Saturday, September 22, 2007

Most crimes remain unsolved

Our police are so bogged down with paper work that they have become completely useless. Five million crimes have been committed and of all the crimes reported last year, only 693,821 were punished using the traditional route of a criminal charge and appearance before a magistrate or judge.

In a shocking 3,953,000 cases, the equivalent of 73 per cent of all recorded crimes, the offender was simply not caught.

Even when police did manage to catch the culprit-fewer than half were dragged before the courts or received a formal charge.

Instead, they escaped with a caution, on-the-spot fine, warning for smoking cannabis or had their crime "taken into consideration" alongside other offences.

If you think 73% is bad then London has it worse. 80% of crime in London is unsolved even though they have 10,000 crime-fighting CCTV cameras.

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