Thursday, September 21, 2006

Muslims on violent rampage... again

Who does this guy think he is?

"How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested?"

Who the hell does this guy think he is? How dare he come to a Muslim area? HOW DARE YOU COME TO A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY YOU DISGUSTING SACK OF HORSE MANURE! This is OUR country, not yours. If you want to live in a Muslim area, head to a Muslim country.

Another guy said "Muslims do not need British values,". "We believe Islam is superior.

You so obviously do need British values. Even horse manure is superior to Islam. I rather worship that than a child molester. Anyone who thinks Islam is superior to freedom, justice and democracy needs to be committed.

Muslims seem to be getting on the news a lot lately. A few days ago they went on a violent rampage to protest the Pope calling Islam violent. Oh the irony…

The biggest coward ever, the Pope then apologised to the rampaging and violent Muslims. The Pope had nothing to apologise for yet he apologised anyway. The Pope is supposed to represent the head of the Christian church but now all he represents is a cowardly Dhimmi. All Christians should seek to replace this pathetic man. He is not worthy of being head of the church.

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