Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chemicals made lying Cameron 'green'

David Cameron's new 'green' Conservatives are on the verge of failing in the first real test of their environmental credentials, WWF said today.

While the UK Conservative Party has the opportunity to swing a crucial European Parliament vote on toxic chemicals, it is currently promoting the interests of lobbyists from the chemicals industry, who are determined to protect profits rather than the environment and human health.

Looks like Cameron has proven that he is actually a lying Blair clone.

I hate the EU as much as the next EU realist but I would vote in their parliament like it was my own. I would vote for what I believe in and Cameron has said he is now a green guy. I wonder is he green because of all the toxic chemicals. Bad jokes aside, Cameron has shown what a lying bastard he is. If he actually cared about the environment his party would vote for the environment not for greedy lobbyists. But alas he probably only cares about the bribe money he is getting from the lobbyists.

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