 1 million plan to stay in this country for a long period of time.

We already have a housing crisis and now it has been revealed that because of immigration we will need at least another 95,000 homes per year up until 2020. I bet this will be far higher but I will go by the figure given. Given this figure of 95,000 and given that I expect that they will bring their families over I expect that in the next 12 years there will be over 3 million immigrants in this country, however in some circumstances it has been reported that immigrants are living up to 10 a house which will mean that the number could be far higher.

Government silences diplomats

Over the passed few months I have been blogging that the government has been silencing any opposition to its plans. They have silenced postal workers, the military, the media, junior doctors and civil servants.

Not content with that they now want to silence diplomats from talking about international issues even when they retire from being a diplomat.

The government is becoming increasingly fascist, silencing any one who disagrees with them or telling people the truth about the destruction of Britain.

Foreign aid goes towards fighting wars

A report on armed conflict in
Africa has shown that the cost to the continent's development over a 15-year period was nearly $300bn (£146bn).

The research was undertaken by a number of non-governmental organisations, including Oxfam.

It says the cost of conflict was equal to the amount of money received in aid during the same period.

Doesn’t this show that with aid we are just continuing the conflicts in Africa? We should be spending it on our own people, especially our elderly so they don’t have to eat cardboard to stay alive.

Doctors can't get a job

Every British medical graduate should be guaranteed a training place in hospital after thousands were squeezed out by overseas applicants this year, a damning inquiry into the junior doctors fiasco has said.

The report into the Government's botched handling of doctors' training found a series of blunders meant 33,000 junior medics were chasing just 22,000 training posts earlier this year.

Report author Professor Sir John Tooke said the problem occurred because ministers had failed to anticipate that more than 10,000 doctors would apply from overseas, thus 'flooding' the market.

Ministers have now promised to consider his recommendation that British medical graduates should be guaranteed their first year of training, with overseas doctors only able to apply later on.

I thought immigrants were only doing the jobs that British people don’t want to do? Surely this story busts this myth as being a bare faced lie?

This country has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds per doctor training them and now it has been shown to be a total waste of money as we are taking foreign doctors which are probably needed in their own country far more than they are here after all we do have an over supply while less developed countries need far more doctors than they have.

If we can’t get rid of the immigrant doctors maybe we can get rid of the Muslim medical students who refuse to learn about sexual diseases, alcohol or women.

The heartless reality of capitalism

If anything exposes the heartless reality of capitalism it is this story.

Employers are starting to replace migrant workers with other migrant workers once they stop working as hard as they normally do even though the older immigrants are more likely to have integrated. When immigrants settle in they begin to have more ties and are not able to work such long hours so employers replace them with people who are willing to work as slaves.

This is the new reality of globalised immigration. If you don’t work like a dog you can be replaced by someone who is willing to work like a dog from a totally different country who could be from the other side of the planet. Employers don’t care about you. They are just interested in the next pound that they can make.

Child poverty increases under Labour

Child poverty among working families has gone UP under Labour, shock new figures reveal.

There are now 200,000 more of these kids below the breadline than when Tony Blair came to power in 1997.

Pm Gordon Brown is being urged to hike handouts in Tuesday's super-budget to get back to his target of halving child poverty by 2010.

All the handouts will do is prolong the poverty that families are in. the only way to make sure that they can get out of poverty is making sure that they have jobs that they can go to that don’t pay them a pittance for working all day which means they can’t see their children

The government should be lowering taxes so that people will actually want to work and not have the fruits of their labour stolen from them by a thieving government but because our government is constantly taxing the productive to give to the unproductive disposable income is at it’s lowest for 10 years.

If the economy is doing well British people are not benefiting from it. Like I have said the only way to get out of poverty is to work yourself out of it but half of all new jobs go to immigrants which means that immigrants now fill 1 in 14 jobs. How can people work when they can’t even get a job?

