Saturday, September 30, 2006

Labour man guilty of abducting boy, 13

A former New Labour high-flier was yesterday found guilty of abducting a 13-year-old boy from Bolton he had groomed on the internet.

Peter Tuffley, aged 28, who had worked as an assistant to Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears, took the boy to stay overnight at his flat in Liverpool after they met through an internet chatroom and dating website, Bolton Crown Court heard.

He denied the boy's claim they kissed and cuddled in his bed, and the jury cleared him of sexual activity with a child.continued...

But he was convicted of sexual grooming on the internet and child abduction, following a six-day trial.

Looks like the BNP will have to do some editing to add to their Liars, Buggers and Thieves list.

That list certainly seems to be lengthy but is anyone surprised?

Schools overwhelmed by immigrants

Schools are being overwhelmed by an influx of new Eastern European arrivals as one in five primary pupils now come from ethnic minorities.

A huge increase in numbers of students from countries such as Poland is leaving some councils with massive bills to fund additional support such as interpreters.

Headteachers are also struggling to cope with unexpected arrivals, as foreign children who cannot speak English are even just turning up at the school gate expecting to attend lessons.

New figures show that one in eight primary school children now speak English as a second language.

Those who cannot speak English should not be in our schools. If they want to give their children an education they should pay for English lessons out of their own pocket before being sent to state schools.

Why should polish parents expect to just turn up and get a place for their child? They shouldn’t even be here themselves.

It seems that we have the same percentage of foreign prisoners in prison and children that speak English as a second language.

People still think immigration is a good thing. Those people are nutters.

Friday, September 29, 2006

No more trials?

Serious crimes such as assault and mugging will be punished by instant fines of up to £100 from as early as next year under proposals to keep offenders out of courts, it has been reported.

The plans, drawn up by the Home Office, propose an extension of fixed-penalty notices from early 2007, The Times reported.

The penalties would be handed out for offences including assault, threatening behaviour, theft up to the value of £100, obstructing or assaulting a police officer, possession of cannabis and drunkenness, the newspaper said.

Can anyone see the problems with this? I can see atleast two. See how many you can spot.

First of all we don’t even know these guys are guilty. They should face a trial with a jury of 12 like all criminals. Trials are… or should be a basic right in this country but Blair seems to enjoy taking our rights away. Trial by jury should never be discarded because it would be cheaper not to have them.

Why such a weak punishment? Serious crimes should be punished by jail time not by such a low fine. I thought Labour was going to be ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.’ They have shown yet again that they are weak on crime and tough on freedom. Maybe their slogan should be ‘tough on freedom, tough on the causes of freedom’. It would fit well with the Labour party.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Muslims riot in Belgium

It looks as if immigrant youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan into an annual tradition. Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international trains from London and Paris arrive. Youths threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsoned and a shop was looted. Two Molotov cocktails were thrown into St.Peter’s hospital, one of the main hospitals of central Brussels. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fires at the hospital, but youths managed to steal the keys of the fire engine.

Happy Ramadan Rioting everyone! I hope you enjoy it.

Seriously now, don’t these Muslims have anything better to do like force someone into marriage or commit an honour killing?

It’s not all bad news though Belgium has elections on Sunday October 8th and their version of the BNP called Vlaams Belang is set to win 38.6% of the vote in Antwerp.

Traitor sues government and wins

THE Government has been ordered by European judges to pay Soviet spy George Blake more than £5000 - because the length of a court wrangle over royalties from the book of his life breached his human rights.

Blake was a British secret agent from 1944 until 1961 when he was jailed for 42 years after being caught spying for the Soviet Union.

How nice. Europe orders us to pay a traitor and we cough up. Why hasn’t our government sent a team to Russia to assassinate him? That’s what I would do. Death is all he deserves.

Poles taking priest jobs

Watch out priests, your job could be given to someone from Poland who will do it cheaper and work harder. They have successfully taken building, plumbing other similar jobs including being a butler for the queen and now they are moving onto priests. Personally I thought the priests would be the last to go… well actually I never even considered that priests would lose their jobs but there ya go, immigration is now hitting the jobs of the priests.

There is a reason for all of this. Monsignor Tadeusz Kukla, the Vicar Delegate for Poles in England and Wales says it nicely "There are over 500,000 Poles working in Britain. We encourage them to integrate but we want to preserve their religion and culture. Once they lose their identity, they lose everything,"

What about preserving our culture and identity in our own country? Why exactly can’t they go home to preserve their culture and identity?

