Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why you should vote BNP

I hope to come back to blogging by June if I can get back into it. Today I thought I would show you a few reasons to vote for the BNP.

Now prison officers say call girls are smuggled in and they admit some jails have ‘no go areas’.

Prisoner given cold turkey compensation.

Villages rally to oppose ecotown.

Ford eco-town: Climping woman launches group to fight eco-town.

Leader’s ‘no’ to eco-town plan.

Labour election pledge to help fund minaret in Brick Lane.

Bin Ladens’ visa battle.

The BNP have policies that would stop all this. Prisoners would actually be punished. Hard labour or corporal punishment would be common place. Longer sentences would be introduced and prisons would be a place to be feared. Prisoners wouldn’t be given compensation for going cold turkey. They are being punished. They have no reason to complain. However, the BNP would increase the number of drug rehab clinics for addicts.

Under a BNP government if there was opposition to eco-towns concerned citizens could start a petition for a referendum, the decision of which would be legally binding. The national government and local governments would have no choice but to obey the will of the people.

There wouldn’t be much of a need for eco-towns in a BNP government anyway. We would stop any more immigrants from living here meaning that this country wouldn’t need hundreds of thousands of more homes in the next few decades. Our green fields would not have to be concreted over to accommodate endless amounts of immigrants.

Those marrying immigrants would not be able to bring over their husbands or wives. The Bin Laden situation wouldn’t even be an issue. The woman would be told to go and live in his country if she wanted to be with him.

Under a BNP government there would be no giving in to demands from Muslims. There would be no mosques built and there certainly wouldn’t be anymore minarets. Anymore mosques would be banned from being built.