Labour is supposed to work for the working class but they don’t. They just work to keep themselves in the job while betraying the working class and keeping them in eternal poverty.

Friday, October 12, 2007

7 years for raping children or hating gays

What world is our government working in? They believe that if you talk negatively about homosexuals you should get 7 years in prison. The government should realise that we had a little thing called freedom of speech before these fascist came into power and we don’t want our freedom of speech to be destroyed any more just so that they can pander to minority interests.

A paedophile has just been jailed for 7 years for abusing a girl from the age of 5. He destroyed her life and she almost killed herself a number of times and yet the government is saying that telling people you hate gays is a crime equal to that of raping a little girl from the age of 5. What kind of perverted logic do our rulers operate under?

Is it the same perverted logic that stopped a paedophile victim from informing other parents that her rapist was living in their area after being released from prison after 7 years?

If the government believes that hating gays and raping young girls are crimes that are equal then they lack basic judgement and should not be trusted with the running of this country.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is this true?

I have already been fooled once this week with this story about a parents’ group wanting to ban unhappy endings in stories.

Could this be another fake news story? I was a believer myself until I read “MoD chiefs hope to attract more Muslim women, prized due to their rare, natural cover”. Are they trying to joke about the burquas covering them up or something? I don’t believe this is a true news story.

The Samaritans isn't inclusive enough

A branch of the Samaritans has had its application for a £300,000 lottery grant rejected because, it was told, it does not do enough for the disadvantaged, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities.

The volunteers in Sheffield take 22,000 calls a year, offering round-the-clock support to desperate people throughout Yorkshire and Humberside every day.

But they could soon find themselves homeless because they cannot afford to refurbish new premises after being rejected by the lottery. At the same time, the Big Lottery Fund is to give £360,000 of public money to a project offering advice to prostitutes.

Why should diversity play a role in deciding lottery money? How do they know that the Samaritans don’t help ethnic minorities? At the end of a phone call trying to persuade someone not to commit suicide it wouldn’t exactly be a good idea to ask them to fill out a customer satisfaction survey would it.

I think that the Samaritans do help ethnic minorities and if they don’t they should still have received the money so they could help them. Maybe talking to the Samaritans would stop so many abused Asian women from committing suicide after-all young Asian women are 3 times more likely to be suicidal than white British women.

More than 21,000 girls under 15 in England and Wales are estimated to be at serious risk of being forced into genital mutilation and a further 11,000 over-eights are highly likely already to have been subjected to the practice, according to research. Aren’t these types of ethnic minorities likely to commit suicide too?

Surely this shows that it is probable that the Samaritans do help ethnic minorities and by the Lottery criteria they should be given the grant.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Martin Wingfield.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

News roundup 55

Hundreds of troops go without pay because of computer system failure. Despicable!

£252m Chinooks remain grounded. The government can’t do anything right.

Council bans war veteran from publicising Remembrance Day event. Sack the petty bureaucrats.

Foreign gangs’ ‘moving to rural areas’. Don’t you just love diversity?

Illegal immigrant avoids boot because of criminal record. He gets to stay because he is a criminal? They must have lost their minds.

52% of Britons see immigration as a threat to our identity. The government will still just let more in.

Criminals will be released into free housing to ease over-crowded prisons. Oh great. Now it will be harder for law abiding citizens to find a home.

Banning braids could be classed as racist, schools told. That’s just stupid.

UKIP demands immigration ‘freeze’. The BNP have been saying this for years.

SNP caught lying

ALEX Salmond was yesterday accused of backtracking on a key SNP pledge to recruit 1,000 new police officers.

The SNP fought the Scottish elections promising the extra officers but, in the parliament yesterday, Mr Salmond would only commit to "the equivalent of" 1,000 new officers - leading to opposition claims of a U-turn.

The First Minister also came under attack over the renewal of Edinburgh schools. Labour had insisted they would have been rebuilt by the previous administration but claimed these plans had been ditched by the SNP.

