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I have been having a discussion with Ian Appleby here. I promised him I will get him an article that was written by a commenter here called Alanorei. The below article is by Alanorei. Unfortunately it is unformatted and the graph just isn't showing up. If I an Appleby want me to email him the article I will if he leaves his email. This is probably best viewed through Firefox

Apocalypse Britain

Folkestone-Dover, 1990s – to the present:

“Tourism to the area halved, house prices plummeted, and shopkeepers effectively waged war to protect their properties and stock against pilfering and damage. Girls cannot go out for fear of their safety. Some of the locals still live permanently behind locked doors while others have upped and left.


Answer: Immigration and asylum, the sharp end of ‘multiculturalism.’

The pattern will be repeated across the country:

  • Immigration to Britain increased from a net outflow in 1992 to 223,000 in 2004.
  • 520,000 asylum seekers have entered Britain since 1997. 90% remain, or 468,000 plus their dependents – yielding an approximate total of 574,000. Government sources state that less than 3% are genuine, i.e. less than 16,000.
  • The actual figure is 0%. Britain is NOT the first safe country for asylum seekers according to the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees. She is a soft touch
  • 700,000 illegal immigrants are now in Britain, mostly from Iran, Somalia, China, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Democratic (!) Republic of Congo, Nigeria, India and Bangladesh.
  • These countries have a combined population of over 2,800,000,000, nearly half the world’s population. They constitute a limitless pool of illegals.
  • In addition, Jack Straw states that all 75,000,000 Eastern Europeansare free to move here following EU enlargement.
  • 100,000 immigrants arrive each year in London, where 57% of all births are now to foreign-born mothers.
  • 29% of London’s population are non-white immigrants and this proportion will increase rapidly. Only 44% of London school pupils are classed as ‘white, British.’ The figure is 25% for inner London. (In the rest of England, it is only about 87% overall - the minority is growing. 50% of the school population of Leicester is black or Asian– a figure comparable with those for London.)
  • 100,000 Londoners move to the rest of the UK each year. Given the Kentish experience, this is not surprising.
  • Despite the ‘white flight,’ London’s population is nevertheless set to rise by 700,000 to 8,150,000 during the period 2005-2020, requiring 400,000 new homes and 130 new schools in addition to extra health and social care facilities.

Nowhere to Hide

And soon there may not be many places in Britain for any of us to retreat to:

  • England already has almost 1,000 people per square mile, twice that of Germany and four times that of France. She is more densely populated than India.
  • The UK’s population will rise by 7,200,000 from 58,790,000 to 66,000,000 over the period 2004-2031 according to current trends. 83% of this rise, or 6,000,000, will be by immigration.
  • These immigrants will require two cities the size of Cambridge to be built every year to house them, or six cities the size of Birmingham over the 27-year period.
  • 2,000,000 new houses will be required for them across the UK over the next 20 years, at a cost to the taxpayer of an estimated £125,000,000,000
  • Thus John Prescott is transforming Leicestershire into one vast housing estate.

British Minority5

The UK is now home to:

  • 2,330,000 Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or other Asians
  • 1,150,000 Black Caribbean, Black African or other Blacks
  • 250,000 Chinese
  • 230,000 other ethnic groups, assumed to include white Eastern Europeans
  • 680,000 of mixed race
  • 54,150,000 Whites

giving a total of 58,790,000, of whom 4,640,000 are non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, or 8%. By the year 2031, the population will be 66,000,000, of whom 10,600,000 will be non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, or 16%.

Moreover, research into TPFR, total period fertility rate, shows that blacks and Asians are reproducing at 2-4 times the rate of whites – a result supported by the changing ethnicity of London schools and indeed schools nationwide.

White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britons will thus be a minority in their own country by 2060

What are the Costs?

Immigration is the responsibility of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office, or IND. One of the IND’s tasks is to process asylum applications. During this process, which may take months or years, the National Asylum Support Service or NASS8, arranges support for asylum seekers and their dependents via local councils.

Asylum seekers get for free* a fully refurbished house, with cooker, fridge, bedding, vacuum cleaner, crockery and kitchen pans. The garden is tidied and the lawns are mowed for free*. They get free* gas, water, electricity and food parcels for as long as they need (presumably until they are allowed to work here).

They also get £40 a week for expenses if single and over 25 (the amount varies with age and single/couple/family status). Any with dependents receive £15,000 per year, tax-free. Healthcare via the NHS is also provided free of charge*. This is true for all immigrants, many of whom arrive with serious diseases such as TB and AIDS-related illnesses.

*Most immigrants do not pay appreciable taxes to sustain these benefits, like you do.

In purely monetary terms:

  • The cost of legal processes, housing and support for asylum seekers exceeds £2,000,000,000 per year.

  • The cost of healthcare for immigrants with serious diseases will exceed £600,000,000 a year1. The total cost of healthcare for immigrants could therefore exceed £1,000,000,000 per year.

