Friday, September 07, 2007

Vote Labour or they will take your money

Suburbs have been drained of taxpayers' cash in favour of inner cities in Labour heartlands, it has been claimed.

The outer town areas have become maligned and unfashionable while money is pumped into urban schools, hospitals and transport, according to a report.

Political leaders of suburban boroughs said they had been stripped of £1billion a year which has been redirected to poorer and less productive areas.

Why does Labour punish those that don’t vote for them? Labour has to learn that we live in a democracy and they should not be allowed to go around punishing those that don’t vote for them.

This isn’t the first time I have blogged about this. Labour have been caught giving better healthcare to Labour areas by giving 80% of spending on new hospitals to Labour areas while they close lots of hospitals, 70% of which are in Labour areas which means that if you don’t vote Labour they would rather you die.

When it comes to environmental and educational funding they are doing the same. They are also closing down police stations in areas that don’t vote Labour so that communities can suffer at the hands of teenage gangs and yobs.

Labour are an evil party, intent on destroying any opposition. Anyone who loves freedom and doesn’t want to see communities punished for not voting a certain way should never vote Labour. They are totally against any type of freedom.

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