The row over the SNP's plans for the police erupted because of a change in the party's stated policy. In April, the SNP manifesto promised "1,000 more police" but, by the time the SNP took power, that had changed to "the equivalent of 1,000 new police officers".

At First Minister's questions yesterday, both Annabel Goldie, the Scottish Tory leader, and Nicol Stephen, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, asked if the SNP would actually recruit 1,000 new officers or whether the Scottish Government would merely move officers from back-room duties to frontline operations, without recruiting the numbers promised.

Mr Stephen claimed the SNP's promise had become "rebadging, renaming or reshuffling existing police".

And he added: "They're not new or additional. Is this the biggest backtrack the First Minister has yet devised?"

It looks like people of Scotland are being lied to by a party that is betraying them at any given opportunity. They were promised 1000 new police by the SNP but now that the election is over they have decided that they don’t need to do that anymore. They are even more shameless than Labour.

Gordon Brown fakes hospital opening

Gordon Brown is in a new row over spin after being accused of faking a hospital opening.

The Prime Minister cut the ribbon at a medical centre in Basildon, Essex, a key Labour marginal, to coincide with the publication of an interim report on the future of the NHS.

But the heart and chest unit was treating patients three months ago when the official opening was reported in the local press.

One patient, who was at the first opening in July, was brought back at 24 hours' notice yesterday to hold a ribbon for Mr Brown to cut during the photo-opportunity.

"They just said there was a reception and could I come down. I didn't know the Prime Minister would be here," said Peter Cripps, of Laindon, Essex.

Gordon Brown is shameless. He tries to con the people of Britain by basically lying to us all. He hasn’t gotten away with it though and he should be punished at the polls for trying to get away with it.

We had enough of the spin doctors of Blair and now we have the spin doctors of Brown who are far worse than Blair’s spin doctors. Gordon Brown should know by now that most Brits are not gullible fools that he thinks we are.

Headteacher wants to charge children to eat packed lunches

A headteacher wants children charged for bringing in packed lunches, so instead they eat the school's healthy Jamie Oliver-style meals.

Primary school heateacher Margaret Bousfield believes the increases in packed lunches are a protest against the Government's introduction of healthy meals, promoted by celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver.

Ms Bousfield, of Fens Primary School in Hartlepool said: "My concern about packed lunches is that, in many schools, meals are healthy and some schools are seeing an increase in packed lunches.

"It seems that nationally more and more children are taking packed lunches and there seems to be an outcry against Jamie Oliver.

"The Government should allow schools to charge young people to bring packed lunches into school.

"There are cost implications for allowing young people to eat packed lunches in schools and introducing a cost may enhance the take-up of what are very healthy school meals."

In a document to the council, she said: "I'm not saying that every child has an unhealthy packed lunch.

"Why not has legislation on it? If the Government can tell schools what to provide in terms of food served that children pay for, then why not packed lunches?"

Who does this bureaucrat bitch think she is? The Nazis would love her to run their schools. Why on earth should there be legislation covering packed lunches? The government already legislates too much as it is and packed lunches aren’t important enough for Parliament to legislate on.

Mrs Bousfield is a teacher and should stick to teaching and she should not have any say over what her pupils eat during dinner time.

They never lived happily ever after

Children's books that don't have happy endings should be banned, it was claimed yesterday.

Youngsters are already exposed to enough misery in their lives and should be protected from such stories, says a parents' group.

The Happy Ending Foundation is planning a series of Bad Book Bonfires for later this month, when parents will be encouraged to burn novels with negative endings.

The foundation has also written to school librarians across the country to coincide with Children's Book Week, which began on Monday, urging them to take ' controversial' books off shelves.

When are youngsters exposed to misery? They aren’t exposed to misery at all. Maybe bad grades mean that they are exposed to misery? Either way these idiots should be ignored and then ridiculed if they keep on with this idiotic campaign. Children are wrapped in cotton wool enough. Why would we want to do wrap them in more?

