Sunday, April 02, 2006

More terror attacks to come

SPY chiefs have warned Tony Blair that the war in Iraq has made Britain the target of a terror campaign by Al-Qaeda that will last “for many years to come.”

A leaked top-secret memo from the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) says the war in Iraq has “exacerbated” the threat by radicalising British Muslims and attracting new recruits to anti-western terror attacks.

The four-page memo, entitled International Terrorism: Impact of Iraq, contradicts Blair’s public assurances by concluding that the invasion of Iraq has fomented a jihad or holy war against Britain.

It states: “It has reinforced the determination of terrorists who were already committed to attacking the West and motivated others who were not.”

Well, well what a surprise. Who besides our leader didn’t know that this would happen? It seems that he has put oil and American friendship before British lives and what’s more he knew he was doing that.

We can’t stop terrorism with this liberal “love all Muslims” government. We have to start being tough. First we have to get a government that has at least a tiny bit of credibility then tell the Muslims that any Muslim that commits a terror act will be cremated in pig fat. For Muslims touching pork or pigs is a sin and you will go to hell. Once a bomb goes off that terrorist if he isn’t already dead will get the death penalty and get cremated in pig fat. If they are dead the remains will be scooped up, put in a bag with a pig and then burnt. This should also be televised so Muslims get the message. It will only take one occasion of it happening and you won’t even see another one planned unless they don’t plan to die and think they can get away easily. Most will be too scared to even do that.


dizzyfatplonka said...

Lets bring our troops home to put our own house in order first.

youdontknowme said...

I agree