It seems that preserving our culture and identity isn’t a priority for anyone.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Queen now hiring Eastern Europeans

is now being betrayed from all angles. First it was the government that started to betray us. In the last few years it was big business betraying us by employing foreigners at cheaper rates and now our queen is doing the exact same thing. Instead of staying loyal to the very people who have remained loyal to her and her family for centuries she chooses to employ eastern Europeans because they are cheaper.

They claim there is a lack of interest in jobs at the palace but once again they miss the obvious. If they didn’t pay their staff a pittance their staff would stay on and do the work. If I could earn 5 times more working in another place doing the exact same job I would and the royal family should recognise this by paying their staff the market rate.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Muslims demand change in football to cater for their needs

MORE than half a dozen Muslim junior football clubs have called for their matches to be suspended over the month of Ramadan.

The matter has been referred to the Football Association HQ in London to solve the deadlock in what is seen as a national test case.

Oh brilliant. Muslims are now interfering with football and trying to change our ways to theirs. These people still haven’t realised that this is our country. If they think they might be hurt because they willing don’t eat or drink maybe they should forfeit the game or actually eat? We should not have to change anything for them. They should be changing for us.

Yunus Lunat, of Mount Pleasant Juniors in Batley and member of the FA's Race Advisory Group came up with a wonderful reason to stop the games for a whole month. He said "If you can handle games being called off due to weather you can handle games being called off because of Ramadan."

Ah but Yunus you don’t know what you are talking about. Players can’t control the weather. They can however control their eating and drinking habits. Also I don’t think they could handle up to 50 games being called off just because Muslims don’t want to eat or drink.

Who else is thinking that the FA is going to cave in? The fact that they are thinking about it will probably mean they are Dhimmis.

Veto saved... for now

EU justice ministers have shown disagreement on whether to give up their national veto on counter-terrorism and cross-border policing - resulting in the veto still standing after a key meeting in Finland.

Could this mean that our government is finally listening to us? Not bloody likely. The German government admitted voting no because they feared it would undermine efforts to revive the EU constitution. I think the British government did it for the exact same reason. How nice of them. They have saved us only so they can destroy the country evenmore in the future.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chemicals made lying Cameron 'green'

David Cameron's new 'green' Conservatives are on the verge of failing in the first real test of their environmental credentials, WWF said today.

While the UK Conservative Party has the opportunity to swing a crucial European Parliament vote on toxic chemicals, it is currently promoting the interests of lobbyists from the chemicals industry, who are determined to protect profits rather than the environment and human health.

Looks like Cameron has proven that he is actually a lying Blair clone.

I hate the EU as much as the next EU realist but I would vote in their parliament like it was my own. I would vote for what I believe in and Cameron has said he is now a green guy. I wonder is he green because of all the toxic chemicals. Bad jokes aside, Cameron has shown what a lying bastard he is. If he actually cared about the environment his party would vote for the environment not for greedy lobbyists. But alas he probably only cares about the bribe money he is getting from the lobbyists.

Foreign criminals no longer 'priority'

Remember those 1000 foreign criminals that were released without being deported and John Reid said he would "move heaven and earth" to find the prisoners? Well now that the story has died down the hunt has been disbanded and is no longer a ‘priority’ with atleast 400 prisoners still not caught. These 400 included 74 paedophiles, murderers and rapists.

Nice to know that the safety of people in this country is no longer a priority

This just goes to show that the government couldn’t give a crap about the safety of people of this country. The government only cares about bad publicity and couldn’t care less if one of those paedophiles raped and killed a child. They care more about prosecuting people like Nick Griffin whose only crime was telling the truth.

Government to consult potential terrorists on terrorism

Our Dhimmi government have agreed to consult a panel of Muslim leaders before mounting counter-terrorist raids or arrests.

What is the point of this? There is absolutely no reason to inform Muslims of anything to do with counter-terrorism.

The police and security services are handling security in this country and not the Muslims but that will probably change in the future if Blair has anything to do with it after all Blair is a first class Dhimmi.

The cost of immigration

TAXPAYERS are forking out £20million a year on interpreters for foreign crooks.

That would pay for a THOUSAND urgently needed new cops to patrol Britain's streets.

Police chiefs blame a surge in migrant workers and asylum-seekers.