  • Immigrants send a net amount of £1,100,000,000 overseas each year in the form of personal remittances, which amount is therefore lost to Britain.

  • New housing for immigrants is estimated to cost £6,250,000,000 per year – see above.

The total direct cost of immigration thus exceeds £10,000,000,000 per year.

The government has argued that immigrants contribute £2,500,000,000 to the economy each year. After appropriate deductions are made, the actual figure is no more than £400,000,000. But this is not all. What follows is an indictment not only of immigration and asylum but of the whole ethos of ‘multiculturalism.’


A disproportionate number of non-whites, whether immigrant or born here, turn to crime. Blacks, for example, are 5 times more likely to commit a sexual or drug offence than whites, 7 times more likely to commit fraud and forgery and 20 times more likely to commit robbery, including street muggings. The equivalent figures for Asians are 1.5 times, 2.5 times and 1.8 times, considerably lower but still disproportionate with respect to whites. In addition, foreign criminal gangs of people traffickers perpetrate illegal immigration.

The Home Office estimates that crime costs Britain approximately £60,000,000,000 a year including £15-20,000,000,000 a year from fraud, about 75% of which is carried out by foreign-born criminals. This would include benefit fraud, at which illegal immigrants are most adept.

This amounts to £11-15,000,000,000 per year worth of fraud. Add to this the proceeds of people trafficking, prostitution, drugs and other criminal activity and a conservative estimate of the non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic* cost of crime might be £12,000,000,000 a year. *This includes white non-British, from Eastern Europe.

This means that 8% of the population are responsible for 20% of the cost of crime, a ratio of (20/8)/(80/92) or nearly 3 times that of the indigenous white population*, which works out at a net additional cost of £8,000,000,000 per year. *An increasingly lawless bunch, sadly. Britain has more problems than ‘multiculturalism.’

But even that is not all.

Loss of GDP

’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, for the year 2002 was £931,000,000,000.Ethnic minorities contributed £37,000,000,000 of this total or 4%, a rate half that contributed by the white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britons. The annual loss of GDP is thus £37,000,000,000, thanks to non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britain.

In Sum…

The total cost of immigration, asylum and ‘multiculturalism’ to Britain is £55,000,000,000 a year, for which we get in return £400,000,000. Peanuts.

This raises another question about Britain’s increasing ‘multicultural’ contingent.

Why Are They Here?

Answer: The European Union federal superstate, or ‘golden garrotte.’

The EU is using Soviet-style tactics to force together dissimilar ethnic elements in order to create conflict and thus strengthen state control on the indigenous majority to keep ‘order.’ It is interesting that the beginnings of ‘multiculturalism’ in Britain as we know it coincided with the 1951 launch of the European Coal and Steel Community, the EU’s sinister forerunner.

Part of this control is to enforce rigid laws against alleged ‘racism’ so that Britain remains defenceless against unrestricted immigration from all over the world. Successive British governments have enacted this betrayal and Mr Blair’s press officer admitted in 2002, “The UK cannot police its own borders on its own terms.”

Britain is in effect subservient to the infamous Schengen Agreement, whereby the founding members of the EU determined to dismantle border controls. And the member states along with them, including Britain - Mr Prescott remains committed to his treasonable ‘regionalisation’ policy aimed at the break-up of Britain and direct rule from Brussels. And the EU stills rips Britain off for £40,000,000,000* a year, net, via the CAP, over-regulation and direct cash contributions. *Another £94,000,000,000 has been wasted since Britain’s entry to the EU on useless capital projects, like the Euro Fighter.

The twin scourges of ‘multiculturalism’ and the EU thus cost Britain almost £100,000,000,000 a year net, 10% of GDP13. This is not ‘peanuts.’

Time to Say NO!

It is time for white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Brits to say NO! NO to the EU, NO to ‘multiculturalism,’ NO to the immigration invasion, NO to the Westminster fifth column!

Only the British National Party can forestall Apocalypse Britain and restore Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britain. Will you help? Once again, your country needs YOU!

“This is our country, you are not welcome. Get out!” Australian realist, Cronulla, Dec. 2005


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What is the point of the European Union?, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, October 2004 The Euro Fighter has interceptor but no ground attack capability. At £60,000,000 each, it costs three times as much as the American F-16, which has both.

April 2007 roundup

The local elections are coming up and the BNP decided to field over 800 candidates. The Hope Not Hate Campaign was enthusiastically spreading false propaganda about the BNP in the hope that people would turn away from the BNP apparently because we are racist. No one told them that they should be campaigning against extra education funding for none whites.

Climate change was in the news like always but according to reports it will be good for Britain.

To fight benefit fraud the government decided to use lie detectors to find out if people were claiming benefits fraudulently. It’s a pity our politicians weren’t given these tests. It wouldn’t matter anyway seeing as they would be sent to prison where they can watch satellite TV. Rewarding people for their bad behaviour is something that Labour likes so much that they are going to start rewarding children for misbehaviour. Maybe this is why they punish good people like soldiers by getting them to buy their own food? The police can’t have much to do with rewarding criminals which must be the reason that they were punishing those that play hopscotch or maybe they were paid by a disgruntled neighbour to investigate the hopscotch malice?

