Thursday, April 20, 2006

Prescott now concreting over back gardens

Finally Mr Prescott looks like he is finally going to stop concreting over our wonderful countryside. Yeah it is too good to be true. He is now thinking of concreting over our own back gardens. YES! You are reading correctly. If you have a back garden I would be very scared because soon you won’t have a back garden.

Protesting is not going to stop this because he has already stated local opposition will be ignored.

Do you now understand that the government doesn’t care what the voters think? They will do what they want regardless of what the majority want.

Fools actually voted these people in. Can you believe it? I hope it is Labour voters that this happens to so they finally wake up.

Children already have nothing to do because of the concreting over of playing fields and now their last place to play safely without harassing neighbours will be concreted over. Is it any wonder that children are turning to crime to stop the boredom?

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