Some cash-strapped forces have seen translation bills rocket by 500 PER CENT in just five years.

Ah… yet more reasons to stop anymore immigrants and asylum seekers entering this country.

If you want more police on the streets we have to stop anymore people entering the country so we can afford them. This is common sense. Sadly common sense isn’t so common.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Being buried the Islamic way

A multi-faith cemetery will have all its graves aligned with Mecca, despite Christian burials traditionally facing east.

Ancient tradition shows they should look east in anticipation of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But all headstones at the new £2.5m High Wood Cemetery in Bulwell will be plotted to face north-east, in line with Islamic faith.

Muslims believe the dead look over their shoulder towards Mecca, towards the south-east.

Despite there being separate sections at the cemetery in Low Wood Road for different faiths, the council wanted to give a tidy, linear appearance.

Only on special request can families have graves with headstones facing in a different direction.

This is obviously not a multi-faith cemetery. It’s an Islamic cemetery. If it wasn’t Islamic why would they have Islamic rules in a secular society? Why wouldn’t they cater for all faiths.

Why should none Muslims have to specially request the way their gravestone faces when Muslims are the MINORITY? Let’s not forget that they are actually the minority in this country. They should be buried using our ways.

If Muslims want to be buried in a certain way they should club together and buy a plot of land which they can make into a cemetery for Muslims.

Blog of the month

The blog of the month for this month is Dark Heretic.

This blog gets 7 out of 10. Well worth reading.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Whites need not apply

The police have decided they no longer care about policing the streets and keeping the public safe. All they care about now is how diverse their force is.

This is the government’s fault of course for forcing the police to meet PC diversity targets. What has diversity got to do with policing the streets? NOTHING! The only thing the police should be concerned about is policing. They should be choosing most skilled candidates for the job, not the darkest skinned for the job.

If we haven’t got the best candidates becoming police officers what does that say about the police force? It says it is filled with third rate police officers who shouldn’t be in the police force.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Muslims on violent rampage... again

Who does this guy think he is?

"How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested?"

Who the hell does this guy think he is? How dare he come to a Muslim area? HOW DARE YOU COME TO A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY YOU DISGUSTING SACK OF HORSE MANURE! This is OUR country, not yours. If you want to live in a Muslim area, head to a Muslim country.

Another guy said "Muslims do not need British values,". "We believe Islam is superior.

You so obviously do need British values. Even horse manure is superior to Islam. I rather worship that than a child molester. Anyone who thinks Islam is superior to freedom, justice and democracy needs to be committed.

Muslims seem to be getting on the news a lot lately. A few days ago they went on a violent rampage to protest the Pope calling Islam violent. Oh the irony…

The biggest coward ever, the Pope then apologised to the rampaging and violent Muslims. The Pope had nothing to apologise for yet he apologised anyway. The Pope is supposed to represent the head of the Christian church but now all he represents is a cowardly Dhimmi. All Christians should seek to replace this pathetic man. He is not worthy of being head of the church.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is this justice?

What would you think if a man was convicted of a racially aggravated offence where there was no victim present at the trial, the sole witness wasn’t 100% sure of what she heard and received an award for reporting the case before the case even got to court?

I don’t know about you but I would think it shouldn’t have even got to court. This sorry state of affairs actually happened though. Why did the witness get an award? Why did the man get convicted? The answer to both questions is that the convicted man was a member of the BNP.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sign referendum petition!

I recently came across Our-Say which is a campaign for local and national referendums.

As regular readers will know I have been in favour of referendums since I started this blog over 1 year ago.

While I don’t agree with the exact specifics (numbers to trigger a referendum etc) I do agree with the objective. I also agree with all their proposals proposals (except the numbers). For me agreeing 100% with someone is an impossibility but they have managed to do it. Not even the BNP have me totally agreeing with them.

If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Police could lose jobs for catching criminals

Police officers who launch chases over roofs, railway lines and busy roads could be sacked for putting the health and safety of criminals at risk, it has emerged.

Who are the prats in office that made these idiotic rules? Why should the most dedicated police be fired for doing their very best to catch criminals?

They are giving thousands of prisoners a chance to escape and punishing dedicated officers who want to arrest criminals.

Why should we care more about the health and safety of criminals than catching them?

Yes it could hurt the officers themselves but officers should make their own decision about whether they want to take that risk. If they do take that risk and they are hurt they should not be able to sue as it is their own choice.

