Friday, September 14, 2007

Lost immigrants cause financial crisis for council

More than 24,000 immigrants in
Central London have been left off official population figures, resulting in an £18 million shortfall in town hall funds, it has been claimed.

Westminster City Council is publishing research that suggests that 11,000 short-term migrants and 13,000 illegal migrants are living in the borough at any one time. Council chiefs are furious that latest figures compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reduced the number of immigrants in the borough by 15,500 and have demanded a recount.

Local councils are allocated money largely based on the number of residents they have but figures compiled by the ONS fail to pick up temporary and illegal immigrants.

The government has lost control of immigration. There is an estimated 24,000 unaccounted for immigrants in just one area. What is it like in the rest of the country?

Immigration is not a benefit. The only people that benefit are those wanting cheap labour while people who have no skills see their wages decreased or they are completely priced out of the market. Having this situation is not a benefit to this country and it has never been a benefit to this country, no matter how much the EU says otherwise.

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