Thursday, April 05, 2007

Local election news

The News has come in that Redcar and Cleveland have accepted my nomination as a candidate for councillor. I am standing for Eston ward and I have just found out that in total there are 11 candidates. This means to win, I only need about 10% of the vote and seeing as this is a 3 member ward I could get as low as 7% of the vote and still win. I am just glad the Liberal Democrats decided to stand for the first ever time in my ward. All cheer me and the Lib Dems.


BFB said...


Kick 'em where it hurts...(-:

alanorei said...

Well done, YDKM (although I do, of course).

Even the number of BNP candidates is going to ruffle a few feathers in this neck of the woods.

Stan said...

Good luck!

I hope you are successful and well done for getting involved.