Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blair: Labour has transformed Britain

Tony Blair claimed today that
Britainhad been transformed beyond recognition by the Labour government as he prepares to mark his 10th anniversary in power next week.

In a letter to his party's MPs - which was accompanied by a 25-page dossier on the Blair legacy - the Prime Minister insisted Labour had overseen remarkable changes in our hospitals and schools, in law and order and in the economy.

You bet it has been transformed beyond recognition and for the worse! Nothing has got better under Labour! When it comes to health, hospitals are being hit with massive debts, nurses are being laid off and doctors are unable to find jobs.

When it comes to education our schools are failing and discipline in most schools is none existent.

When it comes to law and order criminals are being allowed to go free because our prisons are overcrowded. The police are powerless to deal with a lot of offenders.

When it comes to the economy Brown sold off billions of pounds of our gold reserves when the price was at a 20 year low. Pensions are also in crisis and we have lost 1 million manufacturing jobs since 1997. Tens of thousands more jobs have been offshored. Immigrants are bringing down wage levels leaving British workers unable to compete.

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alanorei said...

All too true.

Like Foreign Secretary Beckett being asked to comment on the Titanic disaster. Her projected reply:

"It was a good day for icebergs."

The potential difference between RMS Titanic and Britain under Blair is that some people got rescued from RMS Titanic.

Unless the BNP can achieve a bigger quake on the political landscape on Thursday than the one down in Kent today inflicted on the geological landscape.