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I have been having a discussion with Ian Appleby here. I promised him I will get him an article that was written by a commenter here called Alanorei. The below article is by Alanorei. Unfortunately it is unformatted and the graph just isn't showing up. If I an Appleby want me to email him the article I will if he leaves his email. This is probably best viewed through Firefox

Apocalypse Britain

Folkestone-Dover, 1990s – to the present:

“Tourism to the area halved, house prices plummeted, and shopkeepers effectively waged war to protect their properties and stock against pilfering and damage. Girls cannot go out for fear of their safety. Some of the locals still live permanently behind locked doors while others have upped and left.


Answer: Immigration and asylum, the sharp end of ‘multiculturalism.’

The pattern will be repeated across the country:

  • Immigration to Britain increased from a net outflow in 1992 to 223,000 in 2004.
  • 520,000 asylum seekers have entered Britain since 1997. 90% remain, or 468,000 plus their dependents – yielding an approximate total of 574,000. Government sources state that less than 3% are genuine, i.e. less than 16,000.
  • The actual figure is 0%. Britain is NOT the first safe country for asylum seekers according to the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees. She is a soft touch
  • 700,000 illegal immigrants are now in Britain, mostly from Iran, Somalia, China, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Democratic (!) Republic of Congo, Nigeria, India and Bangladesh.
  • These countries have a combined population of over 2,800,000,000, nearly half the world’s population. They constitute a limitless pool of illegals.
  • In addition, Jack Straw states that all 75,000,000 Eastern Europeansare free to move here following EU enlargement.
  • 100,000 immigrants arrive each year in London, where 57% of all births are now to foreign-born mothers.
  • 29% of London’s population are non-white immigrants and this proportion will increase rapidly. Only 44% of London school pupils are classed as ‘white, British.’ The figure is 25% for inner London. (In the rest of England, it is only about 87% overall - the minority is growing. 50% of the school population of Leicester is black or Asian– a figure comparable with those for London.)
  • 100,000 Londoners move to the rest of the UK each year. Given the Kentish experience, this is not surprising.
  • Despite the ‘white flight,’ London’s population is nevertheless set to rise by 700,000 to 8,150,000 during the period 2005-2020, requiring 400,000 new homes and 130 new schools in addition to extra health and social care facilities.

Nowhere to Hide

And soon there may not be many places in Britain for any of us to retreat to:

  • England already has almost 1,000 people per square mile, twice that of Germany and four times that of France. She is more densely populated than India.
  • The UK’s population will rise by 7,200,000 from 58,790,000 to 66,000,000 over the period 2004-2031 according to current trends. 83% of this rise, or 6,000,000, will be by immigration.
  • These immigrants will require two cities the size of Cambridge to be built every year to house them, or six cities the size of Birmingham over the 27-year period.
  • 2,000,000 new houses will be required for them across the UK over the next 20 years, at a cost to the taxpayer of an estimated £125,000,000,000
  • Thus John Prescott is transforming Leicestershire into one vast housing estate.

British Minority5

The UK is now home to:

  • 2,330,000 Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or other Asians
  • 1,150,000 Black Caribbean, Black African or other Blacks
  • 250,000 Chinese
  • 230,000 other ethnic groups, assumed to include white Eastern Europeans
  • 680,000 of mixed race
  • 54,150,000 Whites

giving a total of 58,790,000, of whom 4,640,000 are non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, or 8%. By the year 2031, the population will be 66,000,000, of whom 10,600,000 will be non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, or 16%.

Moreover, research into TPFR, total period fertility rate, shows that blacks and Asians are reproducing at 2-4 times the rate of whites – a result supported by the changing ethnicity of London schools and indeed schools nationwide.

White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britons will thus be a minority in their own country by 2060

What are the Costs?

Immigration is the responsibility of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office, or IND. One of the IND’s tasks is to process asylum applications. During this process, which may take months or years, the National Asylum Support Service or NASS8, arranges support for asylum seekers and their dependents via local councils.

