Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The government: Filled with idiots

Tough government rules to prevent sham marriages discriminate against immigrants, the High Court has ruled.

Campaigners said the law was discriminatory because it effectively labelled some immigrants as fraudsters.

The rules, introduced in February 2005, mean people born outside the EU and some bordering European nations who have only six months' permission to be in the UK must seek special permission from the Home Office to marry, irrespective of the status of their partner.

The only exemption is for people who marry in the Church of England.

According to Home Office figures, sham marriages had been rising before the new law - and fell dramatically when it was introduced.

Even though I would love to lay the blame entirely on the stupid ass judge who deserves a bullet in the ass it seems like the government were purposely setting themselves up to be ruled against. What kind of idiot has an exemption to the rule especially when we have laws that stop discrimination? The government definitely set themselves up here.

We should immediately revoke the European Convention on Human Rights and instead have our own constitution that is for citizens only.

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