Having sad ending isn’t going to damage children for life. They should know that not every situation will turn out rosy. If parents don’t like it they can simply not buy the books to read to their child. Problem solved.

Asylum seekers stay for being too violent (2)

Hundreds of failed asylum seekers escape deportation every year by throwing tantrums at the airport.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith revealed that 2,079 have been spared removal as a result of their "disruptive behaviour" in the past two years.

In each case, thousands of pounds had been spent detaining the bogus refugees, holding them in removal centres and arranging flights.

However, once they arrived at the airport to board their flight home, they behaved so erratically that airlines refused to take them for safety reasons.

I blogged about this happening in May and since then nothing has been done about it. The only thing the government does is bribe them to leave. If they refuse to leave and become violent they should be sedated until the end of the flight. They shouldn’t have a choice in the matter especially if they become violent.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is The Wilted Rose which was closely followed by Birmingham Patriot.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

News roundup 54

Thieves steal cardboard copper used to prevent shoplifting. They should have known that was going to happen.

Lorry driver caught smoking in his cab by dog wardens fined £260. I hope he fights it.

Tories pledge cut number of immigrants coming into Britain. That’s going to be useless if they don’t stop EU immigrants.

Britain will vote on all EU power grabs. Good idea from the Conservatives.

Tories to lift inheritance tax threshold to £1m. Good idea. It’s also a BNP policy

Schools must warn of Gore’s climate film bias. Sanity at last.

Spending on NHS to be raised to £100bn a year for first time. More money is not the answer. We need competent people running the health service.

Army chief launches £5m appeal to fund vital therapy centre for injured troops. The government should be paying for this. The army shouldn’t have to beg for money to help injured troops.

Good news for gay doggers

Are you a gay man? Enjoy the dogging scene? Hate to be disturbed while giving another man pleasure in public? If you answered yes to all of these you no longer have anything to fear. If this story is anything to go by the people who disturb you will now be punished.

This isn’t a joke. 4 men were actually performing sex acts and were disturbed by firemen who shone their torches from the engine into bushes which interrupted their sex act. One of the gay men wasn’t having this after all he couldn’t finish what he was doing. The man complained and said the firemen were being homophobic. I would have thought they liked a man in uniform.

The Bristol fire service took this homophobic complaint seriously. The firefighters were suspended on full pay during a three month investigation. Two were fined up to £1,000, one was demoted in rank and the other given a written warning.

They have all been ordered to attend an equality course and the fines will be donated to a nominated gay-rights charity.

One being mooted is the Jamaican Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) although no final decision has been made.

The gay complainant is happy that justice has been served on the firemen who wouldn’t join the fun. The gay man also won’t be arrested for his disgusting behaviour which should have been done in his own home if it was going to be done at all. Atleast justice has been done…

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

News roundup 53

Hauliers threaten blockades as Brown’s 3 tax rises bring petrol to £1 a litre. I hope they do it just before any election.

£10bn shortfall in Brown’s accounts. So much for prudence.

Boy drowned by thugs who threw stones to stop their victim escaping. Lynch them!

Muslim ‘peace’ adverts launched. The fact that they have to show adverts means something.

Women to escape justice (2)

A major review of prisons in
England and Wales is to recommend closing nearly all women's prisons and replacing them with small custodial units, it has been reported.

The recommendations from Government trouble-shooter Lord Carter of Coles would also see high-risk offenders housed in new "federal" style jails, the Times newspaper said.

Lower-risk criminals would be contained in so-called community prisons, with many short-term inmates in open facilities offering treatment for addictions and other resettlement programmes, it added.

This ‘major review’ has already happened, infact I blogged about it in March. This one has a few minor changes. The government must have figured that lots of people didn’t like the first policy that they had to change it to make it more acceptable, hoping no one would figure out that they have already announced it.