Labour decided if you don’t vote for them they don’t care about your health so you will not be getting any new hospitals. People were still being turned off by Labour which is why Labour was transporting in 1 million people to vote for them. These 1 million and more were found to be destroying the lives of poor people.

Some of these immigrants were also part of the 40 criminal gangs operating in the UK that came from Europe.

Bureaucracy destroyed the dreams of a village when they tried to plant to small flowerbeds and found it would cost £5 million.

Homosexuality was found to be unacceptable to 95% of Muslims while the Iranian Supreme Court said it was ok to kill infidels.

Blog of the month

The blog of the month this month is BNP Aberdeen with 71% of the vote.

In second place is The Thunder Dragon with 21% of the vote. Third place goes to John Redwood’s Diary which only received 7% of the boat which is better than Global Warming Hysteria which never received any votes.

2 Freedom of Information Requests

I received 2 answers to freedom of information requests that I have made. Unfortunately the prison service still won’t answer my request and have extended the deadline until June 5. For people who don’t know about the request you can read it here. I have now been waiting 6 months and another month will make it 7.

In the second of today’s requests I asked my local NHS trust how much debt they were in and how they are planning to get out of it. Unfortunately they never answered the second part but I did find out that “The Trust has a historic deficit of £21.4 million”. It seems as if I had a freedom of information officer sympathising with me seeing as the debt is “historic”. I would have thought that they would have wanted to keep that bit secret.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blair: Labour has transformed Britain

Tony Blair claimed today that
Britainhad been transformed beyond recognition by the Labour government as he prepares to mark his 10th anniversary in power next week.

In a letter to his party's MPs - which was accompanied by a 25-page dossier on the Blair legacy - the Prime Minister insisted Labour had overseen remarkable changes in our hospitals and schools, in law and order and in the economy.

You bet it has been transformed beyond recognition and for the worse! Nothing has got better under Labour! When it comes to health, hospitals are being hit with massive debts, nurses are being laid off and doctors are unable to find jobs.

When it comes to education our schools are failing and discipline in most schools is none existent.

When it comes to law and order criminals are being allowed to go free because our prisons are overcrowded. The police are powerless to deal with a lot of offenders.

When it comes to the economy Brown sold off billions of pounds of our gold reserves when the price was at a 20 year low. Pensions are also in crisis and we have lost 1 million manufacturing jobs since 1997. Tens of thousands more jobs have been offshored. Immigrants are bringing down wage levels leaving British workers unable to compete.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Police spend £2.3 million on diversity training

Yesterday I received a response to a freedom of information request I made. My question was "How much money did Cleveland police spend on diversity training during 2005/06 and how much are they expected to spend this year”.

I would have asked for all the country but with my experience with freedom of information I knew they would say it would cost too much to find out. Their answer was that they will be spending £45,282.34p for this year. Last year the cost was £33,282.11p

As you can see this year alone it has increased by about 33% from the year before. After looking at the figures I then did an estimate of what it would cost all the police forces in the country. According to the UK police service website there are 52 area police forces.

Estimating that they all spend £45,000 on diversity training I found that UK police forces probably spend more than £2.3 million pounds overall. Baring in mind that Cleveland is probably the whitest area in England it probably comes to a much higher cost.

I wonder how many prison places that would have bought?

Asylum seeker sues because of no pool table

AN asylum seeker is suing the
Home Office for £50,000 — because there was no POOL TABLE at his deportation centre.

Mohamed Sadikeen, a convicted criminal, claims he suffered “humiliation” at being held following a spell in jail.

And he says he endured “distress” because there was no games room in the unit.

Sri Lankan Sadikeen, 39, spent a year at Campsfield House, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, while officials decided whether to deport him.

They eventually reversed a previous decision and ruled he could stay in Britain.

The dad of two originally entered Britain in 1993, was booted out in 1995, but sneaked back in 1997.

He was jailed for three years in 2002 for conspiracy to steal but served less than half his sentence.

Let me get this straight. We deported him when he wasn’t a criminal. He sneaked back in and committed a crime and then we decided not to deport him and then he sued us for lack of a pool table. Good going by our government.

We should have deported him for being a criminal and we shouldn’t be letting none citizens sue anyone.

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Who should be blog of the month this month? Should it be John Redwood’s Diary? Should it be The Thunder Dragon? Should it be Global Warming Hysteria or should it be BNP Aberdeen?

The choice is yours. The poll is on the sidebar.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is BNP Aberdeen.

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40 criminal gangs in uk from Europe

BRITISH security services are covertly tailing more than 40 criminal cells run by recent immigrants from eastern Europe.

The gangs, operating across the ­country, are understood to be involved in people trafficking, prostitution, money-laundering, extortion and drugs.

