Sunday, September 16, 2007

Police tell residents they can strike first

TERRIFIED residents have been told by cops they can throw the first punch if they are threatened by girl gangs running riot on their estate.

An emergency meeting to discuss antisocial behaviour on the Four Squares estate in Bermondsey this week heard the shocking level of intimidation some residents are facing including:

* one mum who had white spirit poured through her letter box and thugs threatening to "burn her"

* another woman attacked by youths during a christening party

* racist abuse hurled at residents by yobs.

Give the law abiding residents guns and tell them they can shoot the gangs if they start anything. Once the gangs realise that the community won’t take it anymore and they risk dying for any intimidating behaviour they do they will stop or risk being killed.

Communities should not have to put up with this and gangs should realise that it is not acceptable to do it. They will only realise this once communities start fighting back.

Hat tip: UK tabloid

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