Diversity training is useless

It’s official. Police diversity training is useless but atleast the experts have began to realise that. Dr John Coxhead, who worked for ten years as a liaison officer with gipsies and travellers thinks that forces should stop putting so much effort into training courses and return to "common sense," I couldn’t agree more but unfortunately the people in charge at the top don’t have common sense.

Showing their lack of common sense Devon and Cornwall Constabulary have decreed that their officers are no longer allowed to rescue drowning swimmers or even hold their hands out. They also must carry out a dynamic risk assessment before throwing a life belt.

PCSOs are also useless when faced with slightly determined criminals. They are not allowed to tackle violent yobs, respond to any serious incident and issue fines which makes them more useless than traffic wardens.

Government lies about Northern Rock

The government lied to the flood victims and got away with it. The flood victims were told they would be helped to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. After that they were given £250 and a trip to the zoo.

The government have been caught lying again. This time they have lied about Northern Rock. Savers were told that up to £100,000 in their accounts would be guaranteed but now they have decided not even half that will be guaranteed. Up to £35,000 will be guaranteed. The government has a lot to answer for. If they had no intention of guaranteeing it why did they lie? If they intended to guarantee up to £100,000 it shows the sheer incompetence of government.

This isn’t a government you can trust your life savings with and it certainly isn’t a government you can trust with the prosperity of this country.

Monday, October 01, 2007

September 2007 monthly roundup

Global warming fanatics have been saying for years that there is a global warming consensus between the scientists of the world. It turns out that the consensus does not exist and 500 scientists have their doubts about global warming.

In Croydon the Muslims sneakily opened a mosque after sending a planning application for a doctor’s surgery. The application was accepted and then the Muslims turned it into a mosque. I wonder if this mosque is controlled by the hardline Islamic movement which controls half the mosques in this country.

Businesses in this country have begun appeasing Islam. Greggs has decided that they are going to install an Islamic toilet at their headquarters even though they don’t have any Muslims.

I think that failed asylum seekers should have no choice but to leave. The government don’t think that because they have bribed 30% of failed asylum seekers to leave.

Polish people just aren’t cheap enough for our government anymore and they aren’t pricing enough Brits out of the workplace which is why the government are trying to attract Indians to come to this country. The government is trying to look like they are tough on immigration which is why they have said that they are going to reduce immigration from none EU countries. I don’t believe it because they said they would do the same thing last year. We do need to get a hold of immigration because they are putting financial pressure on councils.

Immigrants are no longer taking the jobs of our low paid workers. They are taking the jobs of our doctors too. Never fear, the government is to publish their analysis on immigration.

Foreign criminals who have committed crimes in this country have been allowed to stay in this country. A Pakistani businessman escaped prison and deportation after committing a string of sexual offences. Another man, Michal Kwidzinski escaped deportation after he raped a barmaid after only being in the country a week.

Immigration does have some benefits. Sadly none of those benefits are for us. In Romania, crime has gone down. That’s because all their criminals are over here in London which is shown by the fact that 20% of crime in London is caused by foreigners.

Things are getting so bad with immigration that even a leftwing think tank thinks immigration is bad.

Crime isn’t just about immigration. We have our own thugs and scumbags, 3000 of which are under the age of criminal responsibility. Sometimes they don’t arrest people because the victims go after the criminals and get their property back. I just wish we could get our money back from benefit cheats but unfortunately that doesn’t happen. If only we could send Harriet Harman prison too but then again we can’t even send sex offenders to prison.

This month prison officers decided to stage a strike. This upset many people including sex offenders who were given compensation for their good behaviour. In a bid to stop the feeling of criminals being hurt those on community service are to be barred from wearing fluorescent jackets because people might call them names.

Even the police are getting in on crime. In Worcester they have been allowed to nick your bike if you don’t lock it up. It’s to stop crime you see. Not to worry. Some criminals are getting back at the cops and nicking police bikes. Police aren’t really there to stop crime anymore. They don’t even tell the truth in FoI requests even though they spend most of their time on doing paperwork. Imagine how much paperwork would be generated if those 5 million unsolved crimes were actually solved.

