Sunday, April 16, 2006

Betrayed whites to vote BNP

It looks like the BNP are finally starting to win the fight to win our country back as people all over the country are flocking to the BNP after Labour have betrayed them. People are sick of immigrants and asylum seekers being given housing before the people who have lived there all their life and have waited patiently in the housing queue.

No more should we put up with this. It is time we shouted NO MORE and sent Labour packing.

If immigrants and asylum seekers want a home they should be put at the back of the queue and wait like every other white family does.

Fight anti-white racism – Vote BNP.

Lets hope the BNP double or even triple the amount of council seats they have and show Labour that we won’t take it anymore.

The only bad thing about this news is that Labour will realise they can no longer trust the white vote and will rely on the black vote more and more which will mean that they will bring more and more immigrants in and make them citizens so they can cling to power.

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