Monday, September 25, 2006

Muslims demand change in football to cater for their needs

MORE than half a dozen Muslim junior football clubs have called for their matches to be suspended over the month of Ramadan.

The matter has been referred to the Football Association HQ in London to solve the deadlock in what is seen as a national test case.

Oh brilliant. Muslims are now interfering with football and trying to change our ways to theirs. These people still haven’t realised that this is our country. If they think they might be hurt because they willing don’t eat or drink maybe they should forfeit the game or actually eat? We should not have to change anything for them. They should be changing for us.

Yunus Lunat, of Mount Pleasant Juniors in Batley and member of the FA's Race Advisory Group came up with a wonderful reason to stop the games for a whole month. He said "If you can handle games being called off due to weather you can handle games being called off because of Ramadan."

Ah but Yunus you don’t know what you are talking about. Players can’t control the weather. They can however control their eating and drinking habits. Also I don’t think they could handle up to 50 games being called off just because Muslims don’t want to eat or drink.

Who else is thinking that the FA is going to cave in? The fact that they are thinking about it will probably mean they are Dhimmis.

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