Soon our officers won’t even be able to chase criminals at all in case they fall and scrape their knee.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Labour: Vote for us or die

There is yet more evidence that Labour doesn’t care for ordinary people and that they only care about their votes.

This time it involves hospitals that are in debt needing to close. In their usual disgusting way they have decided to only save hospitals in key marginals. So according to Labour if you don’t vote Labour they couldn’t care less about you. Your hospital can close and you can die.

If Labour actually cared about this country they would save every hospital by ploughing money that would be used for foreign aid or the EU into the NHS. Good healthcare for the people of Britain is far more important than the EU and foreign aid put together.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Protesting now illegal

While our brave men and women are fighting for freedom and democracy abroad it looks like we have lost it here. Blair’s Politburo has banned Military Families Against The War protesting the Iraq war on Health and Safety grounds.

Why on Health and Safety grounds? Well Labour members will have a heart attack if they are exposed to any kind of freedom. To reduce heart attacks in the Labour membership we have to be completely oppressed. Didn’t you know that?

That’s why we are not allowed to criticise religions or races. This is why Nick Griffin was arrested. That’s why that old man at the Labour conference was thrown out by Blair’s heavies. This is why protesting has been banned near Parliament.

If we want our freedom back we must develop better heart medicine.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hopscotch now illegal?

TWO children have been told off by police for playing hopscotch.

Two Community Support officers noted four or five chalked grids on a pavement and traced the culprits.

They told them they had drawn too many - and made them fetch a bucket of water and scrub all but one off.

I am so glad to see that our law enforcement have their priorities in order and I am glad to see that they have officially made that pesky hopscotch game illegal. In fact hopscotch must be worse than terrorism. It blights streets and neighbourhood. These scum must be caught. /sarcasm off.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Twilight zone law and order

As I mentioned yesterday Britain has turned into the twilight zone where good is bad and bad is good. This time though it is the police who are treating the criminals like victims and the victims like criminals.

The victim, a mother of two finally snapped after months of misery in which the youths jumped over fences, trampled through gardens and shouted and swore at residents.

Ms Appleyard said she had made several complaints to police about the gang outside her home in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, but no officers had been to visit her to take the issue further.

Instead, she found herself under investigation when officers received a complaint from a 13-year-old girl, after Ms Appleyard finally lost her temper and pleaded with her tormenters: "Please, just fuck off". Two weeks later, officers called at her house and issued her with the fine.

It is an absolute disgrace when a woman like her is treated like a criminal while the real criminals are probably laughing right now and feel like they are unstoppable. Is this any way to get criminals to stop being criminals?

I thought Labour were going to be ‘Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’? Apparently not.

Monday, September 11, 2006

UAF suppress online debate

The hypocritically named Unite Against Fascism have announced that they are to suppress all debate on their Lancaster UAF blog from people who don’t share the same opinion as them.

Apparently it is ‘offensive’ that people like me do not share the same opinion as them.

Just shows you how stupid these hysterical fascists are. They can’t handle debate and they are frightened of differing opinions. If they really were united against fascism they wouldn’t be so fascist and they would allow freedom of though.

I suggest we all go over to their site and just make one comment in support of the BNP or in support of freedom of speech. It will show them that normal people support freedom unlike them.

5 hours later update: I am IP banned from their site for supporting free speech

Twilight zone economics

It is becoming increasingly clear than unions no longer support the British worker and in a surprising turn of events the CBI (employers union) is the one supporting the British worker.

While the trade unions are calling for unlimited immigration to undermine wage levels the CBI are calling for a pause on immigration.

We are now in the twilight zone where up is down and good is bad.

If anyone is still under any delusion and still think the unions are in support of British workers you need to urgently seek professional help immediately. Everyone must leave the unions so they starve of money. Until the unions start putting British workers first you should never under any circumstances join one.

Get a bell or face a £2500 fine

The latest idiotic law to come from our government is to fine cyclists £2,500 for not having a bell. I think this is way out of proportion especially when a taxi driver was only fined a measly £750 for running over and killing a man in Oldham.

The reason for this is that cyclists can warn pedestrians that they are about to run them over. I wonder if a politician has ever even ridden a bike. I doubt it or they would know that cyclists would shout something like ‘get out of the way’ to warn people.

