Thursday, April 20, 2006

UK now biggest haven for asylum seekers in Europe

ONE in eight of the world's asylum seekers end up in the UK, it was claimed today.

The UK is second only to the US as a haven for people fleeing torture and persecution in their own country.

A total of 325,810 people fled their home countries to head for Britain in the last five years, new United Nations figures reveal.

This is 13 per cent of the total of refugees accepted by countries in the industrialised world beaten only by the 379,520 (15 per cent) who headed for America. It's more than France and Germany who both took 11 per cent - 281,630 and 274,500 respectively.

A total of 280,000 failed asylum seekers are believed still to be in the country, three-quarters of whom have vanished from government statistics.

The incompetence of our government is absolutely amazing. No other government could allow hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers to just go missing.

Our country is already over populated and yet we are expected to take more than every other country barring America. We just aren’t big enough to take them. When will people wake up and see this?

We have over 600,000 failed and successful asylum seekers in our country. This is 1% of our own population. This doesn’t even take into account the illegal immigrants in our country.

It’s time to reject anymore asylum seekers from coming into this country. If they don’t want to go to the first safe country near to their own it is their own fault when they get sent back as there are atleast 4 safe before they get to us and that is only for Moroccans. For others it can be up to 15 safe countries.


The Sparky said...
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The Sparky said...

The May elections would be a good starting point. Lets hope the Brits start voting BNP where they can, or stop voting Labour at the very least.