Saturday, September 22, 2007

Afghan insurgent to be given asylum

A TALIBAN fighter who admits waging war against British troops is battling to win asylum in

Only last year, Muhammad Hanif Hanifi was taking part in jihad - holy war - against Scottish soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

But now he is appealing to stay in Scotland, where he has lived on state benefits for six months.

He says he fled the frontline after rejecting the Taliban's fundamentalist cause and is now a target for their death squads.

As an asylum seeker, Hanifi gets housing, benefits and legal aid to cover his claim, appeal and any subsequent judicial review.

Why are we allowing our enemies to even come to this country? They should be in prison for fighting our troops. We must be the laughing stock of the world. We let all manner of human garbage into the country without stopping to think what’s going to happen and we pay them to stay here so they can rip us off.

This is a betrayal of this country and most of all the soldiers that were killed or injured as a result of his actions. Our military must already feel betrayed after arresting 6,000 insurgents in Iraq then having the possibility of them being freed to murder more British troops.

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