Asylum seekers get for free* a fully refurbished house, with cooker, fridge, bedding, vacuum cleaner, crockery and kitchen pans. The garden is tidied and the lawns are mowed for free*. They get free* gas, water, electricity and food parcels for as long as they need (presumably until they are allowed to work here).

They also get £40 a week for expenses if single and over 25 (the amount varies with age and single/couple/family status). Any with dependents receive £15,000 per year, tax-free. Healthcare via the NHS is also provided free of charge*. This is true for all immigrants, many of whom arrive with serious diseases such as TB and AIDS-related illnesses.

*Most immigrants do not pay appreciable taxes to sustain these benefits, like you do.

In purely monetary terms:

  • The cost of legal processes, housing and support for asylum seekers exceeds £2,000,000,000 per year.

  • The cost of healthcare for immigrants with serious diseases will exceed £600,000,000 a year1. The total cost of healthcare for immigrants could therefore exceed £1,000,000,000 per year.

  • Immigrants send a net amount of £1,100,000,000 overseas each year in the form of personal remittances, which amount is therefore lost to Britain.

  • New housing for immigrants is estimated to cost £6,250,000,000 per year – see above.

The total direct cost of immigration thus exceeds £10,000,000,000 per year.

The government has argued that immigrants contribute £2,500,000,000 to the economy each year. After appropriate deductions are made, the actual figure is no more than £400,000,000. But this is not all. What follows is an indictment not only of immigration and asylum but of the whole ethos of ‘multiculturalism.’


A disproportionate number of non-whites, whether immigrant or born here, turn to crime. Blacks, for example, are 5 times more likely to commit a sexual or drug offence than whites, 7 times more likely to commit fraud and forgery and 20 times more likely to commit robbery, including street muggings. The equivalent figures for Asians are 1.5 times, 2.5 times and 1.8 times, considerably lower but still disproportionate with respect to whites. In addition, foreign criminal gangs of people traffickers perpetrate illegal immigration.

The Home Office estimates that crime costs Britain approximately £60,000,000,000 a year including £15-20,000,000,000 a year from fraud, about 75% of which is carried out by foreign-born criminals. This would include benefit fraud, at which illegal immigrants are most adept.

This amounts to £11-15,000,000,000 per year worth of fraud. Add to this the proceeds of people trafficking, prostitution, drugs and other criminal activity and a conservative estimate of the non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic* cost of crime might be £12,000,000,000 a year. *This includes white non-British, from Eastern Europe.

This means that 8% of the population are responsible for 20% of the cost of crime, a ratio of (20/8)/(80/92) or nearly 3 times that of the indigenous white population*, which works out at a net additional cost of £8,000,000,000 per year. *An increasingly lawless bunch, sadly. Britain has more problems than ‘multiculturalism.’

But even that is not all.

Loss of GDP

’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, for the year 2002 was £931,000,000,000.Ethnic minorities contributed £37,000,000,000 of this total or 4%, a rate half that contributed by the white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britons. The annual loss of GDP is thus £37,000,000,000, thanks to non-white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britain.

In Sum…

The total cost of immigration, asylum and ‘multiculturalism’ to Britain is £55,000,000,000 a year, for which we get in return £400,000,000. Peanuts.

This raises another question about Britain’s increasing ‘multicultural’ contingent.

Why Are They Here?

Answer: The European Union federal superstate, or ‘golden garrotte.’

The EU is using Soviet-style tactics to force together dissimilar ethnic elements in order to create conflict and thus strengthen state control on the indigenous majority to keep ‘order.’ It is interesting that the beginnings of ‘multiculturalism’ in Britain as we know it coincided with the 1951 launch of the European Coal and Steel Community, the EU’s sinister forerunner.

Part of this control is to enforce rigid laws against alleged ‘racism’ so that Britain remains defenceless against unrestricted immigration from all over the world. Successive British governments have enacted this betrayal and Mr Blair’s press officer admitted in 2002, “The UK cannot police its own borders on its own terms.”

