Thursday, April 20, 2006

UK now biggest haven for asylum seekers in Europe

ONE in eight of the world's asylum seekers end up in the UK, it was claimed today.

The UK is second only to the US as a haven for people fleeing torture and persecution in their own country.

A total of 325,810 people fled their home countries to head for Britain in the last five years, new United Nations figures reveal.

This is 13 per cent of the total of refugees accepted by countries in the industrialised world beaten only by the 379,520 (15 per cent) who headed for America. It's more than France and Germany who both took 11 per cent - 281,630 and 274,500 respectively.

A total of 280,000 failed asylum seekers are believed still to be in the country, three-quarters of whom have vanished from government statistics.

The incompetence of our government is absolutely amazing. No other government could allow hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers to just go missing.

Our country is already over populated and yet we are expected to take more than every other country barring America. We just aren’t big enough to take them. When will people wake up and see this?

We have over 600,000 failed and successful asylum seekers in our country. This is 1% of our own population. This doesn’t even take into account the illegal immigrants in our country.

It’s time to reject anymore asylum seekers from coming into this country. If they don’t want to go to the first safe country near to their own it is their own fault when they get sent back as there are atleast 4 safe before they get to us and that is only for Moroccans. For others it can be up to 15 safe countries.

Prescott now concreting over back gardens

Finally Mr Prescott looks like he is finally going to stop concreting over our wonderful countryside. Yeah it is too good to be true. He is now thinking of concreting over our own back gardens. YES! You are reading correctly. If you have a back garden I would be very scared because soon you won’t have a back garden.

Protesting is not going to stop this because he has already stated local opposition will be ignored.

Do you now understand that the government doesn’t care what the voters think? They will do what they want regardless of what the majority want.

Fools actually voted these people in. Can you believe it? I hope it is Labour voters that this happens to so they finally wake up.

Children already have nothing to do because of the concreting over of playing fields and now their last place to play safely without harassing neighbours will be concreted over. Is it any wonder that children are turning to crime to stop the boredom?

NHS money wasted on freak

Once again money on our NHS is being wasted on un-needed operations because a freak who had a sex change wants its tattoos removed because it feels "unladylike" and it wants to wear sleeveless dresses and tops.

We should not be paying for this freak to have tattoos removed from its body. If it wants them removed it should pay for it. The British tax payer shouldn’t be fleeced out of more money to pay for this. We already get taxed enough.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Media exaggerating BNP support

It seems that Searchlight and Labour are exaggerating BNP support. There Are now reports that the BNP could get 70 council seats and as reported yesterday the papers say that they could get 80% of the white vote in some areas.

Do not believe what the papers say. While the BNP will get many more council seats – around 20-30 more I suspect, they will not get anywhere near the 70 that the papers are saying they will get.

Why are Labour and Searchlight doing this? Well once the council elections are over they can claim to their supporters that they were successful in stopping the BNP and people will believe it. Searchlight will also claim victory and they will get many more people donating money to them.

Labour are also trying to get Labour supporters motivated and vote for them which would at the same time halt the Conservatives under Cameron.

It’s a fantastic propaganda campaign for everyone.

There will be a lot of stories in the papers about a possible BNP breakthrough but do not believe anything that is said. While they will increase their number of council seats, the people of Britain have not fully woken up for them to get 70 seats.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Betrayed whites to vote BNP

It looks like the BNP are finally starting to win the fight to win our country back as people all over the country are flocking to the BNP after Labour have betrayed them. People are sick of immigrants and asylum seekers being given housing before the people who have lived there all their life and have waited patiently in the housing queue.

No more should we put up with this. It is time we shouted NO MORE and sent Labour packing.

If immigrants and asylum seekers want a home they should be put at the back of the queue and wait like every other white family does.

Fight anti-white racism – Vote BNP.

Lets hope the BNP double or even triple the amount of council seats they have and show Labour that we won’t take it anymore.