A well-placed Home Office source told the Sunday Express that the cells have thrived since Christmas when the UK open­ed its borders to EU newcomers Bul­garia and Romania.

The Government was repeatedly war­ned of a likely influx of criminals – ­particularly from Bulgaria, renowned as the most lawless nation on the continent.

It is understood two gangs have already had their bank accounts secretly frozen, after investigators found they had accrued more than £15million in just four months.

Don’t ya just love immigration? Within 4 months these gangs have already accumulated £15 million and they haven’t even had the right to be in this country for that long. Imagine what it’s going to be like in just a few months.

Immigrants – doing the jobs Brits won’t do.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

31,750 medical personnel without jobs

Up to 10,000 young doctors who are unable to find jobs in the NHS could be offered voluntary work overseas.

According to official documents leaked yesterday, the plan was drawn up by NHS managers following the botched introduction of an online appointments system, which could leave thousands of junior doctors without training places this summer.

The document, Maximising Employment Opportunities, confirmed that there was a 10,000 "excess of applicants for training posts over places".

It said priority would be given to finding places for UK graduates and those from Europe.

Between 500 and 1,300 of those doctors about to finish their foundation training are believed to be most at risk of not securing a specialist training post under the programme.

Current estimates by the British Medical Association show that 34,250 doctors have applied for just 18,500 training posts in the UK.

Even though there will be 15,750 without a training posts only 10,000 will be offered jobs and those will be overseas. What will happen to the other 5750? I don’t see how we need to go abroad to seek doctors when we have 15,750 here without jobs. This is on top of the other 3,000 doctors who couldn’t find work 2 years ago which brings the total of doctors to 18,750. Only this is not all either. 13,000 nursing posts were axed too bringing it to the grand total of 31,750 medical personnel who don’t have jobs in this country. And they say we need immigrants…

Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcome everyone

A warm welcome to people from my college who are visiting and thanks Robbie (AKA Monte Christo) for sending traffic my way even if you are lying about what I said in class about standing and about Chinese people and about some of the policies (yes the parts you don’t actually finish on the forum) but we’ll let that slip.

And a warm welcome to this guy who is sending a lot of traffic my way too (well actually only 2 people). Thanks for the plug even if it is criticising the BNP and showing you are scared of us.

Now back to Robbie (Monte Christo)…

Q: "would you ban the chinese restaurant in eston if you became PM"

A: "no, i like the chinese, i mean chinese food, not the people"

Now you know I never said ‘not the people’.

"At least you've achieved something in life then"

You know you never said that.

Q: "what are your views on immigration"
A: "all immigrants should leave"

I said illegal immigrants should leave. We will help the rest to leave if they want to. If I wanted all immigrants to leave that would be my nanna gone. Don’t want that.

Q: "where to, and how"
A: "immigrants will be paid to leave the country"
Q: "doesnt that mean we will have a huge shortage of doctors, nurses, curryhouses?"

I can’t remember the curry houses bit but ok…

Doctors wouldn’t leave because of the amount they are getting paid. I don’t think 50k would sway them. As for curry houses you don’t need anyone from the curry country to make curry just like we didn’t need a load of foreigners hundreds of years agom to enjoy Mozart and the other composers.

If I wasn’t a reasonable man I might consider legal action (its better than shooting people in the face haha) seeing as that could have a damaging effect on my election campaign…

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Give us money or we won't investigate

MOTORISTS whose cars are stolen are being told they must pay the police at least £105 if they want them to recover their vehicle when it is found and check it for forensic clues.

The scheme — being implemented by forces across the country — has been attacked by angry motorists.

Only car owners who agree to pay the fee, which in theory is to cover storage, are assured their cars will be “forensicated” — which means dusted down for fingerprints or swabbed for DNA.

A police letter approved by the Home Office warns motorists who recover their own vehicles that the cars will not be checked for clues. It states: “[The police force will accept] no further responsibility and will be unable to take further action to identify the person who took it.”

We are already paying our taxes which go to the police service. Why do we have to pay again for a service taxes pay for? No wonder the police force is so crap.

No more hopscotch says police

PARENTS blasted police after officers swooped on kids as young as three — for chalking on pavements so they could play

Lisa Badland, 30, said son Ryan, five, was “terrified” when the kids got a telling-off because a neighbour complained.

Ryan and 10 pals aged three to 11 were playing outside their homes in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, after Lisa gave them special pavement chalks.

Two cops then lined them up for a lecture on graffiti and road safety.

Lisa said: “Ryan was petrified. He saw their handcuffs and thought they were going to take him away. It got totally blown out of proportion.”

Dad Neil, 35, said: “I thought the police would have better things to do.”

Cops said they had a duty to investigate the complaint, adding: “Anti-social behaviour is a priority. What one person sees as harmless fun, another sees as graffiti.”

Believe it or not this is not the first time this has happened. I blogged about it last year here. At first I thought this story was just a recycled story but it turns out it isn’t. The police really do waste time over this.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vote of no confidence could topple Brown

Gordon Brown faces an unprecedented vote of no confidence in the Commons today over his handling of the pensions crisis.