If you are unlucky enough to be arrested for fraud and you are innocent you won’t have the benefit of a jury trial for very long.

It seems as if failing anti racism tests is no longer a big deal and will not stop you from entering the police force. Some black police aren’t happy about this though.

The smoking ban was again causing stupid decisions to be made. This time police will have to have no smoking signs on their cars even if they are undercover police. London underground even had to replace their no smoking signs because they didn’t comply with the law anymore.

The Junior Doctor crisis could continue for many years because of government incompetence.

The Conservatives have finally had a good idea. They have decided to keep failing pupils back for a year so that they can catch up to their peers. Unfortunately they have let themselves down to pander to the Muslims.

The liberal democrats finally had a few good ideas too. They want to increase personal responsibility by charging drunks for their own treatment. Unfortunately they came up with some daft policies and scored an own goal over the EU and then alienated half a million people and then booed a UKIP speaker because he told the truth.

It seems like you can’t even discipline children in school anymore even if they are very disruptive. If you do then you might have to write a grovelling letter of apology. If our schools provided decent education our universities wouldn’t have to provide grammar lessons.

Our troops have been fighting and dying in Iraq. Sometimes our soldiers arrest the insurgents. It turns out that was a bad idea because the Iraqi government has decided to release 6,000 insurgents from prison. Our government is also betraying our soldiers because they are considering giving asylum to an afghan even though he fought against our troops.

The wars that we are in are costing us a lot of money which is why the government is selling off some of our embassies to pay for the security of our embassies in war zones. If they stopped paying billions on consultants they would probably have the money which they probably could spend on military bases which are run down and which soldiers shouldn’t have to live in. In one base in the war zones they never had a doctor for three weeks even though they were coming under constant attacks.

The government decided that they wanted to create Citizens juries which are going to be useless and are just a PR stunt. If Gordon Brown was really in favour of democracy then he would give us more referendums and he would stop penalising communities which don’t vote Labour. He also wouldn’t be trying to silence civil servants, film makers and blackmailing local councils.

The government isn’t the only one silencing critics. Alisher Usmanov, an Uzbek billionaire didn’t like what a blogger said about him so he closed his blog down as well as a few other blogs. The CRE also don’t like the fact that someone started a petition over gipsies.

The government were again penalising children for being white and banning white councillors from meetings to promote the interests of none whites. Is it any wonder Britain is more divided than ever?

Eastbourne Borough Council isn’t the smartest run council in the country. They decided to close down 4 playgrounds and then when the children had nothing to do they decided to pay £80,000 to teach children to play.

Tessa Jowell knew that the bill for the Olympics would rise but lied to us. It rose because they were spending over the odds on many areas including paying people £400 per hour to attend planning meetings. They are also paying gipsies to move so they can start building for the Olympics. The gipsies of course wanted more money and they received it. The Olympic bosses are also paying staff up to £1,200 per day.

The Red Arrows are banned from the Olympics for being too British even though the event is held in Britain.

In Scotland the SNP were getting ready to discriminate against English students while they treat immigrants and asylum seekers better. It would seem that the SNP are worse than Labour. They threw a dinner party at taxpayers’ expense and charging people to speak to their leader.

Gordon Brown would like to spend your money giving better healthcare to foreign countries. They may as well come here afterall immigrants go to the front of the queue for NHS treatment.

The EU has once again been in the news. This time people from EU countries will be able to come here and claim free healthcare. This will of course overwhelm the NHS especially if they allow people from countries outside the EU to come here too.

References to the Queen may be scrapped under new EU rules and replaced with a paragraph from the new treaty. They also want us all to have our own identity card. Thank god atleast one village had a referendum on the EU treaty which they voted for in a landslide.