The only bad thing about this news is that Labour will realise they can no longer trust the white vote and will rely on the black vote more and more which will mean that they will bring more and more immigrants in and make them citizens so they can cling to power.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

War games target Iran

British officers took part in a US war game aimed at preparing for a possible invasion of Iran, despite repeated claims by the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, that a military strike against Iran is inconceivable.

Personally I think British troops are too overstretched to attack Iran and if we did we would be annihilated if it was a ground based war.

The hypocrisy of both America and Britain is astounding. Both America and Iran signed the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty. Ratification took place in both countries. That Treaty assures Iran has the right to develop nuclear power. Stopping Iran from developing nuclear power is a violation of the treaty.

It is Britain and America who are in the wrong. We have no right to be making the demands we are making especially when Iran are doing specifically what everyone allowed them to do.

Can't pay council tax with money

As council tax rises higher and higher it seems that the mentally ill are actually running things. A woman called is mounting a campaign against her council for refusing to accept council tax in money.

What kind of idiots won’t let people pay their council tax with money? Why should we have to pay any other way? Money is the currency and credit cards are yet to be officially classified as currency. This is disgraceful and I hope Jane wins.

You can read the letter/email sent to the Love England site here:

Hi, my daughter Jane is mounting a one woman campaign against the authorities refusing to accept cash payments for council tax and other payments. It is a matter of principle bearing in mind that all card transaction etc can be traced and big brother is trying to turn us into a cashless society.
In our area they have refused her cash and consequently she is facing Magistrates - today - in court.
In fact it is an illegal act to refuse cash which is the legal tender of the realm however she is placing her neck on the block over this. She has also just taken out litigation against Ken Livingstone in his
official capacity because they have refused to accept her cash to pay a fine on the congestion charge. They have threatened her with the bailiffs and all sorts of things. She is now counter-suing for malicious prosecution.

She has no fancy lawyers - she is acting for herself with the written law of the land in her hands to
present in her defence. Could anyone out there like to send a message of support to her.

Jane Sutherland

Friday, April 14, 2006

Blogs now enemy of EU

POPULAR video blogs will be subject to new European regulations if Brussels’s proposals to update television regulation are adopted by Europe’s member states.

The EU can’t seem to leave anything alone. Why can’t they just mind their own business for once? They seem to want to be in every aspect of our lives. What they want is complete tyranny.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Regulatory Reform Bill update

The government is to write new safeguards safeguards into a controversial bill giving ministers sweeping powers to change the law after Labour's chief whip in the Lords warned it would otherwise face defeat.

Good news I would have thought, after all it looks like the government might be listening to the people for once. However in the article it doesn’t tell us once what those safeguards will be so Labour will most likely do the most minor change possible which will end up on the news and people will think it’s a great victory.

Unless they have announced what the safeguards will be already I don’t expect it to be anything significant.

Blog of the month

The blog of the month for this month is A Tangled Web.

This blog gets 9 out of 10

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rapists not even getting jail time

The number of rapists given a caution and freed instead of facing jail has more than doubled in the past decade in England and Wales, figures show.

In 2004, 40 offenders were cautioned for rape - compared with 19 in 1994.

Most of those cautioned are thought to be either under-18s or older people who committed rape a long time ago.

The Home Office said it was committed to bringing more rapists to justice.

I don’t care when they did it or how old they were when they did it. They should be immediately hung or shot by a firing squad. At the very least they should face years in jail but our liberal government seems to think rape is nothing and would rather let rapists off with a slap on the wrist. How can we expect this government to be tough on crime when they aren’t even tough of the most serious crime?

This government has to be one of the most incompetent in the world. No other government would let rapists get away with a crime like this.

More useless aid heads to Africa

Gordon Brown today pledged that Britain would contribute £8.5 billion over the next decade to inject new impetus into a drive to provide free education to the world's poorest children by 2015.

Why should we have to pay for Africa’s problems? Wouldn’t that £8.5 billion be better spent on our crumbling NHS or our pension pot?

As I have already proven in previous posts aid DOES NOT help. It only makes matters worse. So while the intention is good the outcome will always be bad. Its time to do the right thing and leave them be. Yes it will many years, even decades for them to advance to the stage where we are at now but it will take a lot longer if we keep giving them aid.

