Thursday, April 05, 2007

Foul play?

I have just had a phone call from the Council. Apparently there is a mistake on my election form. They said that I put down my birth as 1989 instead of 1987. I now have to go and see them on Tuesday. I know I quite clearly put 1987 down as my date of birth. My agent who looked over all my papers can confirm that I did this. The council staff who looked over my papers as they were handed in should have noticed this but they never. Even the ones who looked at the close of nominations should have noticed it. Needless to say I am getting very paranoid. It would be very easy to change a 7 into a 9.


james higham said...

Yep, seems pretty clear they don't like you, Wayne. It's not important.

alanorei said...

Provided he can still stand (which appears to be the case).

Always remember, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you" - Murphy

Barnsley Nationalist said...

Best of luck sorting this out mate, I bet there is much more to follow throughout Britain. It's totally disgusting.
Regards Barnsley

Delicolor said...

I was going to ask for an update but it occurred to me that the Nominations list was probably online.

I assume you are the BNP Wayne- they have obviously accepted you.

I take it there are three seats up for grabs as there are three of everything else apart from Tories. (My sister in law lives in Redcar and I imagine there aren't too many Tories up there, even the Candidate has been parachuted in)

youdontknowme said...

Everything is fine. At the moment we have a coalition council.

You can see the candidates here: