Sunday, September 30, 2007

Topsy turvy law

A boy of 14 who shot a schoolgirl in the face with an air rifle has escaped punishment because prosecutors claim he was too young to know what he was doing.

Lorna De-Ste-Croix, 15, was yesterday still at home recovering from surgery after the unprovoked attack in June, which left a lead pellet embedded behind her right eye and nearly blinded her.

Yet the Crown Prosecution Service has told Lorna's family, of West End, near Southampton, that no action will be taken against the boy who fired the rifle.

It says he was too young to appreciate the dangers of his firing the rifle from 6ft away - even though he was four years above the minimum age of criminal responsibility in England.

A 14 year old didn’t know the consequences of his actions? What world is that prosecutor on? If a 14 year old didn’t know the consequences of his actions why then did the police fine a girl of 10 for writing on a neighbour’s wall in crayon? Surely if he never knew the consequences the little girl also didn’t?

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