While the Conservative motion is certain to be voted down by Labour MPs, the Tories said it would be the first time in nearly a decade as Chancellor that Mr Brown had been forced to the Commons to defend his actions.

He faces further embarrassment tomorrow when the Government faces possible defeat over a cross-party attempt to secure improved compensation for the victims of collapsed occupational pension schemes.

George Osborne, the Conservative shadow chancellor, tabled the no confidence motion following the publication of Treasury documents showing that in 1997 Mr Brown ignored warnings that scrapping dividend tax relief would devastate pension schemes.

I hope the vote of no confidence is successful even though it is unlikely to be. However it could be successful. In recent weeks the knives have been out for Brown. It seems that people are out to stop him from becoming leader. If Labour MPs that don’t want Brown to become leader vote for the vote of no confidence and it is successful it is unlikely he will ever be able to be leader of the party and even if he was would people vote for a disgraced leader to run the country?

Homosexuality is unacceptable to 95% of Muslims

An in-depth survey into the attitudes of
Muslims living in London has revealed that less than 5% think homosexual acts are "acceptable," compared with over 65% of the general population

The Gallup poll, reported in The Times, found that Muslims differed significantly with the rest of the capital's population in their attitudes to a range of social questions.

More than 80% of the public think sex outside marriage is acceptable, with only 10% of Muslims agreeing.

There were similar wide discrepancies on abortion and pornography.

Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on human rights, said: "To imply that homosexuality itself was unacceptable is a form of intolerance that's deplorable."

Wait a minute… Did the Lib Dems just say that 95% of Muslims are intolerant and did they say they are deplorable? That’s not a very PC thing to say. If all cultures are equal (which they aren’t) doesn’t that make their viewpoint that homosexuality is unacceptable equally valid?

If Muslims take over I wonder what they will do to homosexuals. I don’t think they will be safe anywhere. The homosexual hope lies with the BNP who wouldn’t persecute anyone for being homosexual. Whatever goes on in the private lives of adults is none of our business. Can you say that Muslims would do that? If Muslims are willing to kill other Muslims for reading the bible what do you think will happen to homosexuals?

Official: Poor suffer most from immigration

Large-scale immigration has damaged the poorest communities and deeply unsettled the country, Liam Byrne, the Immigration Minister, says today.

Mr Byrne says that inequality and child poverty are two of the main side-effects of migration, which has been running at record levels since Labour came to power.

He also highlights the pressures caused by migration on schools and housing, and how they are affecting attempts to improve educational standards.

This is what people like me have been saying for years, that immigration harms the poor. And, now, only when they are about to be destroyed in the local elections do they actually listen. Well it’s too late for them now.

We should be reducing our population and not increasing it, especially when it has been shown that in just 25 years we could be suffering from food shortages, Common sense tells us that if we have less food we are less likely to be hit by food shortages. Only the poor will suffer as food prices will increase because of the demand for a product that is lacking. Is it actually a good idea to increase our population to 69 million

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Killing Infidels is legal says Iranian Supreme Court

Iranian Supreme Court has vacated the murder convictions of a group of serial killers because their victims were engaging in un-Islamic activities, the British Broadcasting Corp. reports.

The men were convicted for a series of grisly killings in the southeastern city of Kerman in 2002. The vigilantes were said to believe that Islam condoned the killing of anyone engaged in illicit activities if they issued two warnings to the victims, the BBC reports.

At least 18 people were killed on the murder spree, but the men were only tried for five of the deaths. Some of the victims were stoned, others were suffocated and at least one man was buried alive, according to the vigilantes' confessions.

These men told the court that their understanding of the teachings of one Islamic cleric allowed them to kill immoral people if they had ignored two warnings to stop their bad behavior, according to the BBC.

The Supreme Court has overturned the verdict of a lower court that found all the men guilty of murder five times, according to lawyers for the victims' families.

ASBOs without trial for Scotland

JACK McCONNELL today unveiled plans for "instant Asbos" which police could hand out to troublemakers without having to go through the normal court procedures.

The First Minister said he wanted to make sure the police had the powers they needed to tackle anti-social behaviour. Under the plan, any officer would be able to issue an instant Asbo, restricting an individual's behaviour and allowing the instant creation of exclusion zones and curfews. Scotland would be the first part of the UK to introduce such sweeping powers on anti-social behaviour.

So Scottish Labour is to do away with trials and just punish people eventhough they have not been found guilty. How do we know some power crazy cop won’t just hand them out when they want? Not all cops are good people you know.

Of course this isn’t the first time Labour has thought of something like this. Last year they decided to instantly fine people £100 for crimes such as assault, mugging and assaulting a police officer. The criminals would never be found guilty in a court of law.

Labour seems to like ideas where the police can punish someone eventhough they have never actually been found guilty.

Hat tip: Labour Watch

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Global Warming Hysteria.

