Monday, April 16, 2007

1 million immigrants can vote

One million migrants from outside the EU will be entitled to vote in May's local and national elections, it has emerged.

If they are resident at a UK address, they can play a key role in deciding who wins council seats in England, as well as control of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments.

Electoral law grants citizens from almost 50 Commonwealth countries, British Dependent Territoriesand the Republic of Ireland the right to vote in local and general elections because - in 1918 - they were classed as "British subjects".

But in the past four years, the number of Commonwealth citizens living here has rocketed by a third, with many arriving from countries such as India and Pakistan.

1 million people will be able to decide the future of this country. This is what the government has been planning from the beginning. These immigrants will owe their places in this country to Labour so they will vote Labour. They certainly won’t be voting BNP. Maybe this is the reason that they have been letting so many in? Afterall they have done this in another European country, Belgium to stop Vlaams Belang getting anymore seats in their Parliament.

Don’t think it could happen here? It already is in Barking and Dagenham. Out of 2,000 voters who have appeared on the Electoral Register in Barking and Dagenham since May, fully 80% have Third World or East European names. As you know 2000 people can make a big difference in an election.


Stan said...

This is something which I was intending to blog about, but didn't find the time. Quite simply, non-UK citizens should not have the right to vote in UK elections.

alanorei said...


It is all part of 'Stop the BNP' by any means, lawful or otherwise.