Thursday, September 13, 2007

EU wants 20 million more immigrants

I have already blogged that the EU is planning to open our borders to non EU countries. Now they are planning to allow 20 million immigrants into the EU from non EU countries. No doubt the majority will want to come here.

To hide what they are doing they are going to try and replace the word ‘immigration’ with ‘mobility’ so it sounds a little more acceptable. Franco Frattini, justice commissioner wants more skilled labour to be allowed in to fill gaps. Why can’t businesses train their own Labour? If they don’t then country will never advance because countries will be filled with unskilled people with no prospects because their government and businesses have betrayed them in favour of people already trained. Businesses will not want to spend their money on training when all they have to do is pay for a plane ticket to get a foreigner.

What will happen to the country where these skilled people come from? African countries are already experiencing a brain drain and this will just make it far worse than it is.

We should train our own people for whatever skills shortages we have and leave people from the third world. They need skilled workers far more than we do.

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