Flowerbeds costs £5 million and red tape

A village has been locked in a bureaucratic nightmare - over two small flowerbeds.

To the residents of Everton in Nottinghamshire, the blooms added a splash of colour to an already picturesque corner of rural England.

But to county council officials, they represented a health and safety risk which had to be licensed and regulated.

The confrontation began when the village's parish council decided to plant flowerbeds by a main road.

It was swiftly informed that a "licence to cultivate" was required.

That was just the start of the red tape. Villagers were then told to submit a health and safety questionnaire and a risk assessment for carrying out the work.

Once these had been granted, the plans had to be approved by Nottinghamshire county council's landscape team.

The accident investigation department also had to be consulted in case the flower beds caused a motoring hazard.

Even then, the display couldn't be planted, because utility companies needed to be formally consulted in case the planting caused them a problem.

And, of course, public liability insurance - with cover for at least £5million - had to be taken out.

In the face of all this, it's perhaps not surprising that Everton's 770 residents decided to give up on the idea.

I hope if there are elections there this May that the entire council is kicked out. They have gone totally over the top.

Hat tip: Nanny Knows Best.

MOD request refused

Freedom of Information requests seem to tell me a lot of information even if nothing is given to me.

A few weeks ago I sent a request off to the Ministry of Defence asking them for the advice given to the Minister of Defence regarding mothballing half the ships in the navy.

I received a response back today and it seems they are being deliberately shifty. Their response was The term ‘mothballing’ is not used by the MOD, therefore, no information is held in regard to your request.”

So there you go. I was stopped by a technicality. Brilliant. What word instead of mothballing do the MoD use? Is it restructuring or is it some other politically friendly word?

BNP launch manifesto

The British National Party has launched their 2007 council manifesto which can be read here.

1 million immigrants can vote

One million migrants from outside the EU will be entitled to vote in May's local and national elections, it has emerged.

If they are resident at a UK address, they can play a key role in deciding who wins council seats in England, as well as control of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments.

Electoral law grants citizens from almost 50 Commonwealth countries, British Dependent Territoriesand the Republic of Ireland the right to vote in local and general elections because - in 1918 - they were classed as "British subjects".

But in the past four years, the number of Commonwealth citizens living here has rocketed by a third, with many arriving from countries such as India and Pakistan.

1 million people will be able to decide the future of this country. This is what the government has been planning from the beginning. These immigrants will owe their places in this country to Labour so they will vote Labour. They certainly won’t be voting BNP. Maybe this is the reason that they have been letting so many in? Afterall they have done this in another European country, Belgium to stop Vlaams Belang getting anymore seats in their Parliament.

Don’t think it could happen here? It already is in Barking and Dagenham. Out of 2,000 voters who have appeared on the Electoral Register in Barking and Dagenham since May, fully 80% have Third World or East European names. As you know 2000 people can make a big difference in an election.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soldiers in Iraq told to buy own food

BritisH soldiers
Iraq were told to buy pizzas — because the Army had no food for them.

The shocking revelation was made in an e-mail home from a squaddie in Basra. Now his complaint has been taken up by his MP, SNP leader Alex Salmond, who accuses the Government of complacency and failing in its duty of care.

The soldier’s e-mail claimed that when he and his colleagues found there was no food available they were told to go out and buy pizzas and claim back the cost. “Now we have been told we are getting no claims,” he went on, “so basically the Army are saying we need to fend for ourselves. “We miss quite a lot of meals because we are out on patrol.”

The soldier also complains about the state of their equipment. “When we came out, nearly everyone in the company got sore feet from the poor quality Army boots.

“We were told that to get a new, better pair we would have to get a medical note. “Some of the boys are having to walk about with their feet in tatters and others have had to splash out more than $200 on new ones.

This is a new low. Why are they doing everything they can to treat our soldiers like shit? Just last month we found injured soldiers weren’t even given compensation when they were injured so badly that they would never fight again. Now we are expecting our own troops to buy their own food? What has this country come to?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wheelchair user conflict

Using the Freedom of Information Act can be an interesting thing especially when you find stupid things going on. About 3 weeks ago I asked for all the research that has been carried out by the Department of Transport and the Department of Health over a 2 year period. The DoH hasn’t got back to me yet but the DoT has.

I asked what research has been cancelled in the last 2 years and they said that 2 pieces had and they described them. Anyway that isn’t really important. I also asked for the research that was started in the last 2 years and they gave huge amounts with the names of the projects. One of the projects was called Wheelchairs and Buggies on Buses. Yes that’s right. I am not joking.

They didn’t tell me anything about the research so I had to look it up myself on the internet and found that they want to do research so they can understand the conflict between wheelchair users, buggy users and other passengers on buses; and identify some potential solutions.

The final sum of the research will come to £29,150 and is due to last more than 2 years. I hope they can understand the conflict between buggy users and wheelchair users by then or they have just wasted £29,150 and 2 years.

