Friday, September 14, 2007

Junior doctor crisis could continue for years

The junior doctors recruitment crisis will be even worse next year, a Government document disclosed yesterday.

Competition for training posts will be tighter with three applicants expected for every job.

This year, which will see 10,000 doctors without a training job by next month, there were two applicants for every post. Only a third of applicants even got an interview, the document said.

I would have thought that the government would have learnt something from this but they haven’t. They are continuing with a system that is an utter shambles. Are they trying to completely destroy the NHS or are they just totally incompetent? It’s hard to tell which.

If the government had any sense they would go back to the old system which worked far better than the system that they are using now. Then again you can’t accuse Labour of having any sense.

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