Britain is in effect subservient to the infamous Schengen Agreement, whereby the founding members of the EU determined to dismantle border controls. And the member states along with them, including Britain - Mr Prescott remains committed to his treasonable ‘regionalisation’ policy aimed at the break-up of Britain and direct rule from Brussels. And the EU stills rips Britain off for £40,000,000,000* a year, net, via the CAP, over-regulation and direct cash contributions. *Another £94,000,000,000 has been wasted since Britain’s entry to the EU on useless capital projects, like the Euro Fighter.

The twin scourges of ‘multiculturalism’ and the EU thus cost Britain almost £100,000,000,000 a year net, 10% of GDP13. This is not ‘peanuts.’

Time to Say NO!

It is time for white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Brits to say NO! NO to the EU, NO to ‘multiculturalism,’ NO to the immigration invasion, NO to the Westminster fifth column!

Only the British National Party can forestall Apocalypse Britain and restore Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Britain. Will you help? Once again, your country needs YOU!

“This is our country, you are not welcome. Get out!” Australian realist, Cronulla, Dec. 2005


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Anonymous said...

Alanorei? whos that, does he make shampoo?

Ian Appleby said...

YDKM, although our discussion was centred on the relationship between crime rates and population diversity, I'll nonetheless mail you for a copy of this, thank you. As I've indicated, I'll be away for a week or so, so I'm afraid a quick response is not on the cards.

pommygranate said...

that's a pretty comprehensive post. v interesting. though i disagree with your reasons as to why they are here.

i dont see this as part of a vast EU conspiracy, more just plain incompetence on the part of the EU and our govt. they thought 13,000 would show up after 2004 and 650,000 ended up here.

the BNP is the major beneficiary.

i have posted a couple of similar articles recently. wd be interested in your thoughts.

alanorei said...

"i dont see this as part of a vast EU conspiracy."

Read Ashley Mote's books, Overcrowded Britain and Vigilance, A Defence of British Liberty.

He provides the evidence.

The EU is a Vatican-inspired project to destroy Britain. Swamping us with foreigners is part of the overall strategy.

The Principality and Power of Europe by former Conservative candidate Adrian Hilton is most informative on the EU.

The Tories deselected Hilton from the Slough constituency because he referred to the EU as a Vatican conspiracy, which it is.

jamal said...

While Im totally against the BNP, I can see the attraction of some of their policies. If I was to consider whether I agreed or disaggred with those posted it would be as follows;

* voluntary repatriation of all ethnic minorities (disagree)
* the reintroduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals (agree)
* the reintroduction of capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers (agree)
* a mandatory jail sentence for anyone attacking an NHS worker (disagree)
* the reintroduction of compulsory national service and the denial of the right to vote for those who refuse (undecided)
* the withdrawel of the UK from the EU (disagree)
* the pursuit of protectionist and anti-globalisation economic policies (disagree)
* the reunificiation of the UK and the Republic of Ireland (disagree)
* the restriction of foreign aid (disagree)
* the establishment of worker co-operatives (whatever that is)
* the reversal of closures of special needs schools (agree)
* the provision of funding for mothers to stay at home and nurture their family (disagree)
* the banning of mixed-race marriages on the grounds that racial differences must be preserved (disagree)
* opposition to the introduction of civil partnerships for homosexuals (agree)
* banning the promotion of homosexuality (agree)

With these policies I can see how the BNP seek to target racist, homophobic voters of the 'poor white trash' variety, who dont have the ability of long term thinking. Overall, getting rid of homosexuals would not be worth having to put up with BNP SCUM.

youdontknowme said...

Thats nice because we won't be getting rid of homosexuals. they would still be around.

As for mixed race marriages. we are against them. we wouldn't ban them.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

It's not so long ago the signs said 'No blacks, No Irish.'
I'm glad you include those of us of a Celtic background in your definition of Britishness, but how deeply felt is that amongst your party?
Anti Irish Catholic sentiment is still strong amongst some elements in perry Barr- an area where your party is doing very well.
I only ask. My own political stance is partly influenced by the battle my own people and faith have faced in the past.

youdontknowme said...

I am not concerned about catholics.