Saturday, September 15, 2007

White children still being discriminated against

A Garston primary school is under fire for a scheme that offers additional learning support to black and mixed race pupils only.

Parents of youngsters attending Alban Wood Primary School say they are "disgusted" their children are being segregated by the colour of their skin.

Black and mixed race pupils received a letter last week explaining the school in The Brow had been allocated a budget to offer them extra classroom support.

This has been happening for many years. There are grants worth hundreds of millions of pounds that go to schools to help ethnic minority pupils and there are no such grants for white pupils because white children are treated as second class citizens.

White people are told not to be racist and yet they discriminate against us. They are the ones that hate white people so much that they disadvantage us at every opportunity they get and they expect us to stay silent over it.

Hat tip: Battle for Britain

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