Saturday, September 30, 2006

Schools overwhelmed by immigrants

Schools are being overwhelmed by an influx of new Eastern European arrivals as one in five primary pupils now come from ethnic minorities.

A huge increase in numbers of students from countries such as Poland is leaving some councils with massive bills to fund additional support such as interpreters.

Headteachers are also struggling to cope with unexpected arrivals, as foreign children who cannot speak English are even just turning up at the school gate expecting to attend lessons.

New figures show that one in eight primary school children now speak English as a second language.

Those who cannot speak English should not be in our schools. If they want to give their children an education they should pay for English lessons out of their own pocket before being sent to state schools.

Why should polish parents expect to just turn up and get a place for their child? They shouldn’t even be here themselves.

It seems that we have the same percentage of foreign prisoners in prison and children that speak English as a second language.

People still think immigration is a good thing. Those people are nutters.

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