Friday, September 14, 2007

Labour blackmailing local councils

Town halls will be driven to raise council tax bills more sharply if they refuse to build thousands of homes on green fields, it was claimed last night.

Opponents accused the Government of blackmailing councils by dangling a £500million reward in front of those who help solve the growing housing crisis.

Gordon Brown is desperate to build three million extra homes by 2020, partly to cope with an influx of immigrants.

Housing Minister Yvette Cooper will today package the hugely controversial housing incentive scheme as a reward for councils which "raise their game".

They will share grants totalling £500million in return for pinpointing land for housing, including green fields and former garden space.

But councils which refuse to concrete over valued land, or are slow to build new homes, will be denied any of the extra cash.

The incentives are enough to ensure that councils that do not allow unpopular development will see council tax bills rising more than those which take the money.

Once again the government is punishing any opposition to their plans. If silencing their opponents is impossible they go about punishing their opponents. This has been the case with those that don’t vote for them who end up with higher taxes which go to areas that vote Labour.

Labour can’t win without bullying and bribing their opponents just like they did with the postal workers when they threatened them with the loss of their bonuses.

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