Thursday, April 19, 2007

Give us money or we won't investigate

MOTORISTS whose cars are stolen are being told they must pay the police at least £105 if they want them to recover their vehicle when it is found and check it for forensic clues.

The scheme — being implemented by forces across the country — has been attacked by angry motorists.

Only car owners who agree to pay the fee, which in theory is to cover storage, are assured their cars will be “forensicated” — which means dusted down for fingerprints or swabbed for DNA.

A police letter approved by the Home Office warns motorists who recover their own vehicles that the cars will not be checked for clues. It states: “[The police force will accept] no further responsibility and will be unable to take further action to identify the person who took it.”

We are already paying our taxes which go to the police service. Why do we have to pay again for a service taxes pay for? No wonder the police force is so crap.

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alanorei said...

Sad to say, with this item and the one before it, plus the police (non)response to the racist attack on two BNP female leafleters down in Bristol, it is getting harder and harder, even if not yet impossible, to claim that although the leadership is naff, the rank-and-file are OK.

But with police recruitment procedures as they are, I guess we should not be surprised.