There are still plenty of projects I haven’t looked at yet and if there is one as daft as this I will share it with you. If you want to get the whole file tell me and I will email it to you.

Vote Labour and you won't suffer... much

The Government was accused of playing politics with public money last night after it emerged that 80 per cent of spending on new hospitals had gone to Labour constituencies.

Of the 47 hospitals built since 1997, 33 serve areas currently represented by a Labour MP. That compares to 10 in Tory and two in Liberal Democrat territory.

One new hospital is in the Respect party's sole seat of Bethnal Green and Bow, and the final one serves several different constituencies in Avon and Wiltshire.

Overall, the capital value of the projects was around £4.1bn, of which nearly £3.3bn was allocated in Labour constituencies.

This is of course not all what Labour is doing. While they are spending more money in Labour areas more than 70% of community hospitals that are going to close are in constituencies controlled by the Conservatives which means that Labour are deliberately depriving people of healthcare because of the way they vote. They are also depriving people of jobs in none Labour areas.

This is not all. Those constituencies that don’t vote Labour also get less education and environmental funding. It doesn’t stop at healthcare, education and the environment either. They are also closing down police stations in areas that don’t vote Labour which means that if you don’t vote Labour and you get mugged or raped and there are no police around you can blame Labour who just couldn’t give a shit about you because you held the wrong opinions. And when you go to hospital suffering from that vicious rape you will have to travel many miles seeing as they also closed down your hospital. If you have a child because of that rape rest assured that child will get a crappy education all because you held the wrong opinions.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Do I have a serious blogging strategy?

It would seem that black people must be aware of my blog because I am a racist. On the Black Presence blog there is a blog mentioning my blog and a few others. Scroll down. This is what they say:

I just though you should all know..We are on the backfoot. The racists have a serious blogging strategy going on. Here is a list of a few of the Uk racist blogs.

Well it’s nice to know that they think we are so organised that we have a blogging strategy going on but really we didn’t think up a strategy. We all just decided to create a blog. We didn’t know each other before hand. No, really, we didn’t…

It’s also nice to know that they think they are on the backfoot. Maybe we should have a blogging strategy to beat them at whatever strategy is being played out. If they are on the backfoot eventhough we didn’t think up a strategy what will it be like when we actually get organised, and just in time for the elections too…

Anyway clicking on the blog entry gives us a few of the blogs that they think people should be aware of. These include some of my favourites including Barnsley Nationalists, Bournemouth Nationalist and BNP Home. Weirdly they don’t list Battle For Britain but they do list two other blogs by the same person. Maybe Battle For Britain isn’t as organised and doesn’t have an unknown strategy going on?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rewarding children for misbehaviour

Difficult pupils should be praised and given special prizes to encourage them to behave in school, the Government has suggested.

New guidance on improving classroom behaviour said teachers should reward children five times as often as they punish them for disrupting lessons.

Wouldn’t giving prizes for misbehaviour just encourage it? I swear you couldn’t get anymore stupid than this society has become.

Criminals will only get 9 channels

Shocking! Totally Shocking! Prisoners will only be allowed to watch 9 channels instead of the 40 they can watch now when the prisons switch over to digital tv for the prison population.

Something has to be done. They won’t get to see Cartoon Network or Skyone anymore and what of the porn channels?

I wonder how much the monthly subscription fee is for all the cells?

Whites failing but NUT care about blacks

Even though white boys are underperforming more than black boys we must do more to help black boys according to the National Union of Teachers.

Maybe someone should tell NUT that ethnic minorities are already get hundreds of millions of pounds extra for their education which is why white boys are failing. If white weren’t being discriminated and received equal funding they would do far better but they don’t. The only ones that need more help in education are white people.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is The Thunder Dragon.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

BNP field record number of candidates

Last year, in the local elections the BNP put up 365 candidates. This year there will be atleast 828 candidates in the council elections. This does not include candidates for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. 828 candidates is the largest number the BNP have ever fielded.

I have to say even I didn’t expect such a large number. I was thinking that we would probably have around 600 candidates.

Even if the BNP only have 5% of their candidates elected that still means that there will be another 41 BNP councillors. I expect that the number elected will be into the 60s and possibly creep into the 70s. I bet Searchlies and other far left groups are literally shitting themselves. They will have a hard time spreading lies in all 828 wards.

Good luck to all BNP candidates.

Hat Tip: Nationalist News.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Government tries to tackle benefit fraud

Lie detectors will be used to help root out benefit cheats, Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton has said.

So-called "voice-risk analysis software" will be used by council staff to help identify suspect claims.

It can detect minute changes in a caller's voice which give clues as to when they may be lying.

The technology is already used by the insurance industry to combat fraud and will be trialled by Harrow Council, in north London, from May.

It will be tested on housing and council tax benefit claims first, before being rolled out to job centres later in the year.

Announcing the pilot, Mr Hutton said: "This technology aims to tackle fraudsters while speeding up claims and improving customer service for the honest majority."

