Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did they let him drown?

Many of you have probably heard about the boy drowning because PCSOs didn’t try to save a drowning boy.

According to Norfolk Blogger the story may not be as simple as some people claim it is. Apparently the real story is that the PCSOs arrived at the lake and upon their arrival they were not even sure they were at the correct place. According to the coroner by the time they had arrived at the scene the boy was already dead. He was also not within sight and could not even be seen by the two fishermen who had waded in to the lake.

One of the PCSOs then ran to the road to direct specialist units (fire, ambulance and police) whilst the other continued to scan the river.

If this is true then the PCSOs did all they can and should not be criticised for what they did. If this is false then they deserve the outrage that this has generated.

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