The government: Filled with idiots

Tough government rules to prevent sham marriages discriminate against immigrants, the High Court has ruled.

Campaigners said the law was discriminatory because it effectively labelled some immigrants as fraudsters.

The rules, introduced in February 2005, mean people born outside the EU and some bordering European nations who have only six months' permission to be in the UK must seek special permission from the Home Office to marry, irrespective of the status of their partner.

The only exemption is for people who marry in the Church of England.

According to Home Office figures, sham marriages had been rising before the new law - and fell dramatically when it was introduced.

Even though I would love to lay the blame entirely on the stupid ass judge who deserves a bullet in the ass it seems like the government were purposely setting themselves up to be ruled against. What kind of idiot has an exemption to the rule especially when we have laws that stop discrimination? The government definitely set themselves up here.

We should immediately revoke the European Convention on Human Rights and instead have our own constitution that is for citizens only.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Thousands of unemployed asylum seekers granted sanctuary elsewhere in the EU can move to Britain and claim free council housing.

A court ruling yesterday opened the door to any poor EU immigrant to travel here and demand a home.

It overturns a Government edict that local councils have no duty to help EU citizens who head to Britain, but do not bother to get a job.

Councils will now have to hand over the keys to a council house to jobless EU nationals with nowhere to live - even though they have never done a day's work in Britain.

Around 500,000 refugees are thought to have been granted nationality by our EU neighbours over the past decade. They then assume the rights of a person born in that country.

Whoever made this decision is an idiot. We already are over populated as it is and now another 500,000 potential newcomers can receive a council house for free. Asylum seekers can go to the front of the queue to. This is insanity.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


NEARLY half the country's voters want
Tony Blair out of Downing Street...NOW!

The exclusive poll reveals that 42 per cent of voters want him to quit immediately and that 57 per cent—nearly three in five—say he should certainly go within a year.

I agree. Send him packing. Personally I wish he would be assassinated but leaving within a year would be a fair compromise as long as he stayed out of British and European politics forever.

Kudos to the government on ID cards

People who opt out of having an identity card when they renew their passport will still have to pay the full £93 combined cost of both cards, the Home Office disclosed yesterday.

The decision is a setback to anti-ID card campaigners hoping to develop a boycott on the back of the last minute opt-out compromise which defused parliamentary opposition.

Even though I don’t want an ID card you have to admire the strategy of the government at getting it passed the lords. The government has made all compromises that the lords succeeded in getting completely useless.

Someone should kick the big eared fascist where it hurts.

More terror attacks to come

SPY chiefs have warned Tony Blair that the war in Iraq has made Britain the target of a terror campaign by Al-Qaeda that will last “for many years to come.”

A leaked top-secret memo from the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) says the war in Iraq has “exacerbated” the threat by radicalising British Muslims and attracting new recruits to anti-western terror attacks.

The four-page memo, entitled International Terrorism: Impact of Iraq, contradicts Blair’s public assurances by concluding that the invasion of Iraq has fomented a jihad or holy war against Britain.

It states: “It has reinforced the determination of terrorists who were already committed to attacking the West and motivated others who were not.”

Well, well what a surprise. Who besides our leader didn’t know that this would happen? It seems that he has put oil and American friendship before British lives and what’s more he knew he was doing that.

We can’t stop terrorism with this liberal “love all Muslims” government. We have to start being tough. First we have to get a government that has at least a tiny bit of credibility then tell the Muslims that any Muslim that commits a terror act will be cremated in pig fat. For Muslims touching pork or pigs is a sin and you will go to hell. Once a bomb goes off that terrorist if he isn’t already dead will get the death penalty and get cremated in pig fat. If they are dead the remains will be scooped up, put in a bag with a pig and then burnt. This should also be televised so Muslims get the message. It will only take one occasion of it happening and you won’t even see another one planned unless they don’t plan to die and think they can get away easily. Most will be too scared to even do that.