Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spread the word!

In just over 2 weeks our leaders will once again betray our country to the EU. This time they are set to give up the veto on criminal affairs. This means that the EU can effectively tell us what can and what can’t be legal and tell us how we should handle our court cases, they could even make us give up trial by jury but I think that is doubtful.

Some countries have laws against denying the holocaust. Imagine that! You may not have to imagine if the EU has a say in it. They could send you to jail simply for denying the holocaust.

When we lose our veto and the EU proposes laws in an area we lose the right to propose new laws in that field.

The UK government has amazingly already said that they will not reject the proposal.

There is more on the subject here for you to read.

As of now none of the major news outlets have said anything on this issue which means that the population is completely in the dark on the issue. Fellow bloggers, you must spread the word. If the major news outlets won’t inform the public we will have to inform as much people as we can.

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