Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Olympics bosses wasting more money

Olympic bosses are paying temporary staff up to £1,200 a day.

With the cost of the 2012 London Games spiralling to £9.3 billion, the Olympic Delivery Authority lavished £7,707,000 on only 65 agency workers - the equivalent of around £118,500 each.

Most of the cash was spent on consultants and recruitment experts, drafted in during the authority's "start-up phase".

Is it any wonder that the cost of the Olympics is so high when the government just throws money down the drain at every chance they get? The cost has spiralled out of control and all the government can do is spend more and more of our money. They are spending it on every wasteful thing that they can think of including bribing gipsies and paying people over the odds to go to planning meetings.

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