Saturday, September 23, 2006

Being buried the Islamic way

A multi-faith cemetery will have all its graves aligned with Mecca, despite Christian burials traditionally facing east.

Ancient tradition shows they should look east in anticipation of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But all headstones at the new £2.5m High Wood Cemetery in Bulwell will be plotted to face north-east, in line with Islamic faith.

Muslims believe the dead look over their shoulder towards Mecca, towards the south-east.

Despite there being separate sections at the cemetery in Low Wood Road for different faiths, the council wanted to give a tidy, linear appearance.

Only on special request can families have graves with headstones facing in a different direction.

This is obviously not a multi-faith cemetery. It’s an Islamic cemetery. If it wasn’t Islamic why would they have Islamic rules in a secular society? Why wouldn’t they cater for all faiths.

Why should none Muslims have to specially request the way their gravestone faces when Muslims are the MINORITY? Let’s not forget that they are actually the minority in this country. They should be buried using our ways.

If Muslims want to be buried in a certain way they should club together and buy a plot of land which they can make into a cemetery for Muslims.

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