Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News roundup 47

Retired librarian bludgeoned to death by cannabis thug – for refusing to give him a cigarette. Lynch him!

Police take ‘unnecessary risks’ in chases resulting in 40 deaths a year. Who cares if criminals die? If the public dies it is the fault of the criminal and not the police.

Detective says he was forced to quit for describing criminals as ‘Jamaican pond life’. This is stupid. The police are being shackled by political correctness.

Mosque visit to teach tolerance. The Muslims are the ones blowing us up. Why aren’t they being taught tolerance?

15 Whitehall departments named and shamed for race equality failures. Why is it a problem if they are hiring on merit?

Patients will be allowed two GPs to cut days off work. If doctors have an increased workload won’t that just make the problems worse?

Embrace EU treaty, Jose Barroso tells Britain. I’d rather not.

I will now be taking a few days off from blogging. Cya until Saturday!


Aberdeen Patriot said...

Check this out for treachery


Taliban gets social ,benefits in scotland

Aberdeen BNP

Steven Thomson

youdontknowme said...

bloody hell. I knew the country was insane but I didn't think our government was that insane.

Rastaman said...

It's bad all over. All our governments have sold out on both sides of the pond. Look at all that's going on with us here in the U.S.

It's a mess that's steadily getting a lot worse. The future is going to be a busy one, I think.