Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vote of no confidence could topple Brown

Gordon Brown faces an unprecedented vote of no confidence in the Commons today over his handling of the pensions crisis.

While the Conservative motion is certain to be voted down by Labour MPs, the Tories said it would be the first time in nearly a decade as Chancellor that Mr Brown had been forced to the Commons to defend his actions.

He faces further embarrassment tomorrow when the Government faces possible defeat over a cross-party attempt to secure improved compensation for the victims of collapsed occupational pension schemes.

George Osborne, the Conservative shadow chancellor, tabled the no confidence motion following the publication of Treasury documents showing that in 1997 Mr Brown ignored warnings that scrapping dividend tax relief would devastate pension schemes.

I hope the vote of no confidence is successful even though it is unlikely to be. However it could be successful. In recent weeks the knives have been out for Brown. It seems that people are out to stop him from becoming leader. If Labour MPs that don’t want Brown to become leader vote for the vote of no confidence and it is successful it is unlikely he will ever be able to be leader of the party and even if he was would people vote for a disgraced leader to run the country?

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