If politicians are seriously this stupid I think we should seriously consider having them committed and replaced with toddlers who could do a far better job than our present leaders.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Muslim Council threaten Britain with terrorism

could face the threat of two million home-grown Islamic terrorists, says a senior Muslim leader.

If we might face 2 million terrorists wouldn’t it be better to deport them all now before it gets too bad?

"There are a few bad apples in the Muslim community who are doing terrible acts and we want to root them out," Dr Bari told The Sunday Telegraph.

Really? Then why haven’t we seen thousands of Muslim protesters protesting terrorism like we saw with the Muhammed caricatures?

"But some police officers and sections of the media are demonising Muslims, treating them as if they're all terrorists — and that encourages other people to do the same.

"If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists — 700,000 of them in London," he said. "If you attack a whole community, it becomes despondent and aggressive."

Maybe if your people didn’t start attacking our community through bombs and child grooming and rape we wouldn’t attack yours.

It is the Muslim community that is to blame here. If you want to live peacefully do so and stop acting like the victims you know you are not.

The British people will not back down through threats of 2 million terrorists. If it comes to it we will put you to death in the streets. All 2 million will die if you all turn to terrorism. Don’t think we won’t do it because we will gladly do it because you have repeatedly shown us Muslims are not fit to live in the West.

He did not understand why "the whole of our diverse community" was being targeted. "When the IRA was blowing people up, the entire Catholic population of Britain was not demonised, so why is it happening to the Muslim community?"

Is this man seriously this stupid? The IRA was not doing it on behalf of Catholicism unlike Muslims who do it on behalf of Islam and Muhammed.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Amnesty for 80,000

Up to 80,000 bogus asylum seekers have been granted an 'amnesty' to live in Britain, it has emerged night.

They have been in the UK for so long the Government has decided not to even bother considering their claims.

Does anyone seriously consider this government competent when they won’t even try to do their job of protecting our boarders?

Asylum seekers should have tracking devices injected into them (if that is possible- I think it is) once they claim asylum and be deported once they are not allowed to stay anymore. There should be no appeals and they should be deported straight after they have got their ‘no’.

If they are bogus they should not be allowed to stay here. Government incompetence has allowed this to happen. I think every minister should forfeit their salary and put it into the treasury to pay for the services that these 80,000 bogus asylum seekers use.

The real stupidity of this country lies in the fact that failed asylum seekers can still stay even if they have not been granted asylum. If I was in charge failed asylum seekers even those that have been given leave to remain would be deported including any children, grand children or great grand children they may have had.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Israel starving 1 million to death

We all know that Israel was attacked and has rightfully retaliated against those that tried to destroy Israel, however they have taken it too far. Israel has surrounded Gaza and is not allowing anything in or out including food.

As a result over 1 million people are facing starvation, all because Israel won’t allow food to enter Gaza. If people try to leave their homes to find food they can expect to be shot at.

Israel has no right to collectively punish over a million people. They have no right to starve people just for living in a certain place. Israel must allow food to enter and pay reparations to those who they have harmed.

Being attacked by a few people does not give them the right to starve millions of people.

EU hits freedom of choice

In another blow for freedom the European Union has taken away freedom of choice to the workers of Britain. Workers will no longer be able to choose how much over-time they want to work.

The defeat for the Government was welcomed by the TUC as a "victory" for workers.

The TUC have shown themselves to be idiots. How can it be a victory for workers when they have lost the right to choose how long they want to work? They have not been forced into overtime. The wanted it so they should be able to choose how long they want to work overtime.

The EU should keep their noses out of personal issues. If someone wants to work 20 hours per day they should be allowed. It would only harm them but it would be their choice.

I think Tory MEP Syed Kamall sums it up greatly when he says "This is a kick in the teeth for British workers who may want to work longer hours to pay for extra bills or family holidays."

Unions demand minimum wage increase

Union leaders are once again demanding a minimum wage increase to £6 per hour by October 2008.

There is no doubt that the minimum wage system needs reform but that isn’t an answer. There should be a variable minimum wage; different for each city as in each city the cost of living is different.

I have already stated my system and here is an extract from that blog entry:

There would be a new minimum wage for big business only. The minimum wage for big business would be different for each city and would be calculated like this:

Average weekly rent

Average weekly power bill

Average weekly food bill for family of 4

plus 25%

So you find what the weekly bills are (see above) plus 25% then divide it by 48 (which is the minimum hours people should work per week) and you have the minimum hourly wage.

