Monday, April 02, 2007

FoI Request extended another month

Remember the Freedom of Information request that I have been trying to get for the past 5 months? If you don’t you can read it here.

My request was ‘How much is spent on digital TV (Sky, Freeview, NTL etc), and games consoles (Xbox, Playstation and games etc) between January 2002- October 2006 in Holmehouse Prison’.

Today they responded, a day early and said this:

Whilst we continue to make progress in considering your request and the exemption contained within s43 if the act I will be unable to provide a response by today as previously stated. I now aim to respond by 3 May 2007

If I do have to wait until May it will mean that I will have been waiting 6 months just to find out how much money the prisons spend on computer games and digital TV and even when it reaches May they will probably extend the deadline yet another month. This is getting beyond a joke.

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