Wouldn’t it just be easier to have a public database of all those that claim any type of benefit? All you would have to do is look up your neighbour and see what benefits they are claiming. If they are claiming incapacity benefit because they can barely walk because of a bad back and you see them mowing their lawn easily enough you can inform the relevant authorities. No need for expensive stuff that may not work.

This would cut benefit fraud by huge amounts especially if their neighbours were given rewards like a percentage of the money that was saved.

I see a number of reasons to have a public database. These reasons are:

1. Taxpayers have a right to know to who their money is going to

2. This would decrease benefit fraud significantly

3. People who go on benefits because they can’t be bothered to work might think otherwise because some people might be embarrassed if their neighbours found out about it.

I think this is a good idea and I do think it will be far more effective than the government’s idea of over the phone lie detector tests. There is also an e petition on the subject.

Climate change to be good for Britain

It seems like climate change isn’t going to be all bad. It will be good for Britain. It will make us warm, prosperous with agriculture booms of exotic fruits.

I don’t know about you but I say roll on global warming.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Foul play?

I have just had a phone call from the Council. Apparently there is a mistake on my election form. They said that I put down my birth as 1989 instead of 1987. I now have to go and see them on Tuesday. I know I quite clearly put 1987 down as my date of birth. My agent who looked over all my papers can confirm that I did this. The council staff who looked over my papers as they were handed in should have noticed this but they never. Even the ones who looked at the close of nominations should have noticed it. Needless to say I am getting very paranoid. It would be very easy to change a 7 into a 9.

Local election news

The News has come in that Redcar and Cleveland have accepted my nomination as a candidate for councillor. I am standing for Eston ward and I have just found out that in total there are 11 candidates. This means to win, I only need about 10% of the vote and seeing as this is a 3 member ward I could get as low as 7% of the vote and still win. I am just glad the Liberal Democrats decided to stand for the first ever time in my ward. All cheer me and the Lib Dems.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hope Not Hate Campaign

For the last few days the Daily Mirror have had a Hope Not Hate campaign going. Today they have an ex BNP official on their bus telling untrue propaganda about the BNP. Let’s see what he says…

Andy knows the British National Party's agenda well. For three years he was the Bradford and Keighley organiser for the far-right party and witnessed at first hand the hate at its heart.

"There were a few things that attracted me to the BNP," Andy, 38, says. "It was 2001. I didn't agree with the war in Afghanistan. The BNP was putting out leaflets saying that the council was taking up to 3,500 asylum seekers.

"I knew nothing about asylum seekers, but the BNP was saying there were drug dealers, rapists, murderers and paedophiles coming."

Andy, if you knew nothing about asylum seekers why did you join the BNP which has an aim of stopping asylum seekers. It can’t have been the war in Afghanistan that lead you to the BNP could it? Why didn’t you try the liberal democrats? They don’t exactly know anything about asylum seekers either and were against the war in Afghanistan.

"I did have a feeling inside that it was wrong to listen to them. I'd had black and Asian friends growing up but the BNP seemed to answer concerns that I had."

You mean your concerns about the war in Afghanistan

Now onto the meetings…

"There were Nazi salutes and talk about violence against anti-BNP leaf letters and trade unionists. There was so much outright racism and anti-semitism. Beyond the respectable veneer, it was a nasty party."

Andy became so worried he went to speak to his union.

You became worried so you talked to your union? Ever heard of the police, those people that will arrest you for being politically incorrect?

"I ended up talking to Searchlight, the anti-fascist organisation. They asked if I would stay inside and pass them information."

Andy intended to leave after a few weeks working undercover, but then the BNP promoted him to Organiser, placing him at the heart of the organisation at national level.

For those members who aren’t aware in the BNP you are only promoted if you want to be promoted. If you were going to leave after 3 weeks it’s probably not very likely you would accept the position is it?

The party's strategy was chillingly simple.

"The BNP would focus on a single issue. In Keighley it was a supposed Asian paedophile ring. In fact the ring was comprised of white and Asian people and wasn't a race issue at all, but the BNP would exploit it.

Errrmmmm not according to Keighley’s own MP Ann Cryer who has even admitted that it was Asian gangs. Maybe he knows something that the MP and the police don’t?

"They look at the electoral registers and target areas that are 90 per cent or more white and then knock on doors talking about mass immigration and asylum seekers.

So we campaign in areas where we are more likely to win? How is this chilling?

"One of the things I'll never forget was being at a meeting with John Tyndall, the founder of the BNP and listening to him ranting - a racist, anti-semitic attack on Asians, blacks and Jews."

Have you got any examples? Anyway this was the reason Nick Griffin tried to get rid of him but he sued and got back in.

During his time inside the BNP, Andy was able to get warnings out to people the BNP was planning violence against.

The BNP don’t plan violence. Seeing as you were the organiser for about a year if the BNP were organising violence it would actually be you that was organising it, or am I wrong about who should be the leader here? The only ones that can order members to do anything is the branch leader and you were the branch leader.