The 25% bit would be for entertainment or putting some away in the bank.

The minimum wage for small business would be the national average or 15% lower than big business if the national average is bigger in that city than the city minimum wage.

This would allow small businesses to compete with big business and workers wouldn't be exploited because they would be getting a fair wage.

Of course this new system could give less than the old in some places but then businesses would move there giving the local economy a boost.

I think a variable minimum wage would be a far better option than the system we have at present.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

EU to change national boundaries

The EU is once again trying to crush
Britain. Their latest master plan thought up by Germany involves creating trans-national regions. Britain will be the hardest hit with Germany or France barely affected.

Under the changes, those living in Kent and East Sussex would find themselves not inhabitants of Britain, but the TransManche region, where their fellow citizens would not be their English-speaking neighbours but the French-speaking population of northern France.

North of the TransManche would be the North Sea region, taking in all of eastern England and vast areas of Scandinavia, Germany and the Low Countries.

Western Britain and Ireland would become the Atlantic region, a huge zone that also takes in parts of France, Spain and Portugal.

Perhaps most bizarre would be the Northern Periphery region, lumping together the population of north-west Scotland with their very distant cousins in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Iceland.

They couldn’t do it in the 2 world wars but now they may succeed. After years of government betrayal the people just continue to take it. When will it end? If the BNP were in charge you can bet we wouldn’t be betrayed to anyone including the EU.

The Conservatives are the only party of the big three that are being even slightly vocal on the issue and you can bet that won’t last long.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Muslims threaten violence after call to be civilised

Muslims in
Australia are threatening violence because Australia’s Prime Minister said that they should learn English and treat women with respect.

How dare we tell Muslims to act civilised. It would be like telling a chicken to speak English. Both of which is impossible. Muslims cannot be civilised and if we tell them to they show just how uncivilised they are.

If Muslims don’t want to stop treating women as inferiors then they should leave and go to one of those wonderful Islamic bastions of success (I would have said bastions of freedom but then I realised they don’t really like freedom) if they actually exist.

Blair to quit in May 2007

TONY Blair will leave 10 Downing Street for the last time as Prime Minister more than a decade after his historic 1997
landslide win.

The Sun can reveal that he has finally decided to step down as Labour leader on May 31 next year — exactly ten years and 30 days after becoming PM.

I am so glad he has named a date that he will step down. That day can’t come soon enough. Infact I want him to step down NOW. The traitorous crook does not deserve to be leader. The only thing he deserves is a rope around the neck or a bullet in his skull.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Totalitarians in control of Britain

This country is starting to sicken me more and more lately. Our country is being taken over by totalitarian fascists. The latest thing to happen is that any employer can sack any BNP member just for being a BNP member on ‘health and safety’ grounds. Where has the freedom to join a political party gone?

The case has come to light after Arthur Redfearn was sacked by the council he employed because after totalitarians said they were going to destroy their busses and injure their customers if he wasn’t sacked.

The logic in his sacking is amazing. It’s like punishing the victim of a crime. Shouldn’t those that did the crime be severely punished instead? What they are doing is the logical equivalent of punishing a woman who was raped for being raped instead of the rapist… though we all know who does that.

People should have the freedom to hold whatever opinions they want to hold. Those opinions should not be sackable offence. No one should be able to control the opinions of anyone. Our thoughts and our opinions are our own.

If BNP members can be sacked on health and safety grounds what about Muslims? Should they be allowed to be teachers? As far as I know no BNP member that works in a school has ever massacred anyone yet Mohammad Sidique Khan, the Dewsbury suicide bomber was a teaching assistant. If they are going to start banning BNP members surely they should ban those that have already proven they are a danger?

Normal people ignore fascists

PROTESTORS today claimed they had targeted a Burton teacher who is a member of the British National Party (BNP).

So, anti-freedom protesters targeted someone for expressing his democratic right to belong to a political party of his choice. Who are the REAL fascists?

It seems as normal people aren’t taken in by these fascists as according to them a mere 11 came to the protest. This shows that normal people support freedom and the idiots that are against freedom are being totally ignored by the masses.

Why should a teacher be sacked just for belonging to a political party anyway? If his membership interfered with his job then of course he should be fired. If he stopped teaching ethnic minorities he should be fired. Yet this has not happened. He has been professional and has taught his pupils regardless of their ethic status.

