Friday, September 08, 2006

EU hits freedom of choice

In another blow for freedom the European Union has taken away freedom of choice to the workers of Britain. Workers will no longer be able to choose how much over-time they want to work.

The defeat for the Government was welcomed by the TUC as a "victory" for workers.

The TUC have shown themselves to be idiots. How can it be a victory for workers when they have lost the right to choose how long they want to work? They have not been forced into overtime. The wanted it so they should be able to choose how long they want to work overtime.

The EU should keep their noses out of personal issues. If someone wants to work 20 hours per day they should be allowed. It would only harm them but it would be their choice.

I think Tory MEP Syed Kamall sums it up greatly when he says "This is a kick in the teeth for British workers who may want to work longer hours to pay for extra bills or family holidays."

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