Monday, April 30, 2007

April 2007 roundup

The local elections are coming up and the BNP decided to field over 800 candidates. The Hope Not Hate Campaign was enthusiastically spreading false propaganda about the BNP in the hope that people would turn away from the BNP apparently because we are racist. No one told them that they should be campaigning against extra education funding for none whites.

Climate change was in the news like always but according to reports it will be good for Britain.

To fight benefit fraud the government decided to use lie detectors to find out if people were claiming benefits fraudulently. It’s a pity our politicians weren’t given these tests. It wouldn’t matter anyway seeing as they would be sent to prison where they can watch satellite TV. Rewarding people for their bad behaviour is something that Labour likes so much that they are going to start rewarding children for misbehaviour. Maybe this is why they punish good people like soldiers by getting them to buy their own food? The police can’t have much to do with rewarding criminals which must be the reason that they were punishing those that play hopscotch or maybe they were paid by a disgruntled neighbour to investigate the hopscotch malice?

Labour decided if you don’t vote for them they don’t care about your health so you will not be getting any new hospitals. People were still being turned off by Labour which is why Labour was transporting in 1 million people to vote for them. These 1 million and more were found to be destroying the lives of poor people.

Some of these immigrants were also part of the 40 criminal gangs operating in the UK that came from Europe.

Bureaucracy destroyed the dreams of a village when they tried to plant to small flowerbeds and found it would cost £5 million.

Homosexuality was found to be unacceptable to 95% of Muslims while the Iranian Supreme Court said it was ok to kill infidels.

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