Maybe these blithering idiots should treat everyone equally regardless of their opinion. I don’t think this will ever happen though. These people have shown many times that freedom is a totally alien concept to them so don’t hold your breath.

Spread the word!

In just over 2 weeks our leaders will once again betray our country to the EU. This time they are set to give up the veto on criminal affairs. This means that the EU can effectively tell us what can and what can’t be legal and tell us how we should handle our court cases, they could even make us give up trial by jury but I think that is doubtful.

Some countries have laws against denying the holocaust. Imagine that! You may not have to imagine if the EU has a say in it. They could send you to jail simply for denying the holocaust.

When we lose our veto and the EU proposes laws in an area we lose the right to propose new laws in that field.

The UK government has amazingly already said that they will not reject the proposal.

There is more on the subject here for you to read.

As of now none of the major news outlets have said anything on this issue which means that the population is completely in the dark on the issue. Fellow bloggers, you must spread the word. If the major news outlets won’t inform the public we will have to inform as much people as we can.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Disband the Standards Board

The idiots in government continue to amaze me. The government has now created rules that stop councillors from voting if they may have a prejudicial interest on an issue. Sounds fair right? You would be wrong.

The insanity means that if councillors have a mobile phone they are banned from voting on sites where mobile phones masts might be located. It also means that if a councillor has a car he can’t vote on park and ride schemes.

The rules were created by the fools in the Standards Board which was created by the bigger fool Two Jags Prescott.

Even local democracy is being destroyed. John Pickersgill, a member of Derwentside council in Co Durham, organised a local referendum on plans to build more wind turbines in his ward. His survey found that four out of five local people opposed the proposals.

However, when he tried to raise his findings in a council meeting on the issue, he was judged to have a "prejudicial interest" and was excluded from the room.

These maniacs must be stopped. The Standards Board should be disbanded and the only thing that should stop councillors from carrying out their duties should be corruption which should be handled by the police. Disbanding this undemocratic institution would probably save millions.

Another thing that is stupid. Surely all councillors have mobile phones? They would need them to carry out their work, as well as cars. I don’t think any of these councillors could vote.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Patriots threaten Muslims

FAR-RIGHT extremists have adopted the tactics of Islamic jihadists by posting videos on the internet in which they threaten to behead British Muslims.

The films show balaclava-clad white British men brandishing guns, knives and clubs, calling on all Muslims to leave the United Kingdom or be killed. One appears to be a soldier who has served in the Gulf.

In one film a man tells Muslims to “go home” or risk being burnt alive. He threatens: “I’ll cut your head off,” and claims to have “comrades” across Britain who have “had enough”.

I am very sceptical about how true this is. These patriots (yes they are patriots) have had enough of these Muslims like the rest of us but unlike them I feel we can get rid of them politically, though it will take atleast another 20 years to get a competent political party in. Maybe they are right to call for violence to forcefully expel Muslims if it will take so long? Wouldn’t Muslims do the same to non-Muslims when they are the majority?

Violence is what happens when our leaders continue to ignore the wishes of the majority about immigration and Islam. If anyone dies it will be the responsibility of those in power for doing nothing except trying to silence the people at every opportunity they can by making new laws that take more and more of our freedoms.

At this time I feel the correct course of action is not through violence but through democracy. I also think they should not be trying to kill the muslims. They should instead focus on assassinating the traitors in government. Thats something I would most definately support.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Attention all Sheeple!

When will the fools in government learn that Islam is a violent faith not fit for these lands? A better question should be when will the sheeple stop voting for the fools in government? Just because your dad voted Labour doesn’t mean your right for voting present day Labour. It just makes you a stupid sheeple. The last time a British political party did anything good for the people was when Attlee gave us the NHS and that’s the last thing.

If you actually cared about this country you would never even think about voting Labour especially after finding out there are thousands of British Islamic terrorists just waiting to attack this country.

You can count on Blair and his criminal cronies to do nothing to stop anymore plane loads of potential terrorists coming into this country as that would damage their terrorist bloc vote.

Wake up people! When will you realise that the ‘big three’ political parties are filled with traitors and criminals ready to criminalise all dissent? Stop voting Labour, Conservative and Liberal and start voting BNP to get this country back on track. If you loved your country you would vote BNP. A vote for Labour is a vote for more terrorism, not to mention it’s just plain stupid.