Friday, April 07, 2006


Thousands of unemployed asylum seekers granted sanctuary elsewhere in the EU can move to Britain and claim free council housing.

A court ruling yesterday opened the door to any poor EU immigrant to travel here and demand a home.

It overturns a Government edict that local councils have no duty to help EU citizens who head to Britain, but do not bother to get a job.

Councils will now have to hand over the keys to a council house to jobless EU nationals with nowhere to live - even though they have never done a day's work in Britain.

Around 500,000 refugees are thought to have been granted nationality by our EU neighbours over the past decade. They then assume the rights of a person born in that country.

Whoever made this decision is an idiot. We already are over populated as it is and now another 500,000 potential newcomers can receive a council house for free. Asylum seekers can go to the front of the queue to. This is insanity.