Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wasting police time

Many decades ago the police and our government used to have a bit of common sense. Unfortunately that has disappeared. The police are either taking very little notice of real crime or are behind a desk dealing with mountains of paperwork.

The police waste 56 million hours a year on paper work. If this red tape was cut maybe our police could actually do a real job and arrest the real criminals. Something tells me with the mentality they have now that they would probably waste their time telling shop owners not to sell sandwiches to children.

The police could also waste their time making signs telling people not to commit crime. Quite why anyone would not know this remains a mystery. The government puts up daft signs too. If a bunker is supposed to be a secret it may not be the best idea to have a sign saying ‘Secret Nuclear Bunker’ which points to the secret nuclear bunker. Maybe it’s not supposed to be